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  1. Hi there Toadie's, I was off playing for a while. And now, in our modded server, I can see that the "super pack" Battle Rifles pack have been updated again, to an excellent level. With all those customizations possibilities. Giving a RIS/ RAS options for everything. And those new HK's/ FN's/ AUG's/ SLR/ AEK/ AR15 etc. All the rifles amazing. This way, it's not just the playing possibilities that will get more wide and fun/ deeper for the game. But with all those new customizations options the "playing" gets more realistic as well, because everybody wants to have their own style in real life/ game. This way things can be even more unique in our server/ team. And as well the simulation of proceedments of real life can be more realistic in game. The features of the packs give possibilities to a deeper content, and it's in an excellent level of depth already. Battle Rifle's pack, best pack! Thanks for this!
  2. Hi there Spartan's, Roger that, I have it read and acknowledged. I didn't mean to sound offensive or depreciative in any way. Im a just a regular player of arma, that plays in a modded server. And having a reply from the dev. is very grateful. Thanks. About it only once again, please. Is just that before we could use the rifle shooting targets 800m/ 1km away with the iron sights easily ok, and the rifle would do it all for you. Now we are in need to use more of our skills during the process. ok Like, we could have a one shot clean kill, even without beeing able to actualy spot/ see the chest of the target or confirm by seeing that the target was hit. because from that far what we can actualy see is a dark/ back point on the far away. What would happen was that after the firefight, we the prevailing team, would move to enemy spot to check for the aftermath casualties, And there we would be to confirm and remember that you have tried one time a sigle shot in a guy very far, at the beginning of the firefight. And there you couldn't actualy be able to confirm your hit, but you have that trust. Now you can confirm and be surprised about how actualy the bullet hit the target at that time. And it would happen all the shooting. Now the impact is decreasing. Thanks.
  3. Hi there Toadie's Im writing this to tellt about the Battle Rifles pack section. And say thanks about the improvements made on G3's and FN's . Since the adding of the G3A3 RAS, and the changes on the firing noises from G3's and FAL's. The g3's that were too loud and the FAL's that had some slightly noise changes between the rifles, wich made very it good to differentiate between diferente kind of FAL's we have. (even finding that there are still some rifles with the same firing noise, like the PARA FAL, the Lithgow Chopmod and the FAL's OSW) And the addition of the aim-over-the-top sights on PVS-4, G3's shortened barrels, it is pretty neat. New muzzle devices options, with new supressors, but it does not fit all the rifles yet, ok. And also the hands positioning became pretty cool. Im thanking about all the improvements that have been made since 1.4 update to 1.7 Thanks for all of it. this pack is the best. And to add and ask about some improvements like: The ability to aim-over-the-top whe using the scopes Trijicon Accuppoint TR20 / ZFSG1/ PSG-1 Scope. I really appriciate and think its cool the ability to aim through the iron sights underneath the scope, but for gaming shooting pourposes would be nice to have a third option to be able to aim-over-the-top with these scopes. And it also would be very nice to have the option to aim-over-the-top of the scope when using the AN/PVS-4 with other guns outside the pack. We are now able to use the PVS-4 throught the ASDG joint rails system i think. But there it is still wiuthout this option. Another improvement that i would ask is to have the HK-51 and the HK-53 RAS / or with ADSG joint rails. It would be very fun to be able to customize these 2 guns. And one last thing is a little complaint because before the changing on these ballistics the G3's were the strongest, powerfull, tiger killer, cold steel, laser gun rifle that we have in entire arma. It could shoot one shot one kill across the entire chernarus. That's why I have allways used iron sights / red dot aiming sights with this gun. And after these last changes the g3 became weaker or something. The shot are difficult to hit. Its almost feeling like a 5.56 now. Since the arma2 and still on the arma3 apha the G3 is bouncing back killing around looking heavy yes. Now it became weaker. Please put it back on, please. Im most of all thats what i have to add and share Thanks.
  4. Hi there Toadie's, Writing to congratulate and say we appriciate the updates we have to hlc weapons. Especially with the g3's and fn's pack. Thanks for the close quarters and night vision solutions you guys gave. with the PVS4 TR20 Suit etc... Thanks for the new update for the muzzle of the g3's and the g3 RIS. And after this last update of v1.55 the shooting sound of the g3's got louder a little bit passing the ideal volume, forcing me to turn down the effects volume a bit and by doing this losing the enviorment, steps etc... sounds a bit. And the SG1 sounds like it does have 2 clips on the firing noise. Please, could we have a laser for A3/SG1 and the para fal. And a smaller silencer for the A3/SG1. the FN's looks good. and could we get the bypod of the SG1 working. This is my feed back for now, Once again thanks, this pack is allways getting better. Thanks.
  5. Hi Toadie's. Thanks for the AN-PVS4 4x Night Optic on the G3's pack. And please could we have a alternate sight for close quarter aiming for the G3's, FAL's when using the AN-PVS4 4x Night Optic, a front regular view on first person sight, the iron sights but on top of the scope. The iron sights on G3's when using the Accupoint TR20 or the Zeiss Diavari scopes is good. (please, the circular iron where we look through could be a little bit smaller and the hole a bit bigger, but that is just for gaming purposes). And please can we have iron sights when using the the SUIT scope. And a iron sights on top of the scope when using the AN-PVS4 scope. The iron sights in the AK's pack, some of those new ak's are aligned and looking right in to the spot, but other ones are not aligned and are bending to the side and the view is blocked by the back side of the gun. And please can we have an iron sights but on the top of the scope and using the nv scopes as well? Thanks.
  6. Pretty please and a iluminated reticle to the GRG m/86 or a nv solution. Thanks.
  7. Hi there toadie's. Im writing this to say THANK you for the NV scopes AN/PVS4[XX-mount] that we have on the pack now for the G3, FN and the rest. We appriciate. Now the pack is still the best pack, now with all the solutions we need. Please two more details is that if we could have an alternative raw close range sight in this PVS4. Like the option to go to the iron sights when using the other two scopes. And please a bipod function for the G3/SG1. thanks.
  8. Hi there toadie's. Im wrinting to ask about the scopes for the G3's (G3/SG1, PSG-1 and G3A3) and the FN's (C1A1, LAR, L1A1 and lithgow SLR) Could you please add some scopes that will give nv solutions. Or nv solutions with close and long range. Or at least allow it to use the ARCO or something as commom. And add a bipod function for the HK G3/SG1. It's not working. Thanks.
  9. Hi there toadie's. Im wrinting to ask about the scopes for the G3's (G3/SG1, PSG-1 and G3A3) and the FN's (C1A1, LAR, L1A1 and lithgow SLR) Could you please add some scopes that will give nv solutions. Or nv solutions with close and long range. Or at least allow it to use the ARCO or something as commom. Thanks.
  10. HI there.. Please, is there a way to make the hexagon not disappear when dying. And or make the hexagon not fade out after the 60m limit. (the hexagon the poligon) Like the vanilla. without dissapearing after the range limit or the spawn. thanks.
  11. I mean this scope here. There is no NV solution in this one. Okay, so please add something that could be used in night time situations. thanks.
  12. hi there.. can you please add nightvision for the launcher. the new sight have no nv. thanks.
  13. PLease do not forget the G3A3 rifle please.
  14. Hi there.. Im writing here to ask for the HK G3, the best rifle in ARMA2. Please put it on the list. thanks.