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  1. echosixgolf

    POOK SAM PACK v6.0 (Oct 2018)

    I was having the same issue others were having with the SA-10 not bringing aircraft down. Actually I was having issues with several launchers vs the JSS F-18, but I'll discuss my issues with the SA-10. Using ACE, RHS, and JSS F-18, and Pook SAMs, I tested the mod by letting the aircraft fly straight, no evasive maneuvers or countermeasures, and on average it would take about 8-10 SA-10 missiles to down the aircraft. Compared to when running with just Pook SAMs and the F-18, which usually resulted in first shot kills, if not on the second hit. I ran AmrA with just Pooks SAMs, the JSS F-18, and then either ACE or RHS. After testing, it appears the RHS is causing the issue. I know in RHS you have to ensure extended armor is disabled, so I imagine the problems lies somewhere in those properties. ACE seemed to cause fewer first shot kills, however, that could have just been probability at play. I hope this helps.
  2. echosixgolf

    ingame map zoom

    Still no answer? I was able to prevent map zooming for a short period using ACE in ArmA 2. Has anyone found a solution for ArmA 3?
  3. echosixgolf

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I don't have much experience in creating addons nor am I a proficient graphic artists so its better I just request it here. I'm looking for someone to develop a series of mission graphics for markers. I'm not talking about just expanding the marker library with more types of units. I've found several mods that already accomplished this. I'm looking for new markers for the missing operation graphics that represent tactical tasks such as attack by fire, fix, disrupt, etc. as well as for control measures like Forward Line of Troops (FLOT), Axis of Advance (Main Effort, Airborne), Battle Position, etc. I'm not asking for the entire FM 101-5-1/MCRP 5-2A Manuals. Most symbols like Line of Departures (LD), Assembly Areas (AA), Drop Zones (DZ), Check Point (CP) and so forth can be created using the vanilla icons, ellipse/rectangle, and text. I'm just asking for those graphics that are: 1) Commonly used 2) Difficult/Impossible to replicate with current markers 3) Add to immersion for MilSim community Please keep scaling in mind. I'm tired of placing a marker, but when zoomed out it either takes up half the map or for some reason drifts thousands of meters from its intended position. Thanks in advance. Tactical Tasks Example Mission Graphic Example Mission Graphic Example Mission Graphic
  4. echosixgolf

    GBL Advanced Interaction

    I have the rations module running, I have the icons in bottom left and can access the player menu to eat/drink. However, no matter the drink/eat rate I never grow thirsty/hungry (at least the color doesn't change). I have initialized AIM both through MSO scripts or by placing the actual module on the map. I did this independant of one another. When using the module I will set the appropriate functions for drink/eat rate. Niether seems to work. I'm running ACE/ACRE and some other sound/visual mods but nothing out of the ordinary. I tried disabling CIM from ACE because I think I came across somewhere the two interfered with one another. Few questions: First, any clue of what could be wrong? How do I check my thrist/hunger leve (not drink/eat rate)? Also can I set my starting levels? What happens when these levels reach 0? Can you adjust/change what happens when they reach 0? Thanks in advance.
  5. Won't messing with the weapons config make things incompatible for multiplayer if people are using seperate files? Can this done via scripting and functions because I'm trying to leave the core files alone. ---------- Post added at 08:24 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:46 PM ---------- ["AMMO TYPE", "WHAT YOU WANT TO CALL THE ORDANCE THAT CAN BE CALLED LATER", "MAGAZINE"] call BIS_ARTY_F_AddOrdnanceType; Is this correct?
  6. Have you figured out how to use this, because I am trying to accomplish the same thing with no result. It appears that it recognizes the new "ordance" type when calling the executetemplate function, the guns will target and fire, but nothing happens on the other end (I can switch back to default HE and everything works).
  7. echosixgolf

    Advanced Squad Morale System.

    I agree with the idea of increased or frantic radio/voice chatter for immersion sake when taking casualties or accurate suppressing fire. But as far as the enemy AI breaking and running: Fine with me if its the last two enemy alive in their squad fleeing after a short but violent engagement, but we don't need them turning tail everytime we put effective suppression on them. Like others have suggested, just a better AI response to being suppressed (move to cover, keep heads down, hasty and inaccurate fire).
  8. echosixgolf

    More gun simulation? interaction

    I think just an additional key for racking your weapon would suffice to simulate immedieate action. If that doesn't clear the jam, just use the standard reload button which would clear the jam, with an appropriate time delay, and simulate remedial action. The multi-key setup your suggesting sounds over complicated and swings past practical and too much into the realm of ultra-realism. I understand that you're tying to translate how effective you are at playing the game is how well your "avatar" performs actions in game. This would in turn force people to practice/train at weapons handling to be efficient in game. Interesting idea, but I for one would turn the option off via settings if it were included.
  9. echosixgolf

    AI Improvements?

    Other posts have previously touched on adjusting the AI manually. If not I think BI could take a look at what ZeusAI has done and build off of that. IMO that was an incredibly effective mod. The simple adjustments it made to AI accuracy made all the difference in the world. The first time I tried the mod firefights felt more drawn out. Which was good because it eliminated the detect, turn, headshot at 500m +. As far as I could tell AI showed some signs of being suppressed and showed reasonable effort to take cover.
  10. echosixgolf

    Trouble setting up Visitor 3

    I did replace buldozer with the ArmAOA.exe, but again it did not work. I will try the guide and appreciate the help. I'll let you know if it works. Also thanks for the heads up on preexisting maps.
  11. I have done exhaustive searches and cannot get buldozer to work. Also, it seems as though I can't even place terrain. Please help. I have tried all of the following, among countless others to no success: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Visitor_3_Manual http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2_Terrain_Tutorial I get the same error message: Shaders not valid (mismatch of exe and data?) If anyone knows a truely comprehenisive install guide, please help ---------- Post added at 02:27 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:26 AM ---------- In addition, am I able to edit existing maps that came with the game i.e. Zargabad?
  12. echosixgolf

    ArmA3 Wishlist and Ideas

    I can only guess it's been said several times already but: ACRE!!! - intergrated into in game chat (TS is great, but in game stand alone would be better) - multiple usuable channels/freqs per radio - accurate ranges for radios - You die you can't talk
  13. echosixgolf

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    I agree it should stay as well. I love the realism, I only bring it up because for many people it was a deal breaker since they didn't expect just how far into realism it went. I can say I was shocked. I remember the first time I got into one of the HMMWVs and was like "whoa sh##, they've got a BFT in here?" That's when I knew the developers took realism seriously and no wonder considering they make VBS2 for the military. ---------- Post added at 05:04 AM ---------- Previous post was at 04:56 AM ---------- Also on multiplayer is the mods. In units it was always hard staying on top of which one's your unit was using and getting newbies setup. Probably the biggest thing that scared people new to the game was walking them through ACE installs.
  14. echosixgolf

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    The reasons why ArmA remains a niche of the games market is propbably for the same reasons I constantly drop in and out of playing ArmA: 1. Minimum/Recommended System Requirements Under-bidded- When I got the original ArmA, I fell just short of the recommended settings and it ran like crap. This was somewhat true when I bought ArmA 2 (I'm planning on getting the Mother of All Computers shortly before ArmA 3 drops). So the game went on the shelf until I upgraded computers and rediscovered it. I was intrigued and started playing... 2. Realism - One shot, one kill realism was not a new concept of gaming to me and is what first got me interested in the series. What was daunting to me and slowed my commitment to the game was the super AI. Even on the easiest of settings while playing as conservative as possible I was dying, a lot. In addition, I'm told I can drive or fly any vehicle, but what isn't said on the box is that I might need a private pilot liscense to do so without crashing, a lot. To make things worse was.... 3. Single Player had Bugs - I think we can all agree on this about the initial launch of ArmA 2. So that leaves.... 4. Multiplayer - Don't get me wrong this is the reason I've stuck with the game. The "units" were a rather interesting idea at first but hard to settle into. You either had "commands" who were far to rigid and filled with wikipedia warriors or on the other hand was chaotic gatherings. The few middle ground units for some reason never lasted for very long. So looking back on what frustrated me (and sometimes continues to frustrate) it's no wonder it's hard to draw new players in. Especially with the success of COD and BF, which drew lots of people into the FPS market, and the fact that they are almost exact opposite of ArmA as far as game concept as a FPS.
  15. echosixgolf

    Thoughts on using enemy uniforms

    Completely agree. I'm actually disappointed in this feature for two reasons: 1) This is a MilSim game. Why not leave the gamey features to Call of Duty and Modern Warfare. Hate to break it to the developers, but sneaking around an enemy installation wearing a stolen uniform is mostly a Hollywood gimmick. In the past (and occasionally in the present) when enemy uniforms were used the teams would already be wearing them or at the very least carrying them with them into the mission. They didn't go into the mission with the plan being "We're going to shoot these guys and take their uniforms and hope no one notices the large amount of blood, holes, and quite possibly improperly fitting boots, trousers, and so forth". 2) This is a the feature you choose to highlight and show off? Just about any scripter from the ArmA 2 community could have had that scripted and bug tested within a day. If that is rated amongst the most revolutionary features BI has to offer with the third installment I feel we're in for what amounts to another add-on with a graphics boost.