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  1. So I've been trying to make an AAS mission using the sector control modules in ArmA 3... and I feel like its possible. If I can only set the Opfor/Blufor side game logic existence per each sector as dependent on the controlling party of the previous sector... it could work. The only problem... is that I'm a noob editor =/ Can anyone help me finish fleshing out this idea?
  2. bluedrake42

    Anyone Want To Video Collaborate?

    Sounds awesome! I'll definitely hit you all up <3
  3. www.youtube.com/bluedrake42 I'm looking at getting into making some legit ArmA 3 videos with serious milsim players, is anyone interested? If you have a channel as well, this could be a good chance for us to cross promote/collaborate. <3
  4. bluedrake42

    Add "Join In Progress" Option?

    whoops yeah wrong section sorry
  5. bluedrake42

    Add "Join In Progress" Option?

    So since Bohemia revived the game, and its practically the same engine as the ArmA series... why can't we add/mod in a JIP option? Seriously that would help so much with stability and multiplayer... if someone crashes out they now have the option to come back... instead of us restarting the entire round
  6. bluedrake42

    Unified Addon Standards

    yes I think this is a great idea, if there's one thing ArmA needs (even on BIS's side) is some god damn quality control
  7. So its like... 2 days until the beta is over... I posted a feedback tracker saying how the adjust up and down controls are clunky, and an alternate method would be great All I wanted was an option in "customize controls" to bind "adjust up" and "adjust down" to separate keys Well my feedback ticket was approved by a developer, and now we're about to finish the beta... AND THE BINDS ARE NOT HERE. Was approving the ticket just a way to shut me up?? Like for real... how hard is it to add two bloody binds for adjust up and down?? I've been patiently asking for this and bringing it up for months and months this is painful also the interaction menu is still crap and the performance is still crap seriously why is this game being released in this state
  8. http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=9875 At the moment there is only a terrible 2D overlay for both the driver and gunner of the armored vehicles. Interiors for all positions I expect should have the same quality and detail as every other vehicle in the game. Also the driver should have a 3D viewport that he can look out of, which will give him greater visibility. Its been twelve years since we last saw consistent quality interiors for ALL vehicles. I still prefer the armored gameplay from OFP to ArmA 3. I feel that there are very few compelling reasons why this feature was removed, but I hope that the voice of the community will change Bohemia's minds. Please vote yes on the ticket above if you want full interiors for ALL vehicles in ArmA 3, not just a select few.
  9. bluedrake42

    Action Menu - must do better

    yeah I'm so sick and tired of the "its too hard" bullshit counter arguments this is what people want... these are the small details that will make arma suck less and no... it doesn't take much manpower, especially when they're selling all their shit like hot cakes
  10. bluedrake42

    ARMA 3 - still unrealistic optics

    don't look a gift horse in the mouth while I totally think the PIP scopes look awesome the new sniper scopes are good enough, I'll settle for that anything is better than the black abyss we have now for scopes ---------- Post added at 10:04 AM ---------- Previous post was at 10:03 AM ---------- also instagoat could I please have whatever mod you made for that scope? I just want to test it out myself
  11. PLEASE give the in-scope overlay for the new snipers to ALL weapons, its not truly 3D but I don't care, its such a HUGE improvement (and such a small change)
  12. yeah they totally fucked up the sighted options, I don't know what the shit they're thinking, someone make a report
  13. bluedrake42

    Stop f&*#ing up the control schemes

    uh... thats not the thing ---------- Post added at 04:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:34 PM ---------- Okay granted thats true, but they were still able to use suppressing fire and aquire targets in a more realistic manner than what we have in ArmA III In short, they were more fun to actually fight against than the AI in ArmA III right now. Right now I can run up on AI in ArmA III in urban places, and they don't even look in my direction Also they can't see barely any enemy infantry beyond like... 50 meters.
  14. bluedrake42

    Stop f&*#ing up the control schemes

    I'm sorry but have you played OFP with FFUR 2008? The AI is better than ArmA III. Hands Down. Unfortunately that mod isn't multiplayer compatible, but the other one is, and the AI is still probably better than ArmA III
  15. bluedrake42

    Stop f&*#ing up the control schemes

    unfortunately I don't like arma 2 either tbh I don't know why I keep buying these I play OFP, and keep hoping the next arma will return to its roots but it never does. I want a better control scheme, tank and light tank interiors, 3D scopes, a less crap interaction menu, and better AI. I've been waiting, paying, and posting about these things for 7 years. And it never happened, and probably never will. At least OFP has the first two... and tbh for whatever reason I prefer the OFP menu to the new one too. I'm sorry but the only thing we've ever gotten in ArmA sequels are better graphics. and I could give less of a s#*t about that. Project Reality for ArmA II was headed in the right direction, but it never got polished enough to really prove itself. Right now my favorite tactical games are Project Reality for BF2, Digital Combat Simulator, and Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis (with FFUR) Seriously... play Cold War Crisis. I'm not exaggerating. The ONLY difference between it and ArmA/ArmA II are the graphics. Its frustrating, when you know there's only a few little things, no more than a few weeks of work, that could be changed that would make this game the most mind blowing military simulator on the market. But instead for the past 10 years, all we've gotten is the same thing, wrapped in a different package. I really wish codemasters and bohemia stayed together... because dragon rising had the polish, tuning, and accessibility arma lacks, and arma has the depth, mod support, and authenticity that dragon rising lacks. I really hope you all are right, and ArmA III finally turns into something professional, bug-free, and immersive. But right now its looking to be just as disappointing as all the other ArmA titles I waited so patiently for. ---------- Post added at 03:54 PM ---------- Previous post was at 03:51 PM ---------- I'm emotional because I want to play the game I want to play before I die. And right now that game doesn't exist. And ArmA (and project reality) is probably the closest thing to it, but its no closer now than it was 10 years ago. and I don't exactly want the Matrix here either, or some absurdly complex game If I could go back in time I'd become a programmer and finally make the game I want. Maybe I'll get super famous on youtube and start my own game company. pretty doubtful though. maybe Project Reality 2... but tbh that game is decades away as well.