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  1. Scubbo

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    ok, i'll log it down as a bug then, as what's the point of the RHS params when the bulk of the game still using non-RHS items -- found RHS came with a warfareBE RHS version which did the trick anyway.
  2. Scubbo

    crCTI Kastenbier Edition

    when running with RHS (and params set to RHS), the vehicles are the proper old-good-real ones but the players spawn as cyber lazer toating arma3 failing units? --- any way to start out and all be RHS units... you know the ones that don't ruin this game :P
  3. Scubbo

    CTI servers

    thank you thank you! K-TTT had the addons I was after (though 80+islands only 2 MB !?!) was really after the CRCTI 1.79 pack so am much closer to what I was after ! thanks again! EDIT: Found all things I was after THANKS FOR THE HELP! for those who want missions / files of all kinds of CTI -- http://www.g-g-c.de/forum/showthread.php?t=14081
  4. Scubbo

    CTI servers

    sorry for the thread dredge, but i'm looking for all files for some old-fashioned crcti with all the fancy nato factions etc, can anyone please let me know where I can find them all current links google can find are to dead servers :(
  5. looks like a perfect addition to the Arma3 vehicles currently available --- fits right in and I wish that was a joke...
  6. Scubbo

    CWR2 coop pack

    terrific work! one of the best mods that bring back the sparkle to the engine
  7. Rad mod/work you guys are doing thanks a lot!
  8. Scubbo

    Locking Targets With Jets

    but but this is supposed to be all modern gear it should lock on with just your eye movement (and people still wonder why the modern gear of A3 is disliked.... worse lockon systems than the 1980s)
  9. Scubbo

    Disappointed after 13 years of 'Arma'

    I still find myself more interested in playing OFPR than the later armas --- something about the setting and even the graphics has more appeal, would love to see it with JIP support and I guess more fluid animations/ragdoll from a modern physics engine but yeah obvious I won't ever get anything like this from the later installments in the engine which is a shame but I guess you can't monetize patches (or atleast see the revenue straight away) so I understand why they keep selling DLCs over fixing issues in the already shipped base game
  10. terrific game so far, looking forward to the developments
  11. Scubbo

    Automatic Mod Downloading

    IMO, just bring back mod packs :) was far easier for server admins and players alike to be in sync and the mod would actually get played... (not the rar'd versions of 100 other mods either) I mean 1 mod running at once, such as ACE2 1.0 Trickling updates out sure, it caters to those hardcore players and organized clans, and gets the community bug testing --- but at the huge expense of making it difficult to find a server running your version and making it difficult for the general user to just play the game :) (yes I know sixupdater is a sweet program which makes this easier, but still thats not part of the game, people have to know what to search for to find it etc etc) the modular approach to MODS themselves is a huge step backwards for the actual playing of the mod IMO... you can all rage now.
  12. Scubbo

    Detailed component-driven damage modeling.

    definitely what should be implemented! ww2OL has changed so much since I played it--- looks really good.
  13. Scubbo


    I hope it does, video card is pretty idle these days, any offload from the cpu so it can do ai routines would be awese!
  14. Scubbo

    Warfare BE: ACE Edition

    awesome thanks mate, will give her a go
  15. Scubbo


    I guess because none of the calc is offloaded to the videocard with ATI kit... still if ATI supported devs then maybe devs would support ATI :)