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    [Question] ACE Damage

    Check ACE Medical settings. There you can find options to set how much damage player and AI can take before going unconscious or die from wounds. Can't say the same for vehicles though.
  2. Matosh

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    RHS AFRF 0.4.2 Changelog:
  3. Matosh

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I don't think that the folder you mentioned is THE Steam Workshop folder. The Steam Workshop folder for Arma 3 is located here: \Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\107410. If you would to go there, you will find (considering you have SW subscriptions) a series of folders with large numbers (SW item IDs). In each of the folders are the actual Steam Workshop item files you are subscribed for. Now the hidden folder named !Workshop inside the Arma 3 root directory is, in my theory, a way to tell the game/launcher that the mods are in root directory but actually they are not. In that folder are folder shortcuts which lead to actual file locations but if you would to check the file location in properties menu it would still show the Arma 3 root directory. And no, those folder shortcuts are not double copies of mods. The only place you'll find Steam Workshop downloaded items is the file location mentioned above and are not copied anywhere else, at least to my experiences with SW and Arma 3. Wondering why are there no folder shortcuts in the !Workshop folder for the downloaded SW item you just subscribed for? SW item is downloaded and is in the file location mentioned above, the folder shortcut will register itself in the folder !Workshop only after you start the Arma 3 Launcher and the Launcher itself scans it. You can also in the Launcher use copy option to copy SW item anywhere you want including the Arma 3 root directory, it would also rename the mod folder accordingly. If there are issues with the Steam Workshop mods you can also use verify game cache option.
  4. Matosh

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Just to be clear, which Steam Workshop folder are you referring too?
  5. I think the AI has to be unconscious for it to use drag and carry actions. There's a setting which defines can the AI go to unconscious mode or not. Default setting is 50/50.
  6. Matosh

    TAC-OPS DLC discussion (speculation and hopes)

    @darksidesixofficial It's basically Advance and Secure mode (AAS/A&S) on a much smaller scale (Link and Clash modes for Project Argo), but with few changes to its mechanics. Much like Project Reality: Battlefield 2 and Squad. In Arma 3, EUTW and TacBF are closest you can get with traditional AAS game mode. Sector capturing in determined order. I would really like traditional AAS/A&S to become official with proper features and be it highly customizable and modular so it can be used with addons. Thing is, there are very few servers with such missions and are either empty or rarely highly populated. There is however a work in progress mod on the horizon with AAS in mind, called Project Reality: Arma 3. If proper AAS does not become official with this DLC well then at least I'm hoping for a large player and server count for PR:A3. So I can play it everyday. ;)
  7. Matosh

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    Should original poster make a poll, so we can vote which features should be top priority? I mean, we are talking about a DLC not an expansion pack. Here are posted many suggested features. Judging from the Helicopters DLC, only few of the features could make it into. Unless developers are super ambitious and are ready to deliver us a huge overhauled armored combat platform update with this DLC, since after all there is a quite of bit of time between now and DLC's release date, and also being the last DLC in the roadmap.
  8. Matosh

    Jet DLC?

    Original poster for flare randomization was thinking about how flare pattern is always exactly the same, like in the screenshot below. While he wants it to be more like this.
  9. Better to report this to withSix developers. Maybe because of this?
  10. Matosh

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Make sure that the client (player/you) and server have loaded RHS addons.
  11. If you and the server are having the latest original version then there shouldn't be any issues. Even with ACEX loaded you are still receiving error? For missing addon issue there's no need to take such long actions to fix it. All it takes to fix it is to open mission.sqm with a text editor (like Notepad, Notepad++ or similar), remove missing addon entries (like ace_sitting) from the addons section, save it, launch the game, load the mission.sqm into the Eden editor, as soon it's successfully loaded save it, and Eden editor is going to automatically reorganize mission.sqm structure. Even if the mission.sqm file is not readable (binarized) and there's no way to load it into the Eden editor (missing addon error) it can be unbinarized by having Arma 3 Tools installed. With Arma 3 Tools installed, go to its folder, look for CfgConvert folder, in it drag and drop binarized mission.sqm file onto MissionDerap.bat, new readable (unbinarized) mission.sqm file is going to be created at its original location while the old one (binarized) is renamed to mission.sqm.Backup.
  12. Yes, when playing in the pause menu go to Options then Controls, click on Configure Addons button and from the drop down menu select ACE3 Weapons. There you should see keybinds you mentioned.
  13. Sitting feature has been transferred to ACEX. Since you are obviously not running ACEX, you are unable to load the mission because sitting feature is no longer part of the ACE3 folder. http://ace3mod.com/ You could use Arma 3 Launcher to check the status of their server. Open Arma 3 Launcher, click on Batteye tab, click Play and while you still have Launcher opened and in Battleye tab you can monitor startup Battleye log messages section.
  14. Not having those compatibility files would make ACE3 not to utilize its features on RHS content. Those ACE3 features would be weapons and ammunition ballistics, missile guidance, shrapnel system, eyewear effects, overpressure, overheating, FCS, rearm, repair, refuel, fastroping, HuntIR, sniper scopes adjustment, hearing protection and probably few others I also can't remember. There shouldn't be any game breaking issues if ACE3 and RHS are loaded together, I believe. When playing, open up the pause menu and click on ACE3 options button. In the list find Group Bar setting and switch from No to Yes. See if that works.
  15. Just like you would normally use, by aiming at the aircraft and pressing default key T for locking function. Are savegames readable, so that you are able to remove ace_medical entries (if there are any)? The only way to disable ACE medical system is by removing required .pbo files. ACE medical system contains config changes therefore it's not possible to disable it in-game while the addon is loaded.
  16. I think ace_laser handles lasing for handheld devices.
  17. Matosh

    ACE Medical and inconsistency

    In the ACE3 Medical Settings module there's an option for adjusting how much damage player can receive. If you adjust it a little bit higher then it would take some shots before going to unconscious mode, but that would also postpone dying faster. If the setting is adjusted to below 1, then players will die instantly and unconsciousness would be rare. I'm not sure if it's possible, with only basic modifications, to not have unconsciousness and still retain ACE3 Medical features.
  18. Matosh

    ACE Medical and inconsistency

    So you want players to be able to handle more damage before going to unconscious mode?
  19. \scripts\server\init_server.sqf
  20. Yes, it makes players editable so they can, I believe, ping Zeus. I just did a quick edit on the original mission. Removed extra Zeus modules and those _zgm entries, and it works as it should. Zeus interface available on start and allowed placeable units, I was testing this on LAN though. It's already compatible, you just have to disable Liberation Revive system. You can do that by being an administrator/host of the server, going to parameters section in the lobby and disabling FAR Revive parameter.
  21. @Applejakerie This should add all players to Zeus list so that they are visible to him, which also makes player able to ping him. I think. So you are also saying that the Zeus doesn't work when player commander joins the first time, but can be fixed by respawning? onPlayerRespawn.sqf if ( isNil "GRLIB_respawn_loadout" ) then { removeAllWeapons player; player linkItem "NVGoggles"; } else { sleep 4; [ player, GRLIB_respawn_loadout ] call F_setLoadout; }; {_x addCuratorEditableObjects [[player],FALSE];} count allCurators;
  22. This.
  23. This could work, I think. Line 250, \scripts\client\build\do_build.sqf. if ( (_classname in uavs) || manned ) then { [ _vehicle ] call F_forceBluforCrew; }; if ( _classname == FOB_box_typename ) then { [ [_vehicle, 3000 ] , "F_setMass" ] call BIS_fnc_MP; }; if ( _classname == "Flag_NATO_F" ) then { _vehicle setFlagTexture "flag_texture.paa"; };
  24. greuh_liberation.Altis\scripts\server\base\huron_manager.sqf
  25. Matosh

    [SP/CO8] A 3 - Antistasi Altis.

    Doesn't work for me. Tried with eject keybinds and eject action menu.