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  1. Nice Drandulet :D ___ Ice, note: need relax high point for susension because wheels staying as \\ // ;)
  2. Improved wounds: you can analyze self and target body parts of bullet impatcts or some other dammage and after get info, you can heal or apply medical stuff for requred body part - bandage leg, or put morphine on hand, etc. look at Xenus and "Cabelas dangerous hunts" versions, he have a great examples, indicators not needed ;), just get info ! Please :pray: :pray: :pray:
  3. interesting where is Icebreakr as person ?! Mate, something happend, where are you :)?
  4. J-Guid


    you know what you must to do ;)
  5. Yea, we can make a sea battles with crusers :D
  6. J-Guid

    ACE for OA 1.13

    M1n1d0u you provoke moderators add a warn to you :) gay sayd :D ;), joke I want improve ACE and make Arma more better, as all modmakers here, sometimes devs blind, and need some fresh manpower...
  7. J-Guid

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Sickboy add me to Skype please, i send request to you or add me by kol9yn nick have proposes about some interesting features, and tickets created by me ;), need to talk
  8. J-Guid


    LSD interestng :) PM me and ask what you mean about wounded :)
  9. more civilian idle and 'busy' animations for AI
  10. J-Guid

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Sickboy, I see Xeno add a melee combat features :) When you planed to realise it? I have some interesting extendet stuff for this, we want assist with this! :) PM me in Skype
  11. Soul, we waiting Artilery likes Paladin ;)
  12. animals and humans can climbup on trees and seat on branches
  13. J-Guid

    MRAP - RG31 Mk5 (WIP)

    this posible to set armor amount for selection ;) or attach flat object with high armor :D
  14. Raptor 6, how your progress with SDV :)?
  15. Weather affect on players behaviour as in real life!
  16. Good, thanks for realise, float voice volume its good too ;) Where is Sickboy with SU link ;)?!
  17. its wrong, I mean X its BASIC WEAPON CLASS Waht you want to do, ask here, or PM me?!
  18. if (player HaseWeapon X && X == primaryWeapon) then {...}; Some like this, where X is base weapon class type for primary weapons ;)
  19. vehicles can be customizeble as soldiers: posible to change armor type, turrets, skins
  20. Realistic! Ground deformation different jump animations
  21. J-Guid

    Project CDF

    Have issues with proxy for guner and pilot for UH-60*
  22. Yea, you can :) Just unpbo CA and find requred textures, repaint it, make a config with overwriten textures and you have it :)
  23. Chill mate, its WIP but more better! ;) :) :cool:
  24. J-Guid

    MRAP - RG31 Mk5 (WIP)

    sorry, I miss a realise for A2 or where it :)?!