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  1. waiting on Armaholic or in SU :)
  2. https://dev-heaven.net/projects/insurgency/files Insurgency, check it!)
  3. J-Guid

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    Good deal LJ, but old radio beep sounds been more better :(, if you can put new radio sounds as optional :), please :)
  4. J-Guid

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Slatts, this stance is good but need to be fixed a bit, because looking very ugly, its not olny my point of view...
  5. J-Guid

    Development Blog & Reveals

    OK Smookie, glad to hear it :) but please can you fix a stance with weapon, because he looks like "soldier want to make a poopy, but cant!" :(, some peoples asked about this in previous posts...
  6. J-Guid

    ASR AI Skills

    Woohoohooo!!! Good!
  7. J-Guid


    Helios, ask about this to Cytreen, he make it in self Ins mod :)
  8. good, waiting! :) we can test it on our servers with 80+ pplz
  9. J-Guid

    Ragdolls = In .... Realistic wounds ???

    I too would like realistic medical applications, like the ability to apply a bandage to a specific place to stop bleeding, or the epipens, or tourniquets its be posible if bullets impacts on body be drawed by model local XYZ coordinates, or be unified for body parts, its posible now in A2 too, but dont have time to make it
  10. J-Guid

    ASR AI Skills

    Orcinus, here is another situation, AI hit you but dont kill, but he must do it because you stay alive! :)
  11. J-Guid

    Development Blog & Reveals

    hmm.., Hamm, maby you right, because maby it not have sense, here need some more powerful... :D
  12. domokun, oh understand, float mic voice and player voice, thanks, its realy good feature proposed mor etimes ago, thanks Nou of realising it... Now @TuTs3 addon be deleted on our server :D, because our lovely acre have this feature
  13. J-Guid

    Development Blog & Reveals

    PurePassion, right words as my, i think he not just ignoring, he put in black list all who sayd for he how make his stuff, and about bad issues, very sudenly!!! :D
  14. J-Guid

    Development Blog & Reveals

    PurePassion, right words as my, i think he not just ignoring, he put in black list all who sayd for he how make his stuff, very sudenly!!! :D
  15. J-Guid

    Development Blog & Reveals

    @Choki not only you :D, but bis stay dont want to hear community, as in all prev time... But continue talking about community :facepalm: 2 BIS what is community for you?! dumbs&prayers or potential clients&good mates(assistants for improve your curve products)?! Yes again maby somebody sayd, about my hard and 'dumb' words for bis address, but this words is very obviously for all, im as client and well-wisher(only with holylight means), sayd this for help improve or lovely Arma, I think lot of peoples agree with this, but he stay quite because dont wont have any troubles, or dont wont ask about personal means? Times show us how mutch BIS listen community, BIS please listen community...
  16. J-Guid

    ASR AI Skills

    not only mg's, i mean all ai, vec, inf, static, helis
  17. J-Guid

    ASR AI Skills

    If AI hit you, and you fall in uncon, ai dont make a finishing shot to kill you, and you lying wounded in long time :(, have sense to make it with some chanse, maby can be based on ai skills level
  18. Jocko-Flocko, thanks :) SeaDoo is another brand, its Yamaha jetskis :), but SeaDoo in plans too maby for next update of units, but not in this threat ;)
  19. J-Guid

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Pettka, please stop do "It seems that we are crunching in vain", apply main Community wishes ;) thanks ;)
  20. antoineflemming +100, How Xeno sayd when close Domi :D : BUt, if DayZ can increase BI richness, and this richness can help to improve Arma series, why not?! dayz, dayz, dayz... damn integrate ACE and some other awesome community mods!!!
  21. J-Guid

    ASR AI Skills

    Robalo main feature and issue for ACE, AI dont make a 'finish-shot' for wounded humans, can you fix it please?
  22. J-Guid

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Devs and other mates, check and vote or assign this tickets please: https://dev-heaven.net/issues/32089 <<--Handcuffs broken in MP https://dev-heaven.net/issues/29826 <<--SU planes aiming issue https://dev-heaven.net/issues/31487 <<--Rearming Konkurs https://dev-heaven.net/issues/32212 <<--Proposed new animations for Melee Thanks! :)