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  1. Always in the last place you look. :D Apparently I chose the wrong KUMA. Since the KUMA didn't show in the Empty Assets, I didn't realize RESIST had modified the Tank in the Independent Faction. Solved for me, but a "MOD identifier" in the Entities list would be nice. ;) EDEN 4life yo.
  2. Hiya. I'm loving the EDEN editor. It's everything I've been hoping for. The thing I'm missing is a way to identify an Entity that is coming from an "unloaded" mod. Sometimes I mistakenly edit a Vanilla mission when I have a mod loaded, and I place an Entity from the Mod down in the editor. In the old editor if this occurred, you could just open the mission.sqf and delete the loaded Mod and search the file for the Entity itself and replace it with something Vanilla. Then you could save the mission in Notepad and reopen it as Vanilla in the editor. With EDEN and the new mission.sqm, I can't seem to do this, and their isn't a way to determine what I accidentally placed down in the scene. The feedback notification only tells you the mod that is missing. The scene below is something I'm working on and it's meant to be straight Vanilla A3. But I accidentally had the "RESIST" mod and campaign loaded and must have placed something in the scene from that mod. I love the Resist missions, but I am not wanting my mission to require it. So I have spent hours going through trying to find the Entity that I placed down. :( I've saved multiple files and deleted portions of the Mission to try and isolate the Entity. This hasn't seemed to work either. Does anyone know of a way to completely identify the used Entities from a mod? As you can see in the Screenshot, there is no Identifier in the Entity Listing so I can't find the object that is causing the missing-mod-notification. There is one in the Assets Listing though however. Thanks for any advice and tips.
  3. UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    Is anyone seeing this same issue when using Paradrop vs LANDDROP? The bodies are missing. These game captures are all done running v6.0.9.5 vanilla A3 with the exception of the islands. All the Paradrops are generated from UPSMON. I've even tested with v6.0.7.2 with the same results. This has been happening for me since the last 3 A3 main-releases (a while). Thanks for any confirmation on whether this may be UPSMON or not. Or if I need a fresh install.
  4. Hiya. I've been using an XBOX controller since A2OA with my Keyboard, Mouse. Before a few updates ago, there used to be Sensitivity Multipliers for the game controllers. They were drop downs next to the sliders. (poorly mocked-up in the image below). They multipliers were awesome, because they allowed me to increase the sensitivity times 2+ (?) The drop downs are no longer in the UI. IIRC, clicking the "SHOW" button would give access to the drop downs. Currently that button only takes me to the "CONFIGURE CONTROLLERS" screen. I am running Vanilla. I've managed to map 96 controls to my XBOX controller that allow me to, Infantry, Command, Interact, Swim, Fly, Drive, etc... all without plugins or mods. The sensitivity without the multiplier is about 30% (at max) the speed of the mouse. If I attempt to increase the sensitivity in my "name.Arma3Profile" for "X rotation", by increasing it from "1" to 2, or 3, I see no effect. From: name.Arma3Profile sensitivity[]={0.72168028,0.67621756,0.43753803,1,0.36934388,0,0,0,0.72168028,0.67621756,0.43753803,1,0.36934388,0,0,0}; The code above is from the Arma Profile. The 4th number above I assume to be the X rotation. At "1" this is 100% sensitivity as represented in the image. I've changed this to 2 or 3, and restarted the game. It doesn't seem to do anything and then it updates the file again back to "1". Is there another way to manually increase sensitivity of the game controllers beyond the Game settings and UI? And If not, can anyone explain why they removed the awesome multipliers? Thanks for any help and direction. Sorry for all the edits. I was having trouble with the image showing up.
  5. That is heavy-cool man. Works like a charm. Thanks so much for the example. :)
  6. Whoa. Okay. :( Thanks for the quick response.
  7. Hi everyone. I've been testing the BIS_fnc_spawnGroup function. It's fantastic! I'm wanting the units I call in to have a custom loadout. Is it possible to assign an init to each soldier in the script below? I'm unclear on how the syntax would work, or if their is a better way. _TERMINAL_DEFENCE = [getmarkerpos "DEFENCE", WEST, ["B_recon_JTAC_F","B_recon_LAT_F","B_recon_TL_F","B_recon_medic_F","B_recon_exp_F","B_spotter_F","B_sniper_F","B_HeavyGunner_F","B_soldier_AT_F","B_spotter_F"],[],[4,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1],[],[],[],355] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; Thanks for any help.
  8. First. Thanks for an awesome script. I've been using this script for a longtime with no issues. But since the last update I have the same issues that RedArmy describes above. The script runs as usual, but when the player is revived, the timer and blurry screen continues. This seems to only effect the player and not the AI as they seem to respond as they always have. I'm not sure what happened after the last update, but it would be great to have this script working again. :)
  9. LIFTER for ArmA 3

    That space is somehow added here in the forum. It's not in the init string. :) Yep. This is confusing. I'm pretty sure my server defaults with CBA, which is why it isn't required with the init mod string. All of the other mods listed also require CBA and they seem to run fine. Thanks for the reply and checking that I did indeed didn't forget something. I'll have someone else double check the settings to make sure it's all correct. I'm sure we'll get it figured out. :D Update: Server is now loading after forcing a newer version of CBA in the init string.
  10. LIFTER for ArmA 3

    Hi Rav_Raven! This is an awesome mod, but I'm having trouble getting it to work on one of our dedicated servers. All other mods work no problem, but our server won't boot when I place yours in the command line boot script. I've tried both versions from Armaholic and also from playwithsix. I have your "RAVEN.bikey" (armaholic) and/or the "raven.bikey" (playwithsix) the "Keys" folder on the dedicated. I did this one at a time. The mod works fine on my local multiplayer server. I'm really excited about getting this to work on my dedicated. I appreciate any ideas you can offer. Here is our test server. Only mod required at this time is the C-17 Globemaster. Will Boot: @c17a3;@everon2013;@mcc;@cpm;@nimitz; Won't boot: @c17a3;@everon2013;@mcc;@cpm;@nimitz;@RAV_Lifter_A3
  11. Can someone point me to the definitive installation process to get MCC working on a dedicated server? I figured it out. Thx.
  12. UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    Thanks for double-checking my mistake again. After your advice I changed it to Radio Alpha and it's working. I realized I didn't have the trigger set correctly for the "not present" function. Thanks for bringing UPSMON to A3!
  13. UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    I have updated the file and as you can see, it still shows the same error. Sorry about that. I forgot to add the init.sqf in the mission I provided. It was extracted from another mission. As you can see it now shows 4 spawn in the debug, but their are no units. Only the template proceeds towards the marker. I have used your suggested string in the trigger: nul = [1,getmarkerpos "area0",4,["area1", "STEALTH"]] execVM "scripts\UPSMON\MODULES\UPSMON_spawn.sqf"; I really appreciate your help.
  14. UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    I tried it with the new with the positiion array and they have stopped completely. Perhaps you can take a look? I've attached the file here if you can check it out. This is such a great way to optimize enemies in a mission. I hope to get his working. Thanks for your help! ;)
  15. UPSMON Updated to ArmaIII

    Heya, I'm unable to get the Template to work. The debug is saying that it is spawning the template but they don't show up. I'm using the latest version. I read earlier that others were having the same issue, but the updated links you provided are no longer working. I assume that the latest v6.0.7.2 version includes your changes. Here is a very short video of the issue. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKWg7f7l-JU Squad Init: nul = [this,"area1","TEMPLATE:",1,"DELETE:",5] execVM "scripts\UPSMON.sqf"; Trigger: nul = [1,"area0",4,["area1", "STEALTH"]] execVM "scripts\UPSMON\MODULES\UPSMON_spawn.sqf"; Thanks for any direction.