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  1. Hi, I'm trying to understand this a bit. How am I able to retrieve a custom table for example? Like I create a table called "Vehicles" that has data -> vID, vType, Destroyed. And every time mission launches it prints this query out to see if its supposed to spawn this "vehicle". Checked the wiki but a bit messy for me to read for some reason.
  2. What's the status on this? Quite interesting actually, missed Insurgency by tons!
  3. Hello, ArmA 2 & ArmA 3 veteran (Played ArmA 2 since its release). Currently looking for a unit where I fit, in other words where I do not need to address you as sir / ma'am or through rank. Just fair proper milsim structure and gaming. I've been playing ArmA for ages and I've provided several units I've been part of assistance with servers and website, I've been studying computer science for a while as working with it. Anyhow, I'm pretty much occupied on weekdays with life and work. Only days I can dedicate is weekends, so now I look for a unit who has their OPs on weekends and is in European timezone. Hit me on PM if you think you have what I need.
  4. brightness

    Arma3 connection issue

    Dwarden, I'm not talking this out of my head, I was told by several people from different communities that MTU has a big effect on this and most of us are unable to change our MTU settings. In fact that this only happen with my router and not my 3G Phone even confirms it more.
  5. brightness

    ''No message recieved''

    Its the MTU related, latest patch somehow messed it up which effected that any server that runs verifySignature = 2 or 1 has a package sent in a higher volume than your router accept which your router denies = server kicks you out. Have made a feedtrack about this, http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=22490
  6. brightness

    Arma3 connection issue

    Hi this is regarding the MTU; Some routers has a low MTU set sadly since ArmA 3 Devs obv insists this is not their fault cause their verifySignature sends a package set above their MTU the router causes a session lost which makes the verifySignature fail. To sort this out: Your friend has to set his MTU on router to 1490 or 1500 (Recommended 1500) but some routers forbids it (Sadly mine does). Nothing more you can do than making that the devs actually notice this issue and solve it from their end by liking this: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=22490
  7. Hi, As the title says on some servers (mainly battleeye) I cannot strictly select a role, for example if I join a server I used to play one, I can't either select a role or I can join in and play for ten minutes before being kicked out. Or this one where I directly cannot simply select a role.. Also notice: If I do get in, I get kicked out for Signature check timed out.. Is this a known issue? Any fix?
  8. brightness

    [UNSUNG] CO40 FOB Grippler

    Sorry for late response, I no longer have the mission file as for wipe on PC. You have my permission to UNPBO it, but please release the update if so.
  9. Hi there, I need to do this check-up to provide the data to my unit itself and see if there's a large interest check of opening a public server to have pubbers come on and play. So what will the public server idea offer? -Mainly customized missions provided by the public or by us (Insurgency, Patrol Ops, Domination or custom made) -A tight modpack for certain mods ArmA 3 require -Saturday / Sunday night time gaming -Tactical / Realism nights (Saturday for example). -CO-OP & TvT -ALiVe most likely. Always up for opinions but anyways, if this was provided how would the public view of opinion be? Always up for suggestions what community wants. (Yes, this will be hosted on a separated dedi box). Please write your concerns or ideas :)
  10. Looking for a unit / group to play with. Been playing ArmA for awhile now returning again so I figured to look for a new squad. (19 yrs old, 20 in december). GMT is GMT + 0 (UK time). Love all roles :) Not interested for just "Hey check this out", please attract me.