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  1. salty6924

    co10 Escape

    What cup maps are you porting to that there arent already a version for? i saw cup/RHS and both versions for most maps?
  2. salty6924

    co10 Escape

    Think i figured out the cause of this issue for me anyway. Headless Client. If HC takes control of AI when you kick the mission from map screen, this happens and the mission just hangs. If you kick the HC right before kicking it, all scripts initialize properly, and then HC can hop on and take AI without issue. Does anyone know how to prevent a Headless client from connecting until say 1 minute after mission start? I was thinking about spawning the HC slot after mission start like you would spawn a trigger, but i'm no where smart enough to do that without assistance.
  3. salty6924

    co10 Escape

    Were you ever able to fix this, it completely locks up my server.
  4. Excellent script! Curious about two things. Currently, alot of the buildings in Georgetown (Tanoa) are not enter able, and i believe this prevents civs from spawning in the city itself. Any thoughts on how to resolve that potential issue? And Is there a way to add a specific vest or items to all civs spawned? Danke ahead of time.
  5. Edit: Got home, checked them, Made the edits as you had, Still getting Error Zero Divisor on that po3_pos_curr on certain missions. Have tested one by one to check which are causing it.
  6. Well, i have dug deep into this thing with my limited knowledge (Man is PO3 a beautifully complicated beast) Im assuming Tanoa is doing something different with locations and that is causing the issue. The RPT errors out on Line 33 of getnewpos saying "PO3_pos_curr" is an undefined variable. Except it is defined right here on line 3 if( isNil "PO3_pos_curr" ) then { PO3_pos_curr = [0,0,0] }; Is the issue that PO3 is reading the corner of the map as being way off center or other markers from any other map and randomly cant find something to spawn a task on? This leads me to getposarray where there is a ton of math things going on that is way beyond my ability to decipher if!(_water) then { if (surfaceIsWater _pos) then { private ["_p","_d","_l"]; _d = 0; _l = true; while { _d = _d + 20; _l && _d < 5000 } do { for "_i" from 0 to 340 step 20 do { _p = [_pos,_d,_i] call PO3_fnc_getPosRadius; if (!surfaceIsWater _p) exitwith { _l = false }; That is some straight up newtonian algebra right there. Then, i get the bright idea, Altis....stratis...thats what this mission was made for, and found this. 29 _map = toLower worldName; 30 31: if !(_map in ["altis","stratis"]) exitWith { -1 }; 32 if (_map == "stratis") then { 33 _bottomLeftX = 1302; .. 85 switch (toLower worldname) do { 86 case "stratis" : { localize "STR_A3_NearStratis" }; 87: default { localize "STR_A3_NearAltis" }; 88 }; 89 }; _bottomleftx Could this be the cause for the weirdness? Man im probably way off, but im trying? :blink:
  7. Thanks Gents. Agreed on not bothering Roy....i hate bothering the devs. Standing by and ready to help/test
  8. I have a tanoa port that fails to start a mission until i hit the SKIP mission. Unplayable for a public Server. Is this not an issue for you?
  9. salty6924

    co10 Escape

    Receiving the following repeating errors in RPT shortly after start. Completely halts the mission. Notice similar errors in in T95 in your ticketing system, though as these halt the missions, i feel they may be different. EDIT: Must have removed something important when attempting to get ace incorporated into the mission,
  10. Zip file with the requested information. RPT is huge, as i did all the porting and what not in one sitting so its 2 hours of rpt. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3meRZDxKz7YQ0hxQ2R2VDFqZ1k/view?usp=sharing
  11. Having some issues on my Tanoa port. On objective creation, i receive the following repeating errors about half the time. https://gyazo.com/89cd7b0922935812cc75c7353560cf58 https://gyazo.com/42eaaee7cf5816311586b44eea6dca60 I have a few ideas as to the cause, but instead of wandering around aimlessly, thought id pose the issue to the experts.
  12. So, having an issue with mission design using ACE. I have a limited asset mission, no CAS or CAP capability, but with ACE Master Key, Players can unlock any enemy vehicle they come across. I could white-list or not use arsenal at all, But to remind all of our communities mission makers of this would lead to it being missed in some scenarios, or sometimes you want only a few assets completely unlock-able. Is there a way to lock a vehicle beyond picking or master keying open? the vehicles still need to be destroy-able or mountable by enemies. Thank you in advance.
  13. salty6924

    Easy Hostage Script (E.H.S)

    I do apologize for bringing this thread back from the dead, But i am curious if anyone knows how to apply the hostage command to a group of units, so that securing one secures all in group, and you can add all to your group in one go as well.
  14. Same issue, have triggers that spawn a decending flare if activated by blufor, and spotted by the enemy faction. works in local and single not triggered in dedi, using hint to troubleshoot. Example Code in Mission SQM class Item190 { dataType="Trigger"; position[]={4261.105,162.97226,3840.2849}; class Attributes { onActivation=" if (isserver) then {flrObj = ""F_40mm_red"" createvehicle ((player) ModelToWorld [0,100,262]); flrObj setVelocity [0,0,-10];};"; sizeA=100; sizeB=100; activationType="EAST D"; activationBy="WEST"; effectSound="SN_Flare_Weapon_Fired"; }; id=1132; type="EmptyDetectorAreaR250"; };
  15. salty6924

    Helicopter Not Flying at start

    And im almost certain now that its not the editors fault, was attempting to use the RHS Super Stallion, once switching to any other chopper, thing is flying fine. Consider that issue identified and reported.