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  1. Hi there! I n t r o I've set up a simple server and having trouble with warping AI in Warfare. My own AI moves fine but not the AI defending the towns. They stutter pretty much. I've tried default settings, recommended from BIS wiki, KH tutorial and some other found on this forum. Yeah, pretty much everything. :( S e r v e r Intel Core2Duo E8400. 4GB DDR2 RAM. ATi HD 4870 (overkill?) 160GB 7200 HDD W7 32-bit. 8 Mbps / 0.8 Mbps C l i e n t See my sig. :) Rates MaxMsgSend= 128; (256, 512) MaxSizeGuaranteed= 512; MaxSizeNonguaranteed= 256; (64, 128) MinBandwidth= 131072; (And 0.6Mbps MIN in bits) MaxBandwidth= 10000000000; (And 0.8Mpbs MAX in bits) MinErrorToSend= 0.01; (0.001 doesn't help.) MaxCustomFileSize= 0; P r o b l e m The enemy AI / AI of AI stutter. It doesn't matter If I connect over the LAN or via remote IP. The server is running @ 50FPS. And client 80-200 FPS. This even happens if I host on my "gaming rig" (dedicated). I w a n t Being able to host a low slot Warfare server. 2-4 people including myself. Q u e s t i o n s 1. Rates? :) 2. How many players can my rather bad Internet Connection handle? N o t e Feel free to ask if I forgot something. But don't just give me links 'cause I've probalby read it already. :)
  2. G r e e t i n g Hi! I n t r o How about an optional throttle control for aircrafts when using keyboard and mouse? P r o b l e m I'm getting tired of holding Q all the time when flying fast. Sometimes even impossible when doing other stuff. It would be better if the fingers could do other stuff than holding Q. :) How I t W o r k s: When starting the plane the throttle is at 0%. Q makes it go up to 10%. Q again makes it go up to 20%. Z makes it go down to 10% And so on. Q = + 10% Z = - 10% Or maybe: Q = + 20%, Z = 20%. I can't come up with a better name for it than "Sticky Throttle"! :)
  3. Posta

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    As I've said before: GREAT SOUNDMOD my fav! But, you could take a look at Hydra rockets! :) Keep up the good work!
  4. I don't think number four is combat ready. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo-1irdZcjQ (Wow, strange posture. I will never ever recruit a solly without a weapon again. )
  5. How about pvp 360 VS keyboard and mouse? :)
  6. Posta

    ArmA and Consoles

    I think BIS could do it if they wanted to. I mean just look at how well it runs on computers!
  7. Posta

    Amazing! SMAW can toast T-90's!

    Don't blame me, blame BIS. Many players prefer ACE and think it's better, that's not my fault. :)
  8. Posta

    Amazing! SMAW can toast T-90's!

    Nice coverage! And yes, ACE does this much better.
  9. I like this a lot. Feels alive! BUT I will never recruit a pilot (light) again. :) What's up with number four? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo-1irdZcjQ
  10. I log in as an admin. Write #login INSERTADMINPASSWORD in chat. #missions - Will open the mission list, if needed.
  11. I blame it on the .50 cal then. :)
  12. Ok then! BALANCE - Attacking or Defending? Is it possible to give the players like 10 dollarz per "re-capped" supply point? Just to make some balance between attacking and defending. Ex: You own a town with 140 supply points. The enemy caps it down to 90. You bring it back to 140. 50 X 10 = 500. You get 500. The enemy should NOT get 500. OR Like in TF2 when you get an achievement for blocking a cap. Baam 500 dollarz or something.
  13. Well when the sucker shouts it's already too late. Only way is to shoot him when the red action menu "Remove IED" shows up. Maybe we have an audio delay?
  14. Haha, this is impossible! Just played it in Coop (2 ppl). Most of the time they trigger the IED when you get too close. Or if you start the defusing process. But It's fun!
  15. Sounds like TF2 or something without the ammo refills. I have to vote NO on this one.
  16. Good questions! Arma 2: 3D_Performance=-4194304; OA : 3D_Performance=1500000;
  17. Most people will love this. You will also need to restrict buying AI with Javelin.
  18. Windows 1.59. Works online as a client on other 1.59 (I had to test). So it's pretty updated.
  19. Bhh. I have already updated the game to 1.59. But Steam forces me to download 2GB anyway. Well well, no big deal, I can live with it. :)
  20. I can't reproduce it on my dedicated server. Tried quite a lot.
  21. Yeah, I've heard 4/5 (80%) as well for units. However I found that warfare buildings show up much later than that. But don't know for sure.
  22. Well, that's too realistic for my taste (in Warfare). The closer to Supreme Commander the better! :) I will gladly try out your Warfare! ---------- Post added at 11:24 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:18 AM ---------- OK! I need some input from Warfare fans! Would anyone be interested in a full match video coverage? Like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlzS34pjKdU BUT in Gossamer's and multiplayer of course. :) No cuts, only fast forwarding when needed (travel time). Like a let's play.
  23. Warfare, "Welcome War" on Utes. Full game! Part 1/2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlzS34pjKdU What do you think about the format? I know that SP against AI bots isn't that great. I'm planning to do a full run in MP. Gossamer's Warfare for example. No cuts just fast forwarding. Like a let's play. And, do I need to record my mic?