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  1. Hello pSiKO I always play solo Liberation so I usually apply some QoL fixes to make some elements slightly less tedious. What I can't figure out is how to disable 'forced walk' when handling boxes? I would like to be to sprint when moving boxes around. Which script needs to be modified for that?
  2. I've read on the wiki that the development is halted and that was some time ago, so I am assuming we won't see 0.97.
  3. How do I properly save the file kp_liberation.Altis\presets\blufor\custom.sqf with Notepad++ so that the mission will load properly? When I open it with regular Notepad, edit and save it, the mission loads fine. When I do it with Notepad++, the mission loads but you are stuck in the game without "JOIN THE FIGHT" screen. Is there some particular save encoding? I checked for any missing brackets, or spaces, but it seems like an encoding issues.
  4. @Wyqer I was thinking how Liberation would look cool with Iron Front mod. You know, the World War 2 setting. What would happen if I just manually replaced all the modern units with the Iron front units. Would you say that could work or are there coded functions that would get screwed in the process?
  5. Arma 3 is on Humble Bundle sale. https://www.humblebundle.com/games/arma-2018-bundle Good opportunity for you guys to play Liberation with most content unlocked (including APEX) for cheap. Tell your friends. :D
  6. Thanks. I didn't realize these settings are in kp_liberation_config file. I was looking in actual civpenalty configs but got confused by the code. :)
  7. @Wyqer I managed to get the edited pbo to work. I added a few vehicles, works fine. Can you advise how to change the penalties/benefits from aiding/hurting the civilians? I want to modify it so that healing a civ grants at least 15 reputation. It's way too easy to screw up the reputation and waaay to hard to fix it. Also a minor suggestion, add some secondary missions with civ reputation as reward in the future releases. Thanx.
  8. Is there a working way to unpack the mission and repack it with changes I made to the build menu? It doesn't seem to work with Addon Builder. The mission refuses to load once it's edited.
  9. @RicoAMPL You need to use PBO Manager to unpack the pbo. @Others Can anyone post a template for mission parameters to be used on a dedicated server's server.cfg ? They reset every time the mission is re-launched.
  10. @Wyqer Is it possible to transfer a saved map (in progress) from regular LAN/Internet server to a dedicated server?
  11. Can you guys add more ways to improve Civilian reputation? Would be nice for example, a secondary mission with reward for improved civ reputation.
  12. 1.) Can I replace the DLC vehicles with vanilla ones or CUP vehicles? I can't use half of the vehicles because I don't have any DLC bought. 2.) Can I relocate the aircraft carrier? 3.) How are called reinforcements spawns determined? Do they spawn outside of the capture location? I swear they often just pop right in front of you. 4.) What methods can be used to transport supply crates other than loading them on trucks? Can I use tow ropes somehow?
  13. syphonix

    [MP][CTI] WASP Warfare (RHS Edition)

    Here's the logs from client and server. http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=91969293201222149267
  14. syphonix

    [MP][CTI] WASP Warfare (RHS Edition)

    I've encountered a strange bug. When running this on dedicated server, I get buggy behaviour. For example, opposing forces start spawning on my base, or I lose commander rights as soon as I deploy HQ. Is my dedicatated server configuration wrong? These problems are absent when hosting the LAN game locally. However, heavy factory seems to be regulary cluttered with AI-spawned tanks (often they will explode when there are too many)
  15. ^ I noticed that AI gets auto-elected as commander from the start, and that instant he starts dropping buildings. Can we force the commander role on ourselves from the start? Also I noticed a bug on my last play (using latest version on dedicated host). When you pack your HQ and unpack it, you can lose the ability to lock/unlock/drive it.