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  1. I am impressed that the OFP forum is still as healthy as ever, and that we now have even a Dune and System Shock total coversion. Awesome work, guys ! B) I haven't been on the forum for ages, but this is really uplifting to see.
  2. Petike

    OFP: Nogovan Armed Forces

    I had a discussion with him about this yesterday, and yeah, things are looking up. :) :cool: The bugfixes would certainly be a welcomed addition. We're not in complete agreement of what we'd like to add to the existing contents of the mod, but our ideas do overlap in a few places, so maybe we'll co-create a few more addons some time in the near future. I, for one, want to concentrate on finishing that Yak-52 you sent me and adding some currently absent ground vehicles.
  3. Petike

    OFP Addon request thread

    Thank you, I'll keep my eyes peeled for it. :) Hopefully, they'll finish it. I suspected that, but just wanted to be sure. IIRC, the readme for the addon did include said open source disclaimer, so I'll probably just credit the team in case I won't be able to hunt down any of its former members elsewhere. Just out of curiosity : Have some of them moved on to modding the ARMA series ? And no, I'm not working on a Slovak mod (IIRC, our army never operated BRDM-2s, so my request would be moot anyway ;)). I'm actually in the early planning stages of continuing the semi-finished Nogovan Defence Forces mod that started already a few years ago. So far, it contains the released NDF MiGs, An-2, Hueys, some cars and R0adki11's excellent addition of infantry units. For now, I have R0adki11's permission to finish the Yak-52 addon that was in preparation but never got finished (we struck a deal about it recently and he sent me the relevant files). I'm currently testing some simple NDF vehicle addons, since there is a distinct lack of armour and trucks in the existing releases (the NDF vehicle addon for OFP only has reskinned jeeps, the V3Ses in it are still of the vanilla variety). I plan to generally follow R0adki11's order of battle with my own additions, making NDF versions of the T-55, BMP-2, the armed BRDM-2 and the 4 variants of the V3s. Probably a motorbike too. Then I'll release them as a separate new addon or just rebundle the jeeps from the existing addon into a new pack, so you'll finally have all the NDF vehicles in one place. As for other addons - while I am satisfied with the current roster of planes for the Nogovan Air Force, I might make an NDF heavy helicopter (probably an Mi-8/17) and a heavier transport plane (probably the An-26 I've talked about) to complement the Hueys and the An-2s. But those are just future plans. Currently, I want to focus on the ground vehicles and the Yak trainer. Wish me luck. Thanks a lot. :) If all else (i.e. the An-26) fails, I might try it. That or the An-12. Or maybe even one of Mapfact's DC-3s. It's still a distant prospect, so we'll see. It doesn't have to be a big or expensive transport, I just want to add something that can carry more people and military cargo than an An-2 (let's face it, the Colt is a good paratrooper and recon STOL, but I can't imagine it as a substantial airlifter :D).
  4. Petike

    OFP Addon request thread

    If no one minds, here are two more questions from me : 1.) Was an Antonov An-26 addon ever made ? It is a fairly popular military transport, so I was wondering whether anyone took a stab at it in the past. The only Antonov transports I was able to find on ofp.gamepark and other addon sites were the Ruslan (An-124), the Cub (An-12) and the Colt (An-2). 2.) Does anyone know where I can contact the OFPL Team ? (The Polish modders who made an armed version of the BRDM-2 back in 2004 or 2005. I'd like to borrow said vehicle for a reskin and some additions and I want to ask them for permition.)
  5. Petike

    OFP Addon request thread

    Thanks for the reply, R0adki11. I've sent you a PM about the whole matter.
  6. Petike

    VAZ (2104, 2105, 2107, 2108) Pack

    Both links are dead. Would it be possible to replace them ?
  7. Petike

    DeLorean (DMC-12)

    It's a very nice addon, but my sound stops working when I put it in my addons folder. Must be conflicting with other addons, so it seems. I get that quite often with various addons (thankfully not too often).
  8. Petike

    JdB Addon Releases

    I really like your firearm addons, JdB. :) Not too big in size as packs and not overly dependent on other addons. I especially like the one with the Ithaca. There are relatively few military shotgun addons and the vanilla hunting shotgun is visually inappropriate for most scenarios, so it's always a plus to see a worthwile addition to that part of the arsenal.
  9. Petike

    OFP Addon request thread

    Did anyone ever make a Yakovlev Yak-52 trainer addon for OFP ? I know R0adki11 was working on one or already had it finished for the NAF mod, but that was more than 3 years ago. A long time. Was that addon ever released for download anywhere ?
  10. You want to adjust lights/heating/whatever in your car by looking for the context menu key. You are surprised that you can load stuff into your car without having to kneel behind it and wait for a chunky-clicky sound and subtitles appearing in midair. ;) You have no idea of what deer, boars or sheep look like, since they weren't included in MiG's Animal addon. :p You can magically make your gun's barrel disappear into the ground when you lower it and then have it appear again by raising it. You discourage the use of shotguns among your troops, since the Resistance Kozlica isn't very practical. You name your pet Dave/Viktor/James, etc. You are terrified of landing fixed-wing aircraft and think helicopters are easier to fly in real life as well. You avoid settlements named Montignac like the plague. You try to convince your geography buff friend about Nogova/Sahrani/Chernarus being real. You refuse to learn how to swim, because you know well you would get inexplicable bloody wounds from it and die either way. You are never affraid of bailing out of an aircraft, since you always have your magical insta-parachute.
  11. Petike

    OFP Addon request thread

    Does anyone know about which version of the Nogova 2004 map is the newest ? And, on a related note, does anyone know whether it's still available for download (and if so, then where) ?
  12. What's the exact physical difference between binarized and non-binarized p3d models ? I never understood this and I've been looking into the modelling tools for quite a while.
  13. Well... At least I'm not completely alone in this. Let's wait and see if anyone else notices this thread.
  14. I think it would be really useful to write one for the wiki. The same goes with both generations of ARMA. Sorry, I'm a complete and utter n00b when it comes to texturing and modelling anything. :( And I can't make heads or tails of most OFP editing tutorials (except for maybe scripting). Most of them aren't even available anymore. :( Frankly, I've searched absolutely everywhere for months and found nothing. How can I retexture a vehicle, if I don't even know what the original vanilla textures mean ? I wanted to just replace a roundel on a single vanilla armoured vehicle and put it into a separate addon with a custom config, but I'm not even able to do that, because there is absolutely no order or logic in what software to use, which files to open and what format to convert into another and back again. Please, please don't point me to O2 Light or anything similar - I don't want to do any needlessly complex texturing and the utility itself never works for me, even after I repeatedly set it up precisely according to the few tutorials that exist for it. I just want to find the texture file for the roundel, swap it (manually, if I have to) and PBO back the addon (though under a different name, so it won't replace the vanilla one).