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  1. Ah I remember that one now, I'll give it a try and thanks. Update: That works! =) Thanks again for the hotfix.
  2. Here you go: http://pastebin.com/p1YMQPtd I don't post files to the forums too often, so if you need the info a different way, just let me know and thanks for the reply.
  3. Can the ammo count be hidden for Iron Front units? At the moment you cannot apply Ace UI settings with Iron Front units, like hiding the ammo count, or you will get a "cannot modify a forced user interface element" message. Thanks for reading and great work on getting two of my favorite mods to work together.
  4. Apex Vehicles Feedback

    Would it be possible to add variations of the Y-32 in a future update? I have been brainstorming a few configurations for it: - A Taru-like variant that can attach and detach pods from the rear with the same pod types that the Taru has, plus a pod that can be used as a bomb bay. - A light strike/anti-air/scouting variant that ditches the rear passenger section altogether so it has a sleeker profile and more maneuverability - An anti-tank/ground suppression variant that also loses the rear passenger section, but has a single seat, extended pylons for more hard-points, and a fixed cannon like the A-10 Thanks for reading and I look forward to feedback on my feedback =)
  5. Thanks for the torrent link. I am downloading and seeding as well, at 50% so anyone below that at least should benefit. Could the mod developers post upload this to the Steam Workshop for easier access? Thanks and keep up the great work!
  6. XENO - Taru Pod Mod

    The latest fixed version on Armaholic is now working perfectly for me =)
  7. XENO - Taru Pod Mod

    I tried to use this mod v1.51 with different combinations (download from Play WithSix, download from Armaholic, combined with ACE, using non-beta and beta Arma III versions), but the action to attach the pod does not appear in the menu or ACE actions. Apologies as I don't have anything else to point out what might be going wrong, and I'm not using any other mods except when using ACE. Otherwise mod looks great. Thanks!
  8. I would also like to mention that I cannot lock onto any ground targets with the Vikhr missile. The ATGM for the A-10 works fine, but the Buzzard's missiles do not. When the AI flies the Buzzard, it can lock onto vehicles with no problem. Is this normal or is it a bug? Thanks!
  9. Iron Front as mod in Arma 3

    I have tried the Arma 3 IF Lite and liked it enough to buy the full IF game =) I am encountering similar issues to other posts with the patches not working after the conversion. This same message appears whether I run the conversion through PWS or try the manual install methods for the 1.05_1.12 Community Patch (I have also cleared out any files or folders each time before trying again): "Please be patient. This update may appear to take a long time to complete. It is updating and installing very large data. Arma 3 Iron Front for Arma 3 Patch: Updating version 1.47 to version 1.99... Some error occurred during patch installation. Patch file is probably dammaged. You may need to download it again. Error in file cannot find xdelta3.exe, phase 5." If I am trying to convert through PWS, it will act like the patch worked and then apply all the other patches, which will then produce errors about missing assets and files. I like Gunter's suggestion about having the patch files in a .rar or 7zip format vs these .exe patches, but if that's not possible, is there anyway to trick the .exe into dumping its files into a folder to manually copy? Thanks for your time and effort to creating this great mod and I look forward to future updates.
  10. I would also like to request a feature that has a few 100% positive tickets in the Arma 3 feedback tracker but has not appeared in the game yet, and that would be for cars and MRAPS not to explode every time their health reaches 0. I remember when playing ACE2 that that the tanks would sometimes not blow up, just start smoking and become giant paperweights that could be used for cover by the surviving crew, and would really like to see that again in ACE3 along with light vehicles that may smoke or become inoperable but still make for safe cover. MRAPS are supposed to protect against IED's, not become one themselves =) On a final note, the tires of most cars in the vanilla game seem way too fragile for the terrain, could they be modified to be damaged by small arms but not small rocks? Thanks for reading and keep up the great work!
  11. Leights OPFOR Pack

    Great work Leight, this is one of my favorite unit packs so far. As for the ISIS issue, I'm confident everyone here knows you do not support them, but you could call that faction Daesh instead, it is the slang/duragatory term for ISIS and seems to really irk them too when the media uses it =) I have thoroughly enjoyed digitally mowing down those psychpaths in black pajamas using your mod and keep up the great work!
  12. I have been having a little trouble in navigating the browser in the past month or two. From the default Arma 3 Alpha config page, I am not able to select any other versions and click "Change" (such as the 1.10.xxxx versions), I tried clearing my cached files and different browsers but it appears to be an issue with the site. Is there any way to integrate the config browser into the PWS updater app? Thanks and keep up the great work!
  13. Could the hand animation be modified to use the grip on on the M60E4?
  14. Yes, but if I wanted surrender with a different AI mod or just Vanilla Arma AI, I am currently far out of luck, and it sounds like a TPW kind of feature up there with AI suppression or ambient civilians+cars that I can't live without now =)