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    ACRE2 Public Beta Release

    Hey, with this babel thing, are the use of translators a thing?
  2. jubxxxjub

    Preorder Bonuses?

    I like the compass idea.
  3. The editor needs a drop down menu to assign squad IE: "1-1-A", and an easier way to make units playable! In the editor, I'm making a 150+ player mission. Two things I hate the most about the editor is that I have to, in order to have say first platoon above 2 platoon in the slotting lobby, is 1.) place the units in order*this bothers me because I copy paste* 2.) The second thing I hate is that I have to make EVERY UNIT PLAYABLE ONE BY ONE. It's a real bother guys; please fix these things. Edit: Adding a little flash so it's not missed.
  4. Just played it on a MP server with 40 peeps, and UPSMON. It seems either it's conflicting with UPS, or it just doesn't work in MP. Other than that noice mod.
  5. My request is that instead of having AT on the oneside of your back. They make it part of the ruck.
  6. jubxxxjub

    Windows 8

    Looks okay.