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  1. I have submitted my Warrior FV510 Retexture addon on Armaholic. http://i493.photobucket.com/albums/rr300/laurencegrace/warrior_wdl1_zps17d63029.jpg (109 kB) http://i493.photobucket.com/albums/rr300/laurencegrace/warrior_wdl2_zps104b2ce8.jpg (581 kB) Quote : I have retextured the warrior in 2 colours, "Deep bronze Green" and "Iraqi Sand". I would like to give most credit to Stevenson for his first Warrior Retexture which encouraged me to make one using his as a template. You can Download the addon via Armaholic
  2. Here you have my Syrian army Conflict Units Currently in 0.5 Alpha as I am still adding and tweaking units. Units currently present: Syrian Army 3 or 4 different Rifleman SVD sniper PKP Machine Gunner RPK Automatic Rifleman Crewman Grenadier RHS BMP2K Syrian Decals RHS BMP2 Syrian Decals RHS T72b 1985 Syrian Decals FSA (VERY Alpha ATM) 6 Fighters (WIP) I will continue to add units until there is a nice collection of SAA , FSA and ISIS Download Link: HERE 24.5 MB Requires: HLC AK HLC Core RHS Escalation
  3. There is allot going on in syria and neighbouring areas at the moment and allot of footage being captured, So it would be really nice to get some nice maps of aleppo and Jobar were big battles have been fought these few years to allow the Arma community to re-enact these battles or create awesome missions on. I have absolutely 0 skills in island making and lord knows I've tried 100 times. But I would be willing to help out by any means possible, I am even currently working on the Syrian Army which you can find HERE Here are some screen shots to encourage or even challenge you Island Makers. Allepo: http://www.aaas.org/sites/default/files/images/Figure_23_small.jpg (603 kB) Jobar: http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/5634/128858542.1f/0_a60fc_c55ef26e_XXL.png (573 kB)
  4. Grace

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Hey Leight, Getting and error which causes our server to crash "lop_faction_ia\scripts\ia_ural_decals.sqf" not found and "lop_faction_ia\scripts\ia_bmp_decals.sqf" not found I had a look and there is no "scripts" folder in the .pbo at all.
  5. This is an addon pack for the JTF121 Community consisting of Vehicles, Weapons and Units. Features: Custom Configured 762 & 556mm Bullpup Rifles Custom Configured Zafir LMG Custom textured and configured Uniforms, Vests and Vehicles Includes Grace Warrior FV510 Retextures and Grace_Sway New ACES_Unit pack with custom configured Huron Changelog 1.5: Cleaned up classnames and configs fixed Land Rover wobble added a JTF 121 version of Kio's L85 Added some new uniforms and Vests Added a basic Mk7 helmet based off of SP's models added LEA config > @JTF121>lea> Changelog 1.4: Added Armor Crew Uniforms Syrian Units now Use the Community Upgrade Project weapons instead of HLC AK Added JTF 121 Landrovers thanks to massi and aplion for the original port Removed FSA fighters until I can release some them with decent textures. Changelog 1.3: Added my syrian units Fixed GAB_A1 .paa error when opening in VA. Changelog 1.2: Added a Slightly larger Compass, Watch & GPS Removed UI clutter from screen Enabled all Arma 3 structures/wrecks/ruins in the editor Changelog 1.1: Fixed GAB-A1 .paa errors when removing silencer Added placeable sound ambient based on RUK_Sound library Credits & Thanks: AngelWingGamingJacob - Texture PSD's b00ce - Texture PSD's BI - Weapon Configs and Texture Configs Easy_Redbeard - had a good look at his keltec config (Forgot to add this before) rexehuk - had a good look at his sound library config from Arma2 and adapted one for A3 Requirements: - Combat Space Enhancement - Task Force Arrowhead Radio - Community Base addons A3 - Community Upgrade Project Download: V1.5 HERE
  6. Pack has been Updated to V1.5 Please Check the download link and changelog. Regards, Grace.
  7. Here are a few screen shots I have done showing a few units I am working on. The model Textures are being darkened a tad as they are a bit too bright I am Currently looking for someone that could provide me with some working models of the AK47, AKS47, PKM and RPK, if you have some that I could add to these units please PM me I will be very greatfull. I will eventually be adding the FSA and possibly some ISIS units (tho Leights has already done a great job of some ISIS units already.) to make this pack cover an Entire conflict before moving on to the Ukraine war. This mod will require RHS Russian federation Mod. Armaholic Forum Link: HERE
  8. Pack has been Updated to V1.4 Please Check the download link and changelog. Regards, Grace.
  9. I am looking for a working PKM model I can use for my Syrian conflict mod, so if anyone has one that I can use I will be very appreciative.
  10. I would have loved to have released them with desert textures however they are dependant on RHS's models which at the moment cannot be retextured, RHS are planing to do several retextures of the BMP variants but are currently having proxi trouble with the T72 models. PS if anyone has a working PKM model that I can use for this mod pack , I Would be greatly appreciative.
  11. Pack has been Updated to V1.3 Check download link and changelog. Regards, Grace.
  12. I have been in constant contact with them throughout creating these units, Keep in mind bud that this is not my first mod pack so I am well aware of the rules. but cheers for the heads up anyways.
  13. A good suggestion to you would be to stop watching them then. On other terms , I think the FPS would be ok , look at MBG Kill Houses they were partially animated and you would put loads of them down, all we need is apartment and skyscraper versions with textures.
  14. Nothing forces people to make a real life operations just because the map is based in a real life location. That is down to the mission editor, this post is about making the map of these areas for people to play and make missions on, Nothing else.
  15. Pack has been Updated to V1.2 Check download link and changelog. Regards, Grace.
  16. Pack has been Updated to V1.1 Check download link and changelog. Regards, Grace.
  17. Hi there, I have Used one of trixes Source Files to Recreate the British L7A2 GPMG, However I do not have any skill in animating or configuring this model to work in game and was wondering if there is anyone out there willing to have ago? Here Are the model pictures so far: As you can see I have removed the box and replaced it with a belt I would like this to be animated (Probably not possible but hey). I have also lowered the positioning of the Carrying handle to a more realistic position and removed the picatinny rail. I would also like the Model to have full reload animations like on HLC's M60's, and correct hand on Butt stock positioning when the Bi-pod is deployed. If anyone is willing to have ago at this the just send me a Pm and I will send you the current files I have. Regards, Grace.
  18. I have made a quick retexture and wobble fix of Aplion's HAFM UK wheeled vehicle import, nothing fancy just simple things like mud guards and trims. The wobble fix was implemented before but then removed in previous update, so I have re-implemented it. Couldn't find the bullbar texture. Credits & Thanks: All credit goes to Aplion for the import and BIS for the mod Download via Armaholic: HERE
  19. What is TF-121? TF-121 is a multi-service force from Joint Special Operations Command, made up of operators from coalition nations which provide direct and indirect operational assistance. We play in a semi-realistic way, This means that we keep things that increase the overall ambient and atmosphere such as: sounds, radios SOP's, AI & Tactics, As realistic as possible and rule out all the "Yes sir, No Sir","run around a virtual map" B**lox out. We realise that it is a game and keep it that way. Where will I be assigned? What do you want to do Is the question. In TF121 there are many different roles you can train to be anything from a Security Operator on a UH-60 Medevac chopper to a radio specialist in a Special forces Recon Troop. We Currently have positions available in: HQ - 2 Juliet 5-9 Security UH-60 - 4 Juliet 5-1 Medevac UH-60 - 6 Husky Troop (SF) - 6 Dagger (SFSG) - 2 What is TF-121's Mission? TF-121's primary mission is the apprehension of High Value Targets and was organized in such a way that it has a close relationship with intelligence personnel and has timely and unhindered access to any relevant data gathered by intelligence assets in the area. Such an option is invaluable to any Special Operations team, and especially so to one whose primary mission is hunting elusive fugitives whose hideouts change frequently and randomly. What are we looking For? - 18+ (16 possible with right attitude) This is to rule out the kiddies that muck around from those that want to enjoy the game. - Maturity, We like to have a good laugh, but we also know when when take things seriously. - Willing and Able to participate in most deployment nights (Saturdays) - Willing to download mods. - Communicative and understandable english. - And of course, Arma 3, TS3 and a decent microphone. What we can Provide. -Dedicated server -Active TS3 -Mature and Fun Community -Regular Deployments. Contact Details: Website: http://jtf121.enjin.com/ TS3: londonts3.lrc-networks.com:10255 Be Part Of A Growing Community! TF-121 is currently growing and as it does more Roles, Regiments & Positions will need to be filled so there will always be something for everyone to look forward too.
  20. Here you have a very small mod (6kb) which increases the realism when driving the FV510. The upgrades (or downgrades) made are the following: - Engine now produces 550hp (410Kw) With 1900 torque (23.5hp/T), representing the Perkins V8 Condor Engine - Added a 4 Speed Automatic gearbox with gear ratios of 2.2,1.6,1.1 and 0.9 - Max road speed of 75KPH - increased Gear selection speed by 0.2sec to 0.3 - Increased FV510 Turning circle - Weight of FV510 is now a total of 25400KG - Accurate Suspension settings according to: 0,4*2*sqrt(springStrength*sprungMass) and sprungMass*5,0*5,0 - "Turbo Key" Removed, 100% Throttle from Go, so no random 85% unless you hit the "Turbo Key" A few problems I ran into: -Tank Suspension not acting realistically (If the IFV hits a strong bump it causes the tank to almost completely stop) - It appears there is a BIS bug, When turned out there is a different turning tightness than when Turned in and a different one yet when in 3rd person. If anyone Would like to help get these solved or fixed then Pm me I would be very greatfull! You can Download my Mod from Armaholic: Here
  21. Grace

    [COOP-6] Evade and Survive

    Hi mate, we tried 3 times to play this missions, and every time we kill 1 entire patrol it causes the server to crash. We are not running any mods except @ffis.
  22. Grace

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    Apology Accepted, Good banter while it lasted mate :D Regards,
  23. Grace

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    Educate Myself? Did you even read the post about why i'm making the comments even if joe blog has already posted about them? your answer suggest you didn't or you simply do not understand it therefore I suggest YOU look into further education. Really? funny how JSRS has one of the if not THE most realistic sound mod available, and as far as i'm aware he did not have to change Arma 3's entire config. Please tell me there un-realistic weapon sway that they have just put in is not your valid reason to discuss that it makes this entire game much more realistic? It appears you know absolutely nothing about the arma community and its efforts to make the game what it should be, can I suggest you look into educating yourself in this matter before making embarrassing comments such as that. Please do explain with your extensive Arma knowledge what COMPLETE changes to the game mechanics have been made to make this game Less "quick run around shooting FPS game". And if you read properly what I had said you would have also seen that I was expressing MY Opinions and Disappointments in relation to what Arma 3 should Be as this is a FEEDBACK thread.
  24. Grace

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    Your're not the only Group they have F**ked over mate. WTF are BIS playing at ey?
  25. Grace

    Patch 1.24 (Bootcamp Update) Feedback

    My feedback is, "It's Sh*t", I'm sorry but the arma series has and had always been a military simulator, and so far BIS have not shown any intention of implying any actual military simulation into arma 3, They took their first insulting dump on the community when they released the Karts DLC, "Check out this military sim guys you can drive around in Go karts, Wait what?" Out of all the problems, bugs and content that needs fixing and adding, where Go karts in any of it? it just goes to show what BIS is focusing on, and it's not realism. The Arma community pretty much Run's arma and without it there wouldn't really be much of a game, and most modders/scripter/model makers are trying their utmost to input as much realism into Arma 3 just to get it as good as Arma 2 was! So why is BIS releasing sh*t that f**ks up Modders sounds, how is that helping the community in any way? I understand this is a bit of a rant, but I am so disappointed in BIS's effort to input realism in a game they call a Military simulator, especially when it comes from a long chain of very decent military simulation games and programs. This VR update is a basically a blank map and 3D blocks released untextured which requires 0 effort to do (correct me if I'm wrong map makers) and was it anything on the bug fix list? No, was it adding any new or improved military simulation?, No. Infact its gone the complete opposite way, "lets make a Update for the game simulating you're in a game, like MCC sandbox but without textures, oh and we will F**k all the sound up for the modding community". Please do not take this post in the wrong way, I am simply expressing MY disappointment and opinions with BIS's effort to make this game what it can very easily and should be, A military Simulator. Not a get into battle quick run around shooting FPS game.