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  1. Grace

    Leights OPFOR Pack

    Hey Leight, Getting and error which causes our server to crash "lop_faction_ia\scripts\ia_ural_decals.sqf" not found and "lop_faction_ia\scripts\ia_bmp_decals.sqf" not found I had a look and there is no "scripts" folder in the .pbo at all.
  2. Pack has been Updated to V1.5 Please Check the download link and changelog. Regards, Grace.
  3. Pack has been Updated to V1.4 Please Check the download link and changelog. Regards, Grace.
  4. I am looking for a working PKM model I can use for my Syrian conflict mod, so if anyone has one that I can use I will be very appreciative.
  5. I would have loved to have released them with desert textures however they are dependant on RHS's models which at the moment cannot be retextured, RHS are planing to do several retextures of the BMP variants but are currently having proxi trouble with the T72 models. PS if anyone has a working PKM model that I can use for this mod pack , I Would be greatly appreciative.
  6. Pack has been Updated to V1.3 Check download link and changelog. Regards, Grace.
  7. Here you have my Syrian army Conflict Units Currently in 0.5 Alpha as I am still adding and tweaking units. Units currently present: Syrian Army 3 or 4 different Rifleman SVD sniper PKP Machine Gunner RPK Automatic Rifleman Crewman Grenadier RHS BMP2K Syrian Decals RHS BMP2 Syrian Decals RHS T72b 1985 Syrian Decals FSA (VERY Alpha ATM) 6 Fighters (WIP) I will continue to add units until there is a nice collection of SAA , FSA and ISIS Download Link: HERE 24.5 MB Requires: HLC AK HLC Core RHS Escalation
  8. I have been in constant contact with them throughout creating these units, Keep in mind bud that this is not my first mod pack so I am well aware of the rules. but cheers for the heads up anyways.
  9. A good suggestion to you would be to stop watching them then. On other terms , I think the FPS would be ok , look at MBG Kill Houses they were partially animated and you would put loads of them down, all we need is apartment and skyscraper versions with textures.
  10. Nothing forces people to make a real life operations just because the map is based in a real life location. That is down to the mission editor, this post is about making the map of these areas for people to play and make missions on, Nothing else.
  11. There is allot going on in syria and neighbouring areas at the moment and allot of footage being captured, So it would be really nice to get some nice maps of aleppo and Jobar were big battles have been fought these few years to allow the Arma community to re-enact these battles or create awesome missions on. I have absolutely 0 skills in island making and lord knows I've tried 100 times. But I would be willing to help out by any means possible, I am even currently working on the Syrian Army which you can find HERE Here are some screen shots to encourage or even challenge you Island Makers. Allepo: http://www.aaas.org/sites/default/files/images/Figure_23_small.jpg (603 kB) Jobar: http://img-fotki.yandex.ru/get/5634/128858542.1f/0_a60fc_c55ef26e_XXL.png (573 kB)
  12. Here are a few screen shots I have done showing a few units I am working on. The model Textures are being darkened a tad as they are a bit too bright I am Currently looking for someone that could provide me with some working models of the AK47, AKS47, PKM and RPK, if you have some that I could add to these units please PM me I will be very greatfull. I will eventually be adding the FSA and possibly some ISIS units (tho Leights has already done a great job of some ISIS units already.) to make this pack cover an Entire conflict before moving on to the Ukraine war. This mod will require RHS Russian federation Mod. Armaholic Forum Link: HERE
  13. Pack has been Updated to V1.2 Check download link and changelog. Regards, Grace.
  14. Pack has been Updated to V1.1 Check download link and changelog. Regards, Grace.
  15. This is an addon pack for the JTF121 Community consisting of Vehicles, Weapons and Units. Features: Custom Configured 762 & 556mm Bullpup Rifles Custom Configured Zafir LMG Custom textured and configured Uniforms, Vests and Vehicles Includes Grace Warrior FV510 Retextures and Grace_Sway New ACES_Unit pack with custom configured Huron Changelog 1.5: Cleaned up classnames and configs fixed Land Rover wobble added a JTF 121 version of Kio's L85 Added some new uniforms and Vests Added a basic Mk7 helmet based off of SP's models added LEA config > @JTF121>lea> Changelog 1.4: Added Armor Crew Uniforms Syrian Units now Use the Community Upgrade Project weapons instead of HLC AK Added JTF 121 Landrovers thanks to massi and aplion for the original port Removed FSA fighters until I can release some them with decent textures. Changelog 1.3: Added my syrian units Fixed GAB_A1 .paa error when opening in VA. Changelog 1.2: Added a Slightly larger Compass, Watch & GPS Removed UI clutter from screen Enabled all Arma 3 structures/wrecks/ruins in the editor Changelog 1.1: Fixed GAB-A1 .paa errors when removing silencer Added placeable sound ambient based on RUK_Sound library Credits & Thanks: AngelWingGamingJacob - Texture PSD's b00ce - Texture PSD's BI - Weapon Configs and Texture Configs Easy_Redbeard - had a good look at his keltec config (Forgot to add this before) rexehuk - had a good look at his sound library config from Arma2 and adapted one for A3 Requirements: - Combat Space Enhancement - Task Force Arrowhead Radio - Community Base addons A3 - Community Upgrade Project Download: V1.5 HERE