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  1. How good is the voice acting? I'm really interested but I don't like missions and campaigns with no voice over or bad voice quality.
  2. birtuma

    Help game stuck in polish

    What's your hex editor? However, learn how to use it. The changed file... http://www.megaupload.com/?d=JCVMES18 After the next patch you have to do this by yourself.
  3. birtuma

    Help game stuck in polish

    I know. Here are some screenshots. I'm using Okteta, it is a hex editor for Linux, so probably you won't find it for Windows, but it should work with every other hex editor. Open the file arma2.exe... Click on find, select "UTF-8" (some hex editors don't need this), put "Polish" in the search field... Now you have the string... Change it to "English" and save the file...
  4. birtuma

    Help game stuck in polish

    You are doing something wrong, it's just a string, you can't break the file if you change it. :D What file is it, arma2.exe or arma2oa.exe?
  5. birtuma

    Help game stuck in polish

    No. I did it already because there is no german version on Steam. FADE is only triggered by illegal keys and stuff like that.
  6. You can also use a launcher. I'm using this one, you can define with it where the games are and what you want to start: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=8241
  7. birtuma

    Help game stuck in polish

    Probably you don't have the permission to write. Start your hex editor as administrator or copy the exe file to your own directories, change it there, then replace the original file. Or maybe it's just a broken hex editor, get another one.
  8. Bought? How is it even possible? Ok, probably is buying not the problem but activating. Anyways, you still need a friend with OA on Steam. Or you have to buy a second copy of OA, but this time on Steam, if the DLC adressed to your account. Well, that's a bug on Steam and maybe even BIS' fault.
  9. I said, you can install BAF from Steam with a retail copy, but you can't buy BAF on Steam without buying OA too. So if you have a friend who owns OA on Steam, you can ask him to buy BAF and then you can install the DLC from his account.
  10. As I said, you can't. Only if you would have OA on Steam, you could.
  11. You can't buy BAF on Steam without buying OA there. But, if you have a second (retail) copy of OA you can install BAF from Steam. I don't know why BIS doesn't allow to buy the DLC's on Steam for retail copies, it would work technically.
  12. birtuma

    Help game stuck in polish

    Just change the string "Polish" to "English" in the arma2.exe or arma2oa.exe with a hexeditor and the game will be in english.
  13. Does Arma 2 support Crossfire? Probably not. With a stronger GPU you will get by far more fps.
  14. Not true! http://www.computerbase.de/artikel/grafikkarten/2011/test-19-grafikkarten/2/#abschnitt_leistung_ohne_aaaf