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  1. Super fine vehicle port you have made. I'm getting the "stryker dead ammo" thing as well, but noticed that you have that under control already. Any ETA on the update?
  2. Sweatener....me likes ;) edit after test.. Works again. but i can not for the life of me get it to go "click" on the bipods like other weapons. Do i need to put it in a certain order on the priority list??
  3. Anyone have the 1.1 version of the M60E I am having the formentioned error with the latest install and can not use it in missions.
  4. Updated Core and M60E4 alone (no AK pack) gives this error: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWeapons/hlc_lmg_M60E4.selectionFireAnim'
  5. Mav87th

    EricJ Release thread

    I think you need to look at modpriority listings. Make sure you have: tmr ASDG_JR ASDG_attachments and then later U100 with the optional tmr bipods That works for us.
  6. Is there anyway that i can make an ArmaSync Repository on an ftp server that is not windowsbased. I can not seem to make it work if i build the repository locally and upload it.
  7. Sorry to ask, but why are the Core part of the mod not installed in its own seperate moddirectory. Seems odd that one should overwrite the keyfile of the Core mod (that is a requirement) with the weaponsmod (M60 in this case).
  8. Fantastic Weapons Pack - thats what it should be named :) One little bug snug into the last version though. The supressor "muzzle_mas_snds_SMc" for SR25/HK417/EBR is not working. When put into a backpack fx. a mouse overlay tells its a 6.56 supressor
  9. Mav87th

    EricJ Release thread

    Hi again EricJ Could i trouble you to post the modlist you use. And to be more specific, in what order they are. I seem to have some problems with how i have installed TMR, so when i have that mod on (at least the version and order i have it installed in), then there is no recoile what so ever with your weapons fx. SCAR-H long barrel. Properly the same as Shadow_MSOG has experienced. So i don't think its a problem with your mod, but a problem with TMR or one of its versions. ps was tested with RC14 update1
  10. TPW its a great mod, but is it possible to extract the greek music from the DL, so you have two DL's. One with it and one without it. Pretty stupid to have to update all clients via repository (A3Sync) when its not "needed".
  11. Has anybody seen, heard or knowledge on this. What i would like to do is have a menu item when looking at a vehicle giving the option (if the car is stopped and engine off) to spawn a vehicle camuflage net with the opening pointing in the same direction as the vehicle. That way you can park and hide the vehicle. Best regards Martin
  12. Feint have you heard anyone talk about a red "debug" ball being displayed on the ground where the Ravens Target is? Our group saw that using the latest release last night in a Coop mission.
  13. Saul these templates are AWESOME. Could/would you consider making templates for Booniehat, Cap and backpacks??
  14. Mav87th

    RQ-11B Raven for Arma3

    Hey Feint - super fine Raven you have made there. I already packed up a Hunter with it in the luggage compartment along with all the other stuff we use. regards Martin ps When loaded into a vehicle from the mission start. I can not assamble the Raven when i pull the Raven-backpack out of the cargo in the vehicle.. If i just place a backpack on the ground - no problems. Any ideas on that?
  15. Mav87th

    EricJ Release thread

    Ohh my Lord EricJ this has been developing into a fantastic mod!! Those SCAR models are just awesome mate. We are definitly going to be using this for some time as the units standard weaponry. Especially the SCAR-H EGLM. How ever i have two things i would like to see fixed with it :D. 1) the red-dot aimpoint for the EGLM is off its mark. The grenades fall short by quite a bit. 2) It would so sexy in black :D Is there anything i can do to help out with either of those things? I do get one error though. When shooting any of the guns the first time i get a pop up error "Sound _Scope not found" Do you have any ideas what that error comes from? And now im at it.... How do i put a Harris bipod into a cargo hold of a car this: this addItemCargo ["Harrissf_ej", 4]; this addItemCargo ["Harris_ej", 4]; this addItemCargo ["Harrisls_ej", 4]; this addItemCargo ["SureFire_ej", 4]; does not seem to work. There are no errors, but there is nothing in the cargohold of the vehicle.