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  1. Thank you Brobeans, when we initially started this addon we all were very new to it, so we were using what we saw. We are in the process of cleaning up all of our stuff to make it look much more clean, and your contribution will help us alot. Thank you again.
  2. Thank you to everyone for your help. Your posts have completely solved our issue, thank you very much for help. class UserActions { class openarsenal { userActionID = 60; displayName = "Open Virtual Arsenal"; displayNameDefault = "Open Virtual Arsenal"; textToolTip = "Open Virtual Arsenal"; position = "point"; //some memorypoint on the vehicle radius = 6; priority = 2; onlyForPlayer = 0; condition = "(alive this)"; statement = "[""Open"",true ] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal;"; }; };
  3. Ok so we tried to make this work on our prowler to no avail. This is the error that we continue to get --> And this is the bit of code we have setup to run our texture, which we are trying to implement the code for Arsenal --> class ThirtyTwo_LSV_Armed : LSV_01_armed_base_F { _generalMacro = "LSV_01_armed_base_F"; scope = "2"; scopeCurator = "2"; scopeArsenal = "2"; forceInGarage = "1"; author = "Thirty Two"; dlc = "Thirty_Two"; displayName = "32 Prowler LSV (Armed)"; side = "1"; faction = "Thirty_Two"; crew = "B_Soldier_F"; typicalCargo[] = {"B_Soldier_F"}; preferRoads = "true"; editorSubcategory = "EdSubcat_Cars"; editorPreview = "Thirty_Two\Data\EditorPreviews\ThirtyTwo_Hunter_HMG.jpg"; availableForSupportTypes[] = {"Drop", "Transport"}; hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"Thirty_Two\Data\Vehicles\ThirtyTwo_LSV_01.paa", "Thirty_Two\Data\Vehicles\ThirtyTwo_LSV_02.paa", "Thirty_Two\Data\Vehicles\ThirtyTwo_LSV_03.paa", "Thirty_Two\Data\Vehicles\ThirtyTwo_LSV_04.paa"}; textureList[] = {"ThirtyTwo_Textures", 1}; animationList[] = {"hidedoor1", 1, "hidedoor2", 1, "hidedoor3", 1, "hidedoor4", 1}; class textureSources { class ThirtyTwo_Textures { displayName = "Thirty Two"; author = "Thirty Two"; textures[] = {"Thirty_Two\Data\Vehicles\ThirtyTwo_LSV_01.paa", "Thirty_Two\Data\Vehicles\ThirtyTwo_LSV_02.paa", "Thirty_Two\Data\Vehicles\ThirtyTwo_LSV_03.paa", "Thirty_Two\Data\Vehicles\ThirtyTwo_LSV_04.paa"}; materials[] = {}; factions[] = {"Thirty_Two"}; }; }; }; We may be going about this completely wrong and need some kind of scrip written that is called.
  4. Thank you all for the help, I will try this when i get home from work later and let you know if it has worked. Again, thank you.
  5. Hello, My group and I have been working on retexuring unifroms and vehicles within Arma 3, making our own Addon out of what we re-texture. We do alot of Co-Op missions and would like to add the ability to have our Prowler (which we have designted as our recon vehicle) have virtual arsenal on it. I know that placing it down in the editor and using the //* this addaction ["Open Virtual Arsenal", { ["Open",true] call BIS_fnc_arsenal; }]; *// in the init will work. However we are trying to have this option available straight out of our addon, so that when we spawn the vehicle into a mission it is already loaded with Arsenal. We have been searching high and low all day on anyway to make this possible. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello, we have recently loaded Patrol Ops onto our server, however we are having an issue where the first aid system is not working, we are just instantly dead, is this a common issue for other users, or is the first aid script being used broken?
  7. clements

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Ok well now that the cries are out, I understand the peak times, and that you service a community of thousands, pretty sure this is not a peak time issue. Does not matter if I try at 6am, 1130pm or Midnight the DL is the same, if you would Like I could post Screen Shots of those times as well, or perhaps you could tell me an exact time to download since you have access to that information. I am just trying to download a mod that has alot of good feedback, and unless I let my computer idle for 18 hours while it "hopfully" downloads, than no mod. The problem rests in your court, none other. Thanks for the amazing support here on the BI Forums, well played sir..
  8. clements

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    4.1 mb/s what? And someone needs to calm down a bit, no one is complaining about your precious site, I have been using it since The beginning of Arma, If you read the post it says it has BEEN SLOW LATELY. I am downloading the addon from Armaholic logged in as a member between 53 and 150 kbps.. Your site is an outstanding hub for everything Arma, but for the past few months I have had issues downloading from your servers. Here is what I am talking about, maybe since you want to vent about family dying and sisters getting done in every whole, you can find out why this is happening.
  9. clements

    Speed Of Sound Pure

    Any possibility of fixing the Mega Link, it is broken and Armaholic is Super Slow lately.
  10. Is it possible to set the tasks you have created to fire in a random order? I have a mission built, that my squad plays regularly.. The side tasks that I have made they all enjoy, just want to do them in different orders to mix things up a bit. How could one take 15 tasks that work as side missions for us, and randomize them so they populate in different orders each time you play?
  11. clements

    [SP] Flight School 101

    @savedbygrace, beerkan - I appreciate your comments in regards to the mission that I am in the process of refining. When making something that you have every intention on releasing for the public, the small things always get you. I am not really new to mission making, I am new to scripting. I have several mission for my small group of guys that I play with, but I use scripts that have already been created, which makes things so much easier, sad to say in the long run, you don't really learn much from it. Which is why I decided to do this mission public, as the feedback is amazing on all other releases. I figured I might learn some things, and get shown some things along the way. None the less, your opinions will greatly influence my work from here on out. Thank you again.
  12. clements

    [SP] Flight School 101

    Mission has been updated Details in main post have been updated New download Link provided. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dnheumq9h6ug4fn/Flight_School_101.Altis.rar
  13. clements

    [SP] Flight School 101

    I appreciate your assistance, however Like I mentioned in my original post I am very new to scripting. So alot of what is happening in your scripts I do not understand. The Heightcheck script that you originally linked me to, I figured that one out pretty easily, and modified it so that the warning was displayed at 15m But the Punishment for exceeding flight height was still carried out at 20m. Now these scripts, I will read into them more, and play with them a bit, and see if I can figure it out. Thanks again. ---------- Post added at 03:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:47 PM ---------- @Beerkan - I am currently playing around with the provided scripts, seeing what is calling for what. What I am trying to do with it now, is this. Pilot flies to marker1 in 30 seconds if he makes it, he is awarded 1 point, and given the next task (m2,m3,m4,m5,m6 so forth) Each time being given 1 point. If the task is failed the mission should restart.
  14. clements

    [SP] Flight School 101

    Thank you Beerkan, I made some small changes in the post. I am taking a look at your script that you posted, and am planning on implementing it, testing it now. Do you happen to know a way I can set up some type of distance traveled, or scoring system? This flight path is actually a challenge amongst a couple of us on our Team. Hence why I made it. If I could have a scoring system of some sort, we could turn this into a small competition. Thanks again.
  15. FLIGHT SCHOOL 101 Version: 1.01 By: clementsX Description Welcome to flight school, today you will be tested in 1 of 3 helicopter variants. You will fly a predefined course with only 2 requirements. #1 - Do Not Exceed 20m Above Ground Level #2 - Do Not deviate to far off course (Course being the road) Website: Under Construction Installation: Add files to your missions folder in base A3 folder. Changelog v1.01 Added scripts to automatically check height and remind you to stay below 20m. Added ambience Changed everywhere that feet were used as a reference to Meters (thanks beerKan) Coming Soon: Working on a point system where everytime you cross a waypoint or marker a point is awarded. Or even something that displays how far you have traveled from start to finish. Any help would be appreciated Credits & Thanks: sickemx - For being bored one day and flying this exact path and recording it. beerKan - For the assistance with scripting Armaholic mirror: - Flight School 101 v1.01