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  1. BobcatBob

    Sling Loading Feedback

    SPIE rig anyone?
  2. I haven't seen any comments yet about the new official improved mid-range ground texture, so if people could post examples and compare the new/old ones that would be neat.
  3. BobcatBob

    AH-64 Pack

    Aww, shit man that sucks, much respect for carrying on though! We're all rooting for you! :)
  4. BobcatBob

    MBG Killhouses (Arma3)

    Thanks! It would be sweet if someone could show the whole wall/door breaching thing as well!
  5. BobcatBob

    MBG Killhouses (Arma3)

    Video footage for those waiting for a new gaming PC please? ;(
  6. BobcatBob

    Stratis 360°

    To go with the theme of ignoring Stratis already... http://goo.gl/maps/bbrfJ this better be the place where the head Iranian commander is based (on Altis), and BIS that pool better be full of water when I get there...
  7. I think OGR had great hit-reactions, making you reel and recover everytime a round smacked into you.
  8. BobcatBob

    Micro Destruction

    I would at least like fully destructible doors.
  9. BobcatBob

    ARMA 3 - TrueSky Weather, Effects

    Lol BIS should Troll us HARD with uber realistic rain that gets in our eyes constantly and fucks up our vision alot (If we don't have eye goggles or a boonie hat or other protection) rain should also be influenced by wind so wind + rain in your face equals SQUINT/BLINK blackness and reduced FOV every 3-5 seconds as you do :) :) :) :) :) Make those windshield wipers mean something dammit!
  10. BobcatBob

    Intelligence Support Activity Army Unit

    Read "the Activity", an intruigeing style of more fact-than-fiction comic-book series that has some straight up ISA shooters in combat (usually not by there own choice it seems) but mostly doing espionage CIA type stuff where large numbers of enemies may be shooting at them if things go south.
  11. BobcatBob

    BI games for PS4?

    Can BI confirm that they are on board just the same for MS's platform, or can they at least confirm at this time that they are not ONLY in with Sony?
  12. BobcatBob

    JUMP please!!

    Only if they want to die alot faster than the rest of us do, no one wants an unrealistic, inexhaustible jump that floats you effortlessly into the air and allows you to shoot uninhibited whilst doing so. I think Ground Branch will demonstrate this effectively in the near future... (Literally short, quick, bunnyhoping wont allow you to dodge bullets aimed at center mass, where they should be)
  13. BobcatBob

    Development Blog & Reveals

    That + a grass draw distance slider....
  14. BobcatBob

    JUMP please!!

    Jumping that is realistic solves the problem by lurching your whole goddam body and weapon up into the sky as you do it, so you can't really hit anything at all until you have landed, and even then, if the landing is forcefull enough, you will need a second (for some crzy freerun type gymnastics jump 3-4 seconds even) to recover and there fore put your self at a stupid disadvantage in combat unless that jump takes you somewhere safer. So jumping should DEFINATLY be in if the devs are ready/able. Also while we're reequesting movement mechanics, buddy boosting would be wonderful as well as ledge grab when hands are free.