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  1. Aye, years later I still forget the simplest mistakes sometimes. Thank you VERY much for a beautiful mission.
  2. I edited the opfor presets after the game had started (we captured about 7 areas) to merge the RHS w/ the APEX vehicles to add some variety. The server map loads with us on an island alone with everything red again, unless I revert back to the unaltered preset. Is it true that I can't edit any 'presets' after the game has started (just trying to add variety)?
  3. 7akata

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Might be a dumb question because of additional mods but: I've been playing Exile that has RHS mixed in (so troubleshooting may not be as easy, or incompatible), and the RHS helicopters are not spawning nor reloading with anything on their pylons. Ex. KA52, no matter what loadout it's supposed to have (gun pods or missiles), has empty pylons before and after reload. Anyone have a suggestion as to the issue, or maybe exile and RHS just aren't compatible. Thanks for an light you can shed to help me start my investigation.
  4. Hit another wall for the save game portion. I currently run it as a local host for a group, and am wanting to move it to the dedicated server (lets just say a dedicated on my own computer, barely a step up from the local host). I understand that he save game variable is in my user profile section (which appears binarized). But when I launch the dedicated server and choose my liberation map, it loads a brand new instance. I must be missing something here on how to get it to load my previously saved version. My currently gameplay_constatnts says "GRLIB_save_key = "GREUH_LIBERATION_SAVEGAME_TANOA"; // Change this value if you want different savegames on different maps or as different sides." I did a quick find inside my user profile for liberation, and found that exact same phrase. Edit: Using TADST is it matters.
  5. I appreciate it, but I'm going to take a look this afternoon. Shouldn't be to bad because I'm going to keep Far Revive and just delete the medical .pbo's off ACE. I want to keep most of the streamlined systems in place :D
  6. Thanks, that's pretty convenient (almost like its own checksum?). I haven't messed with ACE in a long while, but I thought you could only add certain "modules" that you want. I really don't want to run the medical, but DO want things like the new missile/laser rework (top down, etc). Essentially I didn't want to change any of the work already done, but wanted to add some ACE things in.
  7. Does anyone know if you're able to modify the map 'mid-game' without restarting the whole campaign. I run a local server, and wanted to possibly add ACE3 in, but we're about a week in. Will it auto restart the campaign after I make changes, or is there a way to 'save' the progress before modifying?
  8. So, I'm wondering if my game is perhaps bugged. I'm up to 15 intel, interrogated mutiple people, and have never recieved anything on the map w/ an idication of where the logistics fob is. We've been forced to play at 100% for a while now because we're never getting any indicators. Thoughts? I am really dumb, thought it was automatic. It can all be handled through the "Side Mission" scroll option at your fob, for anyone googling :) AJ: I'm using your Tanoa edit, love it. Thanks much!
  9. Curious, my Arsenal on Liberation doesnt seem to include the APEX scopes, but apex everything else (no ERCO, colored ARCO's etc). Any thoughts on why or how to remedy? Edit: It seems the Vanilla/APEX gun work with the new scopes, but not the RHS guns :(
  10. Just a quick question. I've managed to remove all of the hexagons from friendlies, but I'm still getting a Hexagon on people when I'm in an airplane. Is there something I missed? Class profile for reference, all HUD items disabled.: class regular { class Flags { Armor=1; FriendlyTag=0; EnemyTag=0; MineTag=1; HUD=0; HUDPerm=0; HUDWp=0; HUDWpPerm=0; HUDGroupInfo=0; StanceIndicator=1; AutoSpot=1; Map=1; WeaponCursor=1; ClockIndicator=1; 3rdPersonView=1; CameraShake=1; UnlimitedSaves=0; DeathMessages=1; NetStats=1; VonID=1;
  11. 7akata

    USS Nimitz

    I've ran into the problem, after landing my planes on the carrier successfully, it doesn't give me the option to "get out." It almost seems to believe that I'm still flying. Anyone else run into this problem?
  12. I figured it might not, but I figured I'd give it a try. Now to find something like this for Chern :)
  13. 7akata

    ACE for OA 1.11

    Just a quick question. Is there a way to disable blackouts while flying completely. I don't have any pilot classes in my map, so it's a compounding problem, and also, sometimes, you'll partially blackout, and it will never return to normal, even after you die.
  14. In the airfield_support mission folder, in the init.sqf (The only one I could fine close to what you said), It only had one line. It now says sleep 30; execVM "scripts\supinit.sqf"; Assuming I did that correctly, it still wasn't working. Edit: Bring up radio, then communications (8), and then it's just blank.
  15. I downloaded this and merged it onto a domination map I was working on. Copied the scripts folder over into my map, have all the assets on the map but dont have an anything available when I press 0 then go to communication. Any thoughts. It's obviously operator error on my end since every else is working. :-P