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  1. Hello, in my mission, player will create unit on trigger and that unit will board the vehicle, when player is inside. hint "Spawned"; _spawnpos = selectRandom ["m1","m2","m3","m4"]; _mygroup = [getmarkerpos _spawnpos, WEST, ["B_officer_F"],[],[],[],[],[],180] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup; if (player in car) then {_wp = _mygroup AddWaypoint [car,0]; _wp setWaypointType "GETIN NEAREST"; _wp setWaypointStatements ["true", "{_x assignAsCargo car} foreach units _mygroup;"];}; This works, but if I'm not in vehicle prior to that, the unit will just stay there. I tried waituntil (player in car) and then _wp lines, but it will give me error... What I'm trying to do is spawning random unit on a mark, and it will wait there until I get there in car and they will board it, we will drive somewhere and they will get out... I didn't work in changing the alpha of marker and I don't think _spawnpos setMarkerAlpha alpha will work, but I didn't try yet.
  2. This is little off this topic, but what if I want to pick from a random radio masseges? I have this: this addEventHandler ["hitPart", {_randomElement = selectRandom [player sideChat "Good",player sideChat "Nice"]}]; It sends both messages at the same time. I'm just trying, can't script obviously, but what's wrong please?
  3. My mistake, it was activated by no one, it detects the vehicle, when I changed the activation by blufor. I thought it isn't needed for a car check.
  4. I want to check, if a vehicle enters area (I will drive it and park it there and when the car is inside trigger, it will be true and switch the objective)... I've tried car in thislist, the car is named car, but it won't fire anyway... I had idea of something like "player in car AND player in thislist" but I think there must be easier way to check for object inside the trigger, isn't there?
  5. Since Operation Flashpoint, I miss one thing that was kind of supplemented by mods, but at least as a merely tribute to the ancestor, this should be added in a next tiny update. Weapon on back :) Or holster a pistol. You know what I mean. We have a button to sit and salute. Seriously. A nice combination of ctrl and salute would do nice. Or am I the first and only one? This should have always been part of a game.
  6. Ok, sounds good, I'm glad you didn't stop working on the mod. I just wondered, if you could rethink CUP and RHS compatibilities. I like to use both, vehicles from CUP, but helicopters from RHS. If I load both, my soldiers have M4s and so on, you know the deal. Also, since I'm using full CUP and RHS, are these ACR packs any different? Do I miss something? I noticed our Pandurs are just reskined AAF APC, is it final or should I expect it as well as Tatras?
  7. Hi, I'm using whole CUP with ACR, and today I spawned some groups and their BRENs were without ammo, so they switched to side at start. Can you rewrite their loadouts?
  8. Leave helicopter runnign?
  9. Tejkr

    Orange DLC (wild) SPECULATIONS !!!

    Logistic sounds very possible. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Safety_orange Maybe road assistance also :-)
  10. I can't see none, just a white terrain, it is loaded it terrain builder and buldozer is without any errors.
  11. I still won't show... the paths in layers.cfg should be correct, it's in P:\projectfolder\source\texturersomethingsomething, so the path is projectfolder\source\texturersomethingsomething, right? I don't know otherwise...
  12. Ok, you were right. It works now. But I don't see any textures inside the buldozer. I am getting slowly into that. I hope it will come easier next time. I'm doing little village with forest european map.
  13. Hi, I tried to make a map and everything goes alright, until I try to launch Buldozer. I Installed it on P from tools and I can launch it, but when I launch it from Builder, it says that .cfgworld is missing, and buldozer crashes. What should I do? I'm using Atlas' Tutorial and I'm stuck at this point. Also, are there any better resources, somewhere? Most of the links are dead anyway and I can't find much.
  14. Your machinegunners are way out of ammo, they almost instantly switch to pistol as soon as the mission start. And I'm not even sure if they use correct ammo. Can you look at it, please? Edit: one more question, I'm using CUP and RHS addons together, is there any reason to not use them both? :)
  15. "There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter." -Ernest Hemingway Multiple objectives scenario. You will be dropped on the hill and you have to complete (for now just) five missions. There is helicopter infiltration and exfiltration. Many snipers around. Good FPS I guess. UAVs to make your work easier. You can still just crawl through the jungle slowly, but you don't have to. There is also weapon cache and APC for you. Info and download at Steam Workshop (This page as well as info in it - and the mission itself of course - will be gradually updated)