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  1. My unit has been having some consistent issues with ACRE and Air/Ground comms. Most recurring is about halfway through mission we seem to lose all comms with our FAC on the ground. Once we lose comms, they seem to be gone for the rest of the mission. We can be right overhead (usually in helo) with clear LOS and still be unable to reach troops on the ground. This is a major setback for us and are having trouble identifying the cause. radio used- 117f and 148. Other issues include- Last mission our ICs and 2ICs radios went from their respective squad channels to CH.1 for no apparent reason. radio used 117f Air crew sometimes lose the ability to speak/hear eachother in the same aircraft. (TS?) radio used 117f and 148 One member constanly sounds as if he is speaking through his radio, even when he is not (no ptt button being pressed)? Anyone else having these issues, any ideas what is causing this or why it happens. Any fix ideas? Thanks. We use- TS3 3.0.0-beta36 [build: 12815] (always ran as admin) ACRE- ARMA2 CO-1.57.76815 ACE- CBA-
  2. warrior2seven

    The Battle for Bomb Alley (BBC Mon 31 Jan 08:30 pm)

    That there is the most screwed up thing I have heard on these forums. I would go on about how wrong your statement is, but if 106 lives is no big deal to you, whats the point.
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    Slaving the Apache Gun with trackir

    I have been hoping for this for quite a while, It has been mentioned before in the Mando thread.
  4. Cool, im gonna have to give this one a look, I too am/was a Mech Infantryman, and it does get frustrating when things dont go how you know they should.
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    Make AH-64D glass impervious to 5.56mm rounds

    Just another account here...The side windows are plexiglass, I can push them in with my fingers...the Front, Top, and the window that seperates the Pilot/CPG stations are supposedly rated to with stand 12.7mm...A pilot brought one in a few months ago that he "acquired" from an "A" model and was able to pierce it with both 5.56 and 7.62, but this was an old piece and in a uncontrolled environment...so it is what it is.
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    AH-64 Pack

    I sent you a PM Nod
  7. warrior2seven

    AH-64 Pack

    We put all the stencils in the same general area for all airframes. Some require us to shift them about because of country markings or special equipment require extra stencils, like the Saudi and UAE birds have their country markings in Arabic and English so we have to shift a couple stencils a bit to fit everything on the tailboom, and the UAE birds have another antenna just right of the L/H engine exhaust so that is an extra stencil. As to why all marking are in english...im not sure why, probably just has something to do with maintenance/training? Feel free to PM me with any questions you might have, I would love to give you a hand.
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    AH-64 Pack

    With Boeing
  9. warrior2seven

    AH-64 Pack

    Looks sexy Nod. One question though...Why the steps on the right side of the fuselage? They should be on the left side beneath the catwalk entrance. If you need any help with markings let me know, I paint these for a living.
  10. warrior2seven here, Im 27 from Arizona. Not sure what type of squad Iam am looking for...I have never been in one before. Looking for a group that can show me the ropes. I only have OA and I work 3rd shift so I can be on most nights till 2200hrs PMT. I spent 7 years in the US Army, I attained the rank of SSG and my last position was Weapon Squad Leader. I have loads of experience and knowledge in small unit tactics and operating with the M2A2ODS. I have no problems leading troops or following orders. Family/real-life always comes first for me. I would prefer to get away from an Infantry role and train in helicopters. This is a game and I find it more fun doing the things that I have not done in real life. So if anyone is looking for a helo pilot and doesnt mind training one let me know. Thanks All