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  1. never mind, fixed it. i had the animation type set to rotationY. when obviously i needed to set it to just rotation because of the angle of the main rotor
  2. So im making a helicopter for arma 3, and ive run into a problem with the animation on the main rotor. in my model the main rotor is angled about 3 degress forward so the axis isnt perfectly perpendicular with the ground. when i made the animation for the rotor and loaded it in game it looks very strange, the rotor appears to oscillate around an axis that is perpendicular to the ground. ive set the rotor axis in the memory LOD correctly(so actually 3 degrees forward) heres the code im using in my config for the animation: class HRotor { type = "rotationY"; source = "rotorH"; selection = "velka vrtule"; axis = "velka osa"; memory = 1; sourceAddress = "loop"; minValue = 0; maxValue = 1; angle0 = 0; angle1 = "rad +360"; }; so my question is: can i have a main rotor that is angled forward slightly, and if so, how? this is the first addon ive ever done for arma so excuse my stuipidity :|
  3. rikske66

    Sling Loading Feedback

    any information on how hard it will be to implement the slingloading into modded choppers?
  4. rikske66

    Mikero's Dos Tools

    when i run arma3p it comes up that I havent installed extractPBO, but i have.... ive run the auto installer for extractPBO but arma3p says i havent got it installed. where exactly does extractPBO install to? maybe i can manually put it there? ive checked the cmd code but i dont really know enough about this kidna stuff to sort it out myself. any ideas?
  5. rikske66

    Wrong CD key

    well i think one copy of the game is enough for me .....
  6. rikske66

    Wrong CD key

    the point is the game doesn't work without the beta patch either.... i have some kinda APPCRASH
  7. rikske66

    Wrong CD key

    no i didnt lose the manual.... but i cant find the key anywhere on it? ---------- Post added at 01:47 PM ---------- Previous post was at 01:41 PM ---------- and even if i had the game pirated i still wouldn't buy it because BIS doesn't seems to be able to make a game that works right outa the box....
  8. rikske66

    Wrong CD key

    anyway i can look up my CD key in the install folder? im so dumb that i lost my CD box..(yep it does sound fishy)
  9. Hi, I bought arma 2 OA a few days ago(standalone) and i got some trouble because everytime i play the game crashes ( Arma 2 OA has stopped working APPCRASH etc.) so after some research i found out i should try to get the beta patch, i downloaded the beta patch but when i try to install it, it will first extract normally but the it gives me an error: Wrong CD key:( now i dont know why it gives me the error because im kinda sure that i filled in the correct CD key when i installed the game... so any1 got any suggestions what to do? because from the 3 mins i can play the game it seems awsome to me....:o im running windows 7 proffesional 32 bit