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  1. You could skip the trigger all together and put this in the condition field of the helicopter's HOLD waypoint: {alive _x && _x in insertHeli} count units infGrp1 == {alive _x} count units infGrp1 This condition will fire once all units that are still alive, are inside the helicopter.
  2. Sometimes one word can make a difference... :D Cheers kylania!
  3. I was wondering if it was possible to have a condition counting units in trigger with a name. The condition is part of an IF statement and is to be called in a script. Below is what I have tried but it gives me an error: if ({behaviour _x == "COMBAT"} count blueInTrigger > 0) then { (leader w1Grp) kbAddTopic ["conv", "sentences.bikb", "", ""]; [(name (leader w1Grp)), localize "STR_v11b"] call BIS_fnc_showSubtitle; (leader w1Grp) kbTell [player, "conv", "v11b", "SIDE"]; sleep 5; } else { (leader w1Grp) kbAddTopic ["conv", "sentences.bikb", "", ""]; [(name (leader w1Grp)), localize "STR_v11a"] call BIS_fnc_showSubtitle; (leader w1Grp) kbTell [player, "conv", "v11a", "SIDE"]; sleep 5; }; I don't wish to use a standard unit array because I want the condition to be adaptable (e.g. If I add or remove units, it will be able to account for them). Any and all help is appreciated!
  4. HelloCam3

    Apex- where am I? Scenario question

  5. HelloCam3

    [SP] "Free Speech" - Tanoa

    Nice mission! I felt it's a good length with a decent challenge and good atmosphere. I encountered no bugs but I would like to suggest a couple of things. First would be to lower the skill of the AI. I had some AI units literally snap to face me and I got killed instantly. Secondly would be to add some sort of variable when the AAN journalist suggests a course of action... (Continued below to avoid spoilers for others.) For a 1-day build, it was put together rather well. :)
  6. Base of the Day (Remake) By HelloCam3 Mission built using Arma 2: Combined Operations v1.63.131129 Description: Lead a small Force Recon unit tasked with eliminating a high-ranking insurgent commander located at a small camp in northern Chernarus. Features: Uses Zipper5's custom field dressing script from Blood on the Sand Changelog: Download: Link to download Notes: The file contains two missions: the original Base of the Day mission (SP_BaseOfTheDay(v1%2e1).chernarus.pbo) and a remade version, (hc3_BaseoftheDay_Remake.Chernarus.pbo). The former is included as a comparison piece for my work when I started making missions, to my work now. The goal was to take one of my early missions and remake it using the skills and techniques I have acquired over the years. This mission was not originally intended to be released as I viewed this as practice, but I was very happy with the outcome and wanted to release it to the community.
  7. HelloCam3

    Eden Objects

    Worked perfectly, Von Quest. Cheers!
  8. HelloCam3

    Eden Objects

    I tried to spawn the craters under the wreckage but it will not spawn under it, only to the side. Same thing happens when using an arrow (under helpers) as the spawn position or an invisible helipad.
  9. HelloCam3

    Task Location Condition Loop

    Unfortunately that didn't work. Still the same result as my second picture (it being visible in the quick tasks menu). At this point I think adding in an Event Handler for when the player grabs a map is the easier option. Thank you for the help, kylania. Much appreciated!
  10. HelloCam3

    Task Location Condition Loop

    Even if you don't have a map, the 3D marker still shows. That is what I want to hide until the player has a map. If the visability to set to FALSE, it will still show up if the player opens up their quick tasks menu in game.
  11. I want to create a looping condition for a task that checks if the player has a map. If the player has a map, then it will set a location. If the player does not have a map, then it does not set a location. Below is my attempt: case "objRegroup": { if (_taskState == "") then { [_taskID, "meet"] call BIS_fnc_taskSetType; [ player, _taskID, [ "Find a way off the island and regroup with friendlies.", "Regroup", "Regroup" ], while {true} do {if ("ItemMap" in (assignedItems player))} then {markerPos "lumberyardMarker"} else {nil}, TRUE ] call BIS_fnc_taskCreate } else { if (_this == "Current") then {_taskID call BIS_fnc_taskSetCurrent} else {[_taskID, _this] call BIS_fnc_taskSetState} } };
  12. HelloCam3

    Zipper5's Missions

    What other missios are you working on Zipper5?
  13. HelloCam3

    CLY Face Viewer

    How do you use this script in ArmA 2? Great work, HelloCam3