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  1. UAVs: Feedback and wishes

    I have been playing around with the UAV (Darter) and I am currently working on some missions with the Darter in mind. I have a problem with them being spotted to easy and shot down. I need to have the UAV at least 400 meters above the enemy for it not to be spotted. I placed an enemy sniper team without NVG, 50% skill, in the middle of the night and it still got spotted. Could just be that I'm unlucky but right now im stuck with the feeling its spotted somehow to easy. A helmet mounted PiP would be cool
  2. COOP 08 OP Jagged Hammer Quick Overview Mission Type: Co-op, 1-8 players, no respawn Requires: ArmA 3 Alpha 0.5.102571 (or later), no addons required Last Update: 11 March 2013 Download: Version 0.6 - public release http://speedy.sh/Vw97w/OP-20Jagged-20Hammer.Stratis.pbo Armaholic link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=19169 Situation 3 days ago the IRIA military forces led by Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari launched a surprise attack on NATO forces stationed in the Mediterranean Sea and took control over the island STRATIS. NATO forces stationed on STRATIS are all MIA and the destroyer USS BARRY was badly damaged by enemy anti-ship missiles but managed to defend herself and pull out of the area. NATO forces under the command of Vice Admiral Frank Craig Pandolfe of the US SIXTH FLEET and the 24th MEU stationed in NAPLES, ITALY have landed on the island ALTIS in the AEGEAN SEA. The 24th MEU are ordered to prepare for an amphibious assault on STRATIS. Elements from the 2nd Reconnaissance Battalion are to link up with the USS MINNESOTA and conduct covert missions against the enemy on STRATIS to prepare for the main assault on STRATIS. Mission Destroy the RADAR DOME at AIR STATION MIKE-26 Execution Insert from the USS MINNESOTA by CRRCs and secure the LANDING ZONE. Once the LANDING ZONE is secured move towards AIR STATION MIKE-26 and recon the area. Infiltrate AIR STATION MIKE-26 and plant the charges on the RADAR DOME. If you are detected recon AIR STATION MIKE-26 by force. When the target area is secured fall back to the LANDING ZONE and prepare the CRRCs for EXFIL. When the LANDING ZONE is secure establish radio contact with USS MINNESOTA on TAC channel ALPHA. When contact with USS MINNESOTA have been established get in the CRRCs and link up with USS MINNESOTA out at sea. Support No support available Signal USS MINNESOTA on TAC channel ALPHA for EXFIL Disclaimer This is my very first mission I have ever completed so my current skill level is not up there yet but I have learned a lot over the last 6 days. The mission isn't 100% completed yet but its at that point where I need fresh eyes on the mission and more feedback. I have some experience with ArmA 2 editing and have made a few in house missions that worked but this is my first release. There are no scripts in this mission, that's still something I need to learn how to implement/write. Everything is done with the editor to test the alpha to the max, this is alpha after all. The current version is running with gear pre-selected this includes uniforms, headgear and backpacks. All playable units except the Automatic Rifleman have silencers on their primary weapon. If it gets to the point where you need the firerate of a SAW silencers isn't worth much anyways, also they tend to blow up in RL. I hate telling people how to play the game but a tip from me to the squad leader/host (however has the working tasks/briefing) is to read trough them before launching. The tasks/briefing is in a setup as close to the real world application of a 5 point order the game lets me do and it may hold answers to a possible question along the mission. Known Issues Tasks and briefing only showing up for host Tasks and briefing might be listed in the wrong order but should update in the correct order Whatever the game engine decides to randomize and mess up :rolleyes: Planned features Radio chatter on certain points within the mission between the squad leader and up the chain of command (as soon as my friends have time to help me with voice recording) I love feedback and I need to improve so please leave any comment in this thread Thanks for playing my mission and thank you for all feedback, the good, the bad and the ugly.
  3. Urban Patrol Script

    Thanks Kronzky for this great script. I have an "issue" that I was wondering if you could clarify for me. I'm creating a co-op mission for blue side where we are to attack and destroy some buildings held by the east side. I placed a 2 man patrol at first just to test it out and it worked flawlessly, they where patrolling in a safe condition and speed was walking pace. But the moment I started placing other east soldiers around the camp the behaviour of the patrol changed. They entered a combat state and their movement tempo increased. Is there a way to tweak this in the actual script file? Exi
  4. Hi, I have searched but not been able to find an answer to my question. Not to worry its not about realistic vs arcade, well not 100% anyway :) I can see you have checked of "Transitional lift" on your tech tree so i guess you have "ETL" as well. Is there any plans to include "Transverse flow effect" to the game/sim? The reason im asking is that im wondering if its possible for the sim to comumunicate with a buttkicker system to make you feel the shudder as you go trough the stages from hover>"Transitional lift">"ETL". Flying the Blackhawk its something you get used to when coming in for a landing as you ride the shudder into touchdown so it would be cool to not have to book simulator hours just to have some fun and still feel like the real deal.
  5. Norwegian Forces Pack

    Bra jobbet med pakken, props til deg.. Good job on this package, props to you Det eneste jeg synes er synd er (hvis bildet er det som gjelder per DD) at tårnet på CVen er feil modellert.. Men det er ufattelig bra jobbet :)
  6. Well when i play the campaign there are no problems. I did some research. If i create a night mission during the winter months the Thermal dont work. But during the summer months it works like normal. Also im running on a Nvidia GTX280 with latest official drivers installed.
  7. /bump Am i the only one with this problem?
  8. Hi, i've tried searching for similar threads about this but haven't been able to find any so ill post my problem. I toyed round with the editor creating a night mission with armor. When i got ingame to test it i realised when i switched to thermal white hot i couldnt see a damn thing. The sights where pitch black(or greyish black) and enemy armor was not glowing white even tho they where firing at me. So i switched to black hot and the screen turned white, completly white. Tried with a different map as i was in the desert first go but woodland produces same result. Now i have used Thermal imaging and flirs in RL and i know the system in OA isnt very real but i recall being able to use my thermal commander sight on the CV90 at night in both white hot and black hot. Any tips on whats wrong or this is just how the game will handle thermal at night?