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  1. Hi Every one After watching todays live stream of the Beta they mentioned and showed off the Strategic Map. They even said that is was in the game already:butbut:. But after searching the forums and Wiki I cant find anything. Admin if this is in the wrong fourm you can move it, but I would like the input from the Big Mission makers out there.
  2. sgt_Savage2003

    LIFTER for ArmA 3

    Will there be a way to lower a PJ down via the hoist cable? Also You should if you can make it a tadam recover and dont forget the penetrating hook !
  3. sgt_Savage2003

    A-10C for Arma 3

    This is one of the best mods I have ever seen in Arma. It's a mix of Flight sim and ace combat, all rolled into the Arma world. Yes I found that that the start up takes a few min. But after a few try's I find it very easy and painless. It even works with the air support module.
  4. sgt_Savage2003

    RH M4/M16 pack

    No what iam talking about is an IR flashlight. But Rh's flashlight are amazing, 100x better the BIS.
  5. sgt_Savage2003

    RH M4/M16 pack

    RH any way to make one of these baby's . http://tnvc.com/shop/surefire-m620v/
  6. sgt_Savage2003

    RH M4/M16 pack

    would not expect any thing less from you RH, Cant wait for the rest of your mods. Love the acog and eotech. The detail on the aimpoint rivals all others. The one thing that I noticed is the scope for the ar-10 seems to be flipped. Also when using the suppressors, its job is to reduce sound a muzzle flash. But it is still lighting up a area at night. Dont know if this a fault with your mod or the game, but it defeats the hole point of a suppressor.
  7. Look at the M16's and B-52, Both have been in service since the 1950's and 1960's. I dont care for scifi weapons either. Now Op don we have an eta on the update. Is it still next week?
  8. sgt_Savage2003

    Planes and uavs not moving.

    I did a search and found nothing. Before I start a ticket I want to know if any one else is having issues with this. When using the UAV or the new buzzard, while at full power on the ground. The uav or planes do not move, this happens in Ai and player control. And today while tring to land the plane on atlits as soon as the wheels of the buzzard touched thr ground the plane did a front flip. And before any asks yes i know how to fly so that was not the case.
  9. Still cant get a lock on with any air - ground weapon. I have reset my controls to default. I know it requires a angle of attack but Iam not having any luck.
  10. I dont think its me but iam having a hard time locking on to tanks and other vehicles. I have tried to use the mavericks and lGB's with and with out a WSO. Also at night if the hud could be brighter that would be great.
  11. sgt_Savage2003

    Blastcore A3

    cant wait for balstcore, iam sorry bis but your current smoke and explosion effects just look so fake and dull. Not to get too off topic but what is the advantage of loading Addons through mod parameters vs the ingame screen.
  12. sgt_Savage2003

    Where is the Inventory Editor?

    we do need to have an in editor Gear selector, yes I know BIS said its on its "way". What I hate the most is when I play a sp mission and spend 5 min selecting my gear, just to die 5 min later and then have to do it all over. Yes I know how to do basic scripting and if i took the time I would set up my units with scripts But I dont want to. I like to play a mission a different way every now and then, and I dont want to have to re-wright the hole script to change a few things. So I sick of all these guys out there saying just learn scripting or something like it. The thing is we should not have to know how to right scripts or mess with configs to play this game to its full potential.
  13. sgt_Savage2003

    Unable to fly Buzzard

    Turn off any mods that have to do with the maps. "landtext and the Stratis enhanced" I ran in to the same issue.
  14. Great mod, Only thing it that animals will spawn in the middle of the runways. and parking lots (main Airbase on Atlits).
  15. sgt_Savage2003

    Planes and uavs not moving.

    well i got the planes to take off finally. It seems to be a mod that I have running. once i find it I will let every one know.
  16. sgt_Savage2003

    Planes and uavs not moving.

    thanks totally forgot about fraps.
  17. sgt_Savage2003

    Armor Improvement System (AIS)

    Been looking forward for this since I first saw it. But I loaded your mod up like I do for all my other mods and for some reason I cant get it to work. Or I just cant tell. Can we get some details on what to do. Will this work on empty and manned vehicles. Iam using the add-on version.
  18. sgt_Savage2003

    Planes and uavs not moving.

    yep even after release still having this issue. DEV vs final version. This happens only with the uav and buzzard not the ac130 "MOD". IF I had a way of recording the video I would.
  19. sgt_Savage2003

    FHQ Accessories pack

    Hopefully We will get an update after the 12th.
  20. sgt_Savage2003

    US Destroyer Ship (WIP)

    I dont think any one has asked this yet, but how will the speed and handling be. And has there been any progress on adding in cruise missiles or something along thoes lines. And keep up the great work.
  21. oh this is starting to become unplayable. my specs i7 960 @3.20 @8 Cores 12gb DDR3 660ti on board Audio. Now I run BF3 on ulta and I get 120fps and then I run arma3 on low settings I get 10-20 fps. Yes I know I have a low end gpu but its what I have. And this is in SP with a small mission that I set up on atlits. Now When I switch over to Stratis I get 50-60fps on high settings. Yes I know Its a much larger map but Come on man. Hopefully by the 12th they will have this game optimized.
  22. sgt_Savage2003

    Tanks tanks tanks...PROBLEMS!

    Yes the tanks need some work, but lets not forget that you can turn down the health of anything. So if you want one shot AP kills then there you go. As with the models I think they are the best I have seen in a long time. Yes they are not what we want but DEAL WITH IT or just make your own mod. I would have liked to seen a scud launcher for OpFOR but maybe in DLC. But back to the MB tanks, The merkava 4 aka main battle tank for Blfor needs to have a Mg for the commander and not the over powered one that is in game. It needs to be a .50 cal with just irons sights and the coaxial is a 30 cal maug/B240 not the week 6.5mm.
  23. sgt_Savage2003

    Development Blog & Reveals

    The patch is live. Tanks and all are sweet. BUT It should not take 4 rounds of 120mm AP to take out a tank while shooting at the rear of a tank / armored vehicle. Also Can BIS tell us what guns the new scopes are compatible with. I have tried every thing from MG's to sniper rifles. Also the firing sound for the mlrs is very low when standing near it. But I need to stop or mod will delete this.
  24. TPW keep up the great work. So is this in an addon from now. Iam still learning on how to set up scripts.
  25. Yes, this has been talked about many times. Try doing a search first. but to save you the time. As of right now all challenges are 80% made by scripts. So unless you what you are doing they are pointless to open up to modify, trust me i wish i could. From what I have been told By BIS by the time of full relases or soon after you will be able to make your own challenges with minimal scripting needed.