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  1. alexx78

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I can't download the Updater and the Torrent RHS 0.3.9 ("Server does not respond"). Please somebody give a link to the mirror!
  2. alexx78

    Arma 3 Lag Fix (Maybe?)

    I think I found the cause of the strange behavior of the mouse: guilty aiming deadzone! when the mouse reaches the edge of it, is dramatically reduced sensitivity (killed me a few times because of it) was very similar to the mouse lag. Put aiming deadzone to zero and it solved the problem, but I hope the developers fix it, because ever since the Operation Flashpoint I always played with the option for realism. P.S.: I find bug report about this: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=2294
  3. alexx78

    Arma 3 Lag Fix (Maybe?)

    Thanks for the help Ezcoo! But before I write here I have studied this issue and all that you advised me has already been done, does not work for me. Likely reason is different and it can correct only the developers I think. This is a very old problem (even mentioned in the ArmA 2) with reports on the forums, but there it is for me was not so much making the game almost impossible.
  4. alexx78

    Arma 3 Lag Fix (Maybe?)

    I have mouse lag when aiming and it makes the game completely unplayable (I put it on the shelf to eliminate this bug). I read the previous threads and bug reports where the developers have promised to look at it. but so far nothing has changed. And if the final version of the game will not fix this bug (the main for me), I will not play in this game and my money wasted PS: If I wrote a complaint to the wrong topic please poke me where you have to, just have not found another.
  5. alexx78

    [CAMP] Operation Cobalt

    Great campaign! but i have error and crash game on "09itsdowntothis" mission :( (Combined Operations + BAF and Beta patch 1.59.82128) arma2oa.RPT file:
  6. alexx78

    [CO] ANZINS Upgrades

    It would be quite good to clean still possibility to look through optics VSS with night vision
  7. alexx78

    [CO] ANZINS Upgrades

    Real kind through night vision the round. There is a possibility to make such?
  8. alexx78

    [CO] ANZINS Upgrades

    thanks for this great mod! :)
  9. alexx78

    [CO] ANZINS Upgrades

    M4 GL RCO muzzle flash go over the ring sight. http://www.glowfoto.com/viewimage.php?y=2010&m=07&img=23-084225L&t=jpg&rand=4714&srv=img6 Can is better than it remove in general?
  10. alexx78

    [CO] ANZINS Upgrades

    M4A1_HWS_GL, bug in 1.3 (this weapons without lasersight, SureFire Flashlights will work?): ---------- Post added at 07:41 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:40 PM ---------- ---------- Post added at 07:43 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:41 PM ---------- http://www.glowfoto.com/static_image/23-035531L/6138/jpg/07/2010/img5/glowfoto
  11. alexx78

    [CO] ANZINS Upgrades

    now i test withhout other mods, and AKS_74_PSO still no animated shutter when firing
  12. alexx78

    [CO] ANZINS Upgrades

    bugs in 1.2: AKS_74_PSO -no animated shutter, with third person view. G36K -no recoil, and fast rate of fire.