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    Status Quo Mission Bug

    Having just the same issue. No solution yet.
  2. Will there be a model of AI AWM in .338LM? I've seen mentioning of such an opportunity on the first page of this topic. As far as I know it should have slightly longer and thicker barrel than the .300 WinMag.
  3. Will you update already released packs with some new features/guns (maybe like SVD for AK pack, or AR-10 variants for AR-15 pack, or EBR versions for M14 pack, or something else like that)? And why RHS simply won't put your weapons straight in their mod? Your pack is superior not only in terms of animations -- sounds, textures, models, everything is better.
  4. M39 looks sexy. But cheek pad looks to be set too low (at photos it usually is set higher). Is it possible that it'll change?
  5. Are there any updates on M14 with rail and without rust?
  6. By the way, if you plan to add rail to M21/M14 for mounting scopes, it would probably better to add the lowest scope mount possible (like "arms #18" or something like that) and cheek rest of some kind. The reason to do this -- M1a platform users try to utilize the lowest scope rings they can get (otherwise ergonomics suck) which is not possible in Arma 3 (all scopes are already modeled with "medium-height" rings).
  7. Quality is best I've seen! Very good looking rifles and animations! Couple of little questions about M14/M21: 1. Are there any chances of well-maintained M14 and M21 (wihout all this rust they would look much more like real rifles, that would be mintained if intended to use)? 2. Is that possible to configure the M14 and M21 the way that, when there are no optic there are no rail showed, but when you mount some kind of scope it shows up? Thanks for all your addons, they really make A3 a better game.
  8. Val

    WR5 M14 pack

    Is that possible to create M14 with "Nordarms rail" (uesd by Estonia's Armed Forces and has a built-in bipod)? Some photos: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/M14-AFG2.jpg http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/M14-AFG.jpg Some info: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2013/10/14/nordarms-m14-picatinny-rail-integrated-bipod/
  9. Val

    WR5 M14 pack

    Is that possible to configure model in a way that when the rifle doesn't have any scope attachments, the top rail (scope mount) doesn't show up? Then it would be possible to use only "classic M14" model with and without scopes instead of using a separate model that has top rail.
  10. Val

    WR5 M14 pack

    With these rifles Arma 3 has just got become twice better. Don't you plan to add some kind of "check rest" to the rifles (while optics are mounted)? Something simmilar to this: http://cdn2.armslist.com/sites/armslist/uploads/posts/2011/01/13/85548_01_springfield_m1a_640.jpg In my opinion it will make them even better (not sure if it's physically possible though -- the HK livery is already there)
  11. Not sure if it's realistic. As far as I know, miniguns are fed with onboard electric grid, that means if engines are not functional the miniguns are not functional as well.
  12. Very nice mod! Wish to see the version1.7 with all of it's new equipment. Do you plan to use Wuer's M14 models for Arma2 (with his permission of course) or you are going to create your own?
  13. Val

    Ac-130x (wip)

    I've noticed that there are some sensors are placed differently on real AC-130. Do you plan to change them? That would be really nice. http://img600.imageshack.us/img600/5430/o6fk.jpg
  14. I understand. But still, is it possible that current retracted stocks of HKs will be changed? Don't get me wrong, but it looks a little bit strange that weapon used in combat has fully retracted stock. Except that those models are perfect.
  15. Any plans on making HK416 and HK417 with non-retracted stock as well?
  16. Val

    MK18 Mod 1

    Very nice looking rifles! I know people asked before me, but still: Are you going to make a 14.5 inch barrell (M4 Block II) version of it?
  17. Val

    Operation FrenchPoint

    Nice addon! Aren't you guys cooperating with R3F team or going to do so? It could be profitable for both teams and all Arma community in my opinion. :)
  18. My point is that config of the gun itself should represent only the gun's characteristics. Human limitations like not being able to fire more than 2 .50BMG rounds per second in real life should be represented some other way than in the guns config. For example being shoked (like being under suppressive fire) after firing to often or going deaf or something else. Anyway, it's up to you to decide. By the way I'm surprised that my discussion with ACE devs isn't forgotten.
  19. Thanks for making such a nice mod. The weapon's the level of details is really impressing! But Barrett M107 shoots too slow in my opinion. It's cyclic rate of fire is ~325 shots per minute (even in game when you shoot it you see that bolt has cycled but you still can't shoot). Also it would be nice to see the barrel animated (recoils for about 25 mm if I'm not mistaken).
  20. Val

    Magpul AK 74

    Very nice model! One issue I've noticed: the picatinny rail cluster is to low (it wouldn't let the gas tube to be where ot is in reality). A photo just as an example: http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n33/blocksender/Firearms/STGAK47001.jpg (164 kB)
  21. PROPER addons for Operation Arrowhead by Kju. Kju made these addons compatible with Operation Arrowhead. Here is the information about the addons. Actual Models Of Weapon Magazines Visible On The Ground byAndersson_Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Shows the correct model for the magazine dropped on the ground instead of the standard bag. Additional Game Types _MP_C_PROPER #================# Adds the follow game types to the MP lobby filter: * AAS "Assault And Secure" * AD "Attack and Defend" * CH "Capture and Hold" * crCTI "crCTI" * Devastation "Devastation" * Domination "Capture The Island" * ESL "ESL Missions" * Evolution "Evolution" * TDM "Team Death Match" The new types need to be added to the mission to be found. Black Background For Gear Dialog _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Black background in the gear dialog to avoid being distracted and make the dialog better readable. [/img] Block Icon for Radar Item In Tactical Display _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Rectangular shape like in OFP and ArmA instead of round for better look and better to see. Cars Faster Offroads _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Makes cars, trucks and wheeled move faster offroad. Disable Air Lock For Vikhr _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Disables airlock for the Vikhr of the Ka52 and Ka50. Disable Ballistics Computer _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Disables the ballistic computer for any vehicle. Disable Basic Conversations For Any Unit _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Disables the basic conversations for any unit. Requires CBA. Disable Button Click Sound _UI_C_PROPER #================# Replaces the button click sound with a far better one. Disable Center Hand Icon _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Removes the ugly looking hand cursor in the center of the screen. Disable Deflecting Grenades _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Makes grenades of all types no longer jump on ground impact. Disabled Rocket Smoke _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Removes the smoke trail from all missiles and rockets. This allows one to see the rocket fly and therefore steer manually, if available. Also the impact can be seen that way much better. Disable Forced Optics For Binocular _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Disables auto switch to optics for binocular. The tweak allows you to look above the binocular and look through it only when necessary by pressing the optics key. In addition you can walk with a binocular without the annoying auto switch to optics. [/img][/url] Disable Main Menu Intros Takistan Zargabad Desert _E_SpeedUp_C_PROPER #================# Replaces the intro scene for Takistan, Zargabad and Desert_E with a very simple static camera scene. This way if you return to the main menu, it will will load instantly, instead of the long load of the standard intro. Disable OA Stock MP Missions _C_PROPER #================# Disables the stock MP missions supplied by BI. Only needs to be available server side to disable the missions on a server. Disable On Damage Sound For Helicopters _Sound_C_Gameplay #================# Disables the warning sound on damage for helicopters. Disable On Damage Sound For Planes _Sound_C_Gameplay #================# Disables the warning sound on damage for planes. Disable On Damage Sound For Tanks _Sound_C_Gameplay #================# Disables the warning sound on damage for tanks. Disable Peripheral Vision Blood Texture _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Removes the blood texture in 1st person view when hit as infantry. Way too arcady.. Disable Peripheral Vision Cue Texture _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Removes the spheres at the edge of the screen. Only confuses people and not a good try to simulate peripheral vision. Disable Peripheral Vision Enemy _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Removes the red spheres indicating hostile units or vehicles. Only confuses people and not a good try to simulate peripheral vision. Disable Peripheral Vision Friendly _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Removes the green spheres indicating friendly units or vehicles. Only confuses people and not a good try to simulate peripheral vision. Disable Peripheral Vision Neutral _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Removes the white spheres indicating neutral units, animals or empty vehicles. Only confuses people and not a good try to simulate peripheral vision. Disable PP Effects For Vehicles _Performance_C_PROPER #================# Disables all post processing effects for vehicle gunner and commander optics. Both way better FPS and less HDR issues with the tweak active. Disable PP Effects For Weapons _Performance_C_PROPER #================# Disables all post processing effects for infantry weapon optics. Both way better FPS and less HDR issues with the tweak active. Disable Basic Conversations _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Disables the basic conversations with any unit. Requires CBA. Disable Secondary Explosion Effect Of Vehicles _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Disables the secondary explosion FX. Requires CBA. Disable Start Engine On Turret Movement For Tanks _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Turning the turret no longer turns the engine on for tanks. Disable Talk Topics _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Disables the random talk/chatter feature. Not meaningful anyway. Disable Vehicle Burning Effect _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Disables the effect of vehicles burning. The flames look too weird. Requires CBA. Double Get In Radius _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Doubles the getIn distance for vehicles. Double Supply Radius _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Doubles the distance to make use of a support vehicle (repair, fuel, ammo). Easy Fly _Planes_by_Celery_Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Easy Fly script by Celery SQF conversion by i0n0s Tweaked by rocko Simplify fixed wing flight model. Requires CBA. Enable HDR In Video Options _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Adds a listbox in video options to set the HDR value ingame. Enable Shading Detail In Video Options _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Adds a listbox in video options to set the shader detaild value ingame. Enable Tactical Display Cursor _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Makes the cursor in the top radar larger and yellow to become better readable. Enable Turn Out For M1A2Driver _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Enables turn out for M1A2 driver. Enable Turn Out For T72 Driver _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Enables turn out for T72 driver. Enable Zoom For Binocular And Laserdesignator _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Adds zoom for binocular and laserdesignator. [/img] [/img] Enhanced Weapon Sway _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Doubles weapon sway to be combined with reduced movement fatigue. Faster Hand Grenade Throw Animation _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Makes throwing handgrenades twice as fast and therefore more useful and not as long stuck in the animation just waiting to get shoot. Faster Step Over Animation _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Makes the stepping over twice as fast and therefore more useful and not as long stuck in the animation just waiting to get shoot. Fixed Locked Slots Colors In MP Mission Lobby _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Fixes the colors of locked players in slots to the respective side color. Hide Actions Available Via Key Shortcuts _Controls_C_PROPER #================# Hides the following key actions from the action menu: * GetOut * TurnIn * TurnOut * Eject * MoveToGunner * MoveToCommander * MoveToTurret * ManualFire * ManualFireCancel * AutoHover * AutoHoverCancel * LandGear * LandGearUp * FlapsDown * FlapsUp * HandGunOn * HandGunOff Make sure to assign the key shortcuts in controls instead. Hide Radar Tactical Display _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Hides the green transparent box of vehicles with radar that isn't indicating the scan / view range anyway. Improve Compass Size _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Increases the compass size to make it better readable. Improved Ext Camera Position For Tanks _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Makes the third person camera positioned bit higher and more far away. The default is too close for most models and therefore the camera does have issues when looking around. Javelin Tweak _by_McHide_Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Config tweak by McHide to make the Javelin fly more smoothly with realistic values. Adds the correct 4x optic fixed zoom. Keep Commander View On Target _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Issuing a target that unit command as commander keeps the commander optics on the target. It no longer turns with the gunner. Keyshortcuts For The Game Menus _Controls_C_PROPER #================# Makes every ingame menu, like main menu, ESC dialog, editor, etc, to be controlled by the following keys based on their element numbers counted from top left: * 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 * Q,W,E,A,S,D,Y,X,C * Left ALT / left CTRL with the characters. Long Mission Selection List In Editor Load Mission _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Moves the mission selection dialog in the editor to the top center and displays a lot more mission entries at the same time. Made Gear Dialog Non Movable _Controls_C_PROPER #================# Makes the gear dialog non movable to avoid moving it by mistake. More Wide Chat Input Dialog _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Makes the chat input box broader to see more text input while typing. Move Action Icon Text Position To Action Menu _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Moves the action icon text just above the action menu. Should be combined with the addon to remove action icons (text only). Move Chat Input Dialog To The Bottom _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Moves the chat input box to the bottom to avoid clutter the main screen. No Longer Show Empty Fake Weapon _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# More clean HUD for a few commander slots by not showing the empty fake weapon. Unlimited Transport Of Weapons And Magazines In Vehicles To Avoid Ammo Spilling Bug _Fix_C_PROPER #================# Workaround to avoid the ammo spilling bug in MP. OFP like Lock Cursor _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Better looking lock cursor. OFP like Radar Side Colors _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# More vivid colors for radar targets like in OFP. OFP Look For Compass Bar _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Replaces the top center compass bar with the OFP one. OFP Markers _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Changes some markers to OFP marker style. OFP Style Player Icon _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Better looking player slot icon in the editor. OFP Tree Hit _Sound_C_PROPER #================# Changes the falling tree when knocked over by a tank, APC, car or truck, to the original OFP sound. The a2 ones just sound horrible. Reduced Weapon Weight _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Reduced weapon weight to reduce weapon movement lag in the vertical sphere. Recommended for CQB play. Reduce Fatigue _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Halved exhaustion from movement and doubled recovery rate if not. Recommended for CQB and infantry play to promote movement. Separate Editor Buttons _Controls_C_PROPER #================# Separated 'continue' from 'preview' and 'exit' to avoid click the first by mistake. Show Text Instead Of Action Icons _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Shows action text instead action icons. Recommended to combine with PROPER tweak to move the text to the left side just above the action menu (to reduce cluttering the interface). Solid Background For Chat _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Makes the chat list background color solid to have the text better readable. Statics Visible At Distance _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Makes static objects, like houses and structures, visible way beyond the standard drawing distance limit. In addition they no longer pop into view. Instead they have a very nice seamless transition. Stripped Action Text _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Made a few vehicle interaction texts shorter to reduce interface clutter. Tough Chopper Rotor _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Makes a broken rotor far less likely by balancing the inflicted damage to the whole chopper. Requires CBA. Tweaked Debriefing _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Makes the scoreboard in the debriefing view better readable by moving some UI elements away from the center. Tweaked External Sound Volume In Vehicles _insideSoundCoef_Sound_C_PROPER #================# Makes you hear every outside sound even inside vehicles as loud or at all. Tweaked External Sound Volume In Vehicles _obstructSounds_Sound_C_PROPER #================# Disables the effect of sound obstruction simulation when being inside a vehicle. Tweaked External Sound Volume In Vehicles _occludeSounds_Sound_C_PROPER #================# Disables the effect of sound occlusion simulation when being inside a vehicle. Tweaked Gear Filters _Controls_C_PROPER #================# Tweaked gear filters to the new system: * First only primary weapons (rifles, MGs, snipers). * Second only secondary weapons (MGs, snipers, launchers). * Third only ammo for primary and secondary weapons, as well as handgrenades. * Fourth only pistol weapons and magazines, as well as rifle grenades. * Fifth is everything. Tweaked Infantry Cursors _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Replaces rifle cursor with the OFP style cursor. Replaces the sniper and MG cursor with a single dot cursor. Adds the OFP style cursor while running and sprinting. [/img] Tweaked Vehicle Cursors _Gameplay_C_PROPER #================# Duke 49th (red aimdot texture)Removes almost all vehicles cursors for driver/pilot/gunner/commander. Instead one has to use optics / weapon sights or tracers to aim. [/img] [/img] For the Su34, choppers gunners or pilot with manual fire active or mortar you get a small red aimdot to be able to target. Vehicles Visible At Distance _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Makes vehicles and units visible way beyond the standard drawing distance limit. In addition they no longer pop into view. Instead they have a very nice seamless transition. White Weapon Cursor _Visuals_C_PROPER #================# Makes all weapon and interaction cursor white for best contrast and look. Feedback People are to given feedback and report issues here: http://dev-heaven.net/projects/proper-projects/issues Download links: http://www.multiupload.com/J43FW1YB9N http://tacticalgaming.kiev.ua/PROPERaddons.7z PROPER_OA.bikey PROPER_OA_All_20100712.7z ActualModelsOfWeaponMagazinesVisibleOnTheGround_byAndersson_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo ActualModelsOfWeaponMagazinesVisibleOnTheGround_byAndersson_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign AdditionalGameTypes_MP_C_OA_PROPER.pbo AdditionalGameTypes_MP_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign BlackBackgroundForGearDialog_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo BlackBackgroundForGearDialog_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign BlockIconforRadarItemInTacticalDisplay_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo BlockIconforRadarItemInTacticalDisplay_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign CarsFasterOffroads_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo CarsFasterOffroads_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisableAirLockForVikhr_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisableAirLockForVikhr_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisableBallisticsComputer_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisableBallisticsComputer_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisableBasicConversationsForAnyUnit_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisableBasicConversationsForAnyUnit_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisableBasicConversations_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisableBasicConversations_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisableButtonClickSound_UI_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisableButtonClickSound_UI_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisableCenterHandIcon_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisableCenterHandIcon_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisableDeflectingGrenades_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisableDeflectingGrenades_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisabledRocketSmoke_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisabledRocketSmoke_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisableForcedOpticsForBinocular_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisableForcedOpticsForBinocular_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisableMainMenuIntrosTakistanZargabadDesert_E_SpeedUp_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisableMainMenuIntrosTakistanZargabadDesert_E_SpeedUp_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisableOAStockCampaign_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisableOAStockCampaign_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisableOAStockMPMissions_Server_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisableOAStockMPMissions_Server_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisableOnDamageSoundForHelicopters_Sound_C_Gameplay_OA_PROPER.pbo DisableOnDamageSoundForHelicopters_Sound_C_Gameplay_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisableOnDamageSoundForPlanes_Sound_C_Gameplay_OA_PROPER.pbo DisableOnDamageSoundForPlanes_Sound_C_Gameplay_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisableOnDamageSoundForTanks_Sound_C_Gameplay_OA_PROPER.pbo DisableOnDamageSoundForTanks_Sound_C_Gameplay_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisablePeripheralVisionBloodTexture_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisablePeripheralVisionBloodTexture_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisablePeripheralVisionCueTexture_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisablePeripheralVisionCueTexture_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisablePeripheralVisionEnemy_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisablePeripheralVisionEnemy_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisablePeripheralVisionFriendly_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisablePeripheralVisionFriendly_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisablePeripheralVisionNeutral_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisablePeripheralVisionNeutral_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisablePPEffectsForVehicles_Performance_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisablePPEffectsForVehicles_Performance_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisablePPEffectsForWeapons_Performance_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisablePPEffectsForWeapons_Performance_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisableSecondaryExplosionEffectOfVehicles_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisableSecondaryExplosionEffectOfVehicles_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisableStartEngineOnTurretMovementForTanks_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisableStartEngineOnTurretMovementForTanks_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisableTalkTopics_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisableTalkTopics_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DisableVehicleBurningEffect_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DisableVehicleBurningEffect_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DoubleGetInRadius_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DoubleGetInRadius_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign DoubleSupplyRadius_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo DoubleSupplyRadius_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign EasyFly_Planes_by_Celery_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo EasyFly_Planes_by_Celery_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign EnableHDRInVideoOptions_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo EnableHDRInVideoOptions_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign EnableShadingDetailInVideoOptions_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo EnableShadingDetailInVideoOptions_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign EnableTacticalDisplayCursor_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo EnableTacticalDisplayCursor_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign EnableTurnOutForM1A2Driver_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo EnableTurnOutForM1A2Driver_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign EnableTurnOutForT72Driver_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo EnableTurnOutForT72Driver_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign EnableZoomForBinocularAndLaserdesignator_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo EnableZoomForBinocularAndLaserdesignator_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign EnhancedWeaponSway_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo EnhancedWeaponSway_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign FasterHandGrenadeThrowAnimation_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo FasterHandGrenadeThrowAnimation_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign FasterStepOverAnimation_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo FasterStepOverAnimation_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign FixedLockedSlotsColorsInMPMissionLobby_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo FixedLockedSlotsColorsInMPMissionLobby_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign HideActionsAvailableViaKeyShortcuts_Controls_C_OA_PROPER.pbo HideActionsAvailableViaKeyShortcuts_Controls_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign HideEditorContinueButton_Controls_C_OA_PROPER.pbo HideEditorContinueButton_Controls_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign HideRadarTacticalDisplay_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo HideRadarTacticalDisplay_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign ImproveCompassSize_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo ImproveCompassSize_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign ImprovedExtCameraPositionForTanks_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo ImprovedExtCameraPositionForTanks_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign JavelinTweak_by_McHide_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo JavelinTweak_by_McHide_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign KeepCommanderViewOnTarget_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo KeepCommanderViewOnTarget_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign KeyshortcutsForTheGameMenus_Controls_C_OA_PROPER.pbo KeyshortcutsForTheGameMenus_Controls_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign LongMissionSelectionListInEditorLoadMission_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo LongMissionSelectionListInEditorLoadMission_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign MadeGearDialogNonMovable_Controls_C_OA_PROPER.pbo MadeGearDialogNonMovable_Controls_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign MoreWideChatInputDialog_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo MoreWideChatInputDialog_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign MoveActionIconTextPositionToActionMenu_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo MoveActionIconTextPositionToActionMenu_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign MoveChatInputDialogToTheBottom_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo MoveChatInputDialogToTheBottom_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign NoLongerShowEmptyFakeWeapon_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo NoLongerShowEmptyFakeWeapon_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign NoTransportOfWeaponsAndMagazinesInVehiclesToAvoidAmmoSpillingBug_Fix_C_OA_PROPER.pbo NoTransportOfWeaponsAndMagazinesInVehiclesToAvoidAmmoSpillingBug_Fix_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign OFPlikeLockCursor_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo OFPlikeLockCursor_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign OFPlikeRadarSideColors_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo OFPlikeRadarSideColors_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign OFPLookForCompassBar_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo OFPLookForCompassBar_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign OFPMarkers_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo OFPMarkers_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign OFPStylePlayerIcon_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo OFPStylePlayerIcon_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign OFPTreeHit_Sound_C_OA_PROPER.pbo OFPTreeHit_Sound_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign ReducedWeaponWeight_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo ReducedWeaponWeight_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign ReduceFatigue_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo ReduceFatigue_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign SeparateEditorButtons_Controls_C_OA_PROPER.pbo SeparateEditorButtons_Controls_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign ShowTextInsteadOfActionIcons_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo ShowTextInsteadOfActionIcons_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign SolidBackgroundForChatInputDialog_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo SolidBackgroundForChatInputDialog_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign SolidBackgroundForChat_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo SolidBackgroundForChat_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign StaticsVisibleAtDistance_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo StaticsVisibleAtDistance_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign StrippedActionText_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo StrippedActionText_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign ToughChopperRotor_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo ToughChopperRotor_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign TweakedDebriefing_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo TweakedDebriefing_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign TweakedExternalSoundVolumeInVehicles_insideSoundCoef_Sound_C_OA_PROPER.pbo TweakedExternalSoundVolumeInVehicles_insideSoundCoef_Sound_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign TweakedExternalSoundVolumeInVehicles_obstructSounds_Sound_C_OA_PROPER.pbo TweakedExternalSoundVolumeInVehicles_obstructSounds_Sound_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign TweakedExternalSoundVolumeInVehicles_occludeSounds_Sound_C_OA_PROPER.pbo TweakedExternalSoundVolumeInVehicles_occludeSounds_Sound_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign TweakedGearFilters_Controls_C_OA_PROPER.pbo TweakedGearFilters_Controls_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign TweakedInfantryCursors_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo TweakedInfantryCursors_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign TweakedVehicleCursors_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo TweakedVehicleCursors_Gameplay_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign VehiclesVisibleAtDistance_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo VehiclesVisibleAtDistance_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign Warfare2VehiclesHotfix_C_OA_PROPER.pbo Warfare2VehiclesHotfix_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign WhiteWeaponCursor_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo WhiteWeaponCursor_Visuals_C_OA_PROPER.pbo.PROPER_OA.bisign
  22. New explosive_muzzle sounds interesting but a little bit quiet in my opinion though. Would be interesting to listen to how it sounds if LordJarheads sound will be mixed somehow with the new one. I agree that bipods are nice feature, but I suggest waiting for BIS to respond on implemention of bipods in Arma 3 (just to have something to start with). Still beautiful rifle. Cant wait till it gets fully animated. :)
  23. Nice rifle. Always liked the "Light Fifty". Any chance that we see a suppressor different than Barrett's QDL? Something like this for example: http://img688.imageshack.us/img688/2615/barrettopsinc1.jpg (111 kB)
  24. It looks like the compass rotates in wrong direction. And markers on "east" and "west" are switched. So the direction that compass in the cockpit shows and the one that HUD compass shows are different. Watch the screenshots: http://imageshack.us/a/img42/2605/arma2oa2013030314365358.jpg (292 kB) http://imageshack.us/a/img405/8459/arma2oa2013030314371851.jpg (192 kB)
  25. Greate helicopters Konyo! But there's still some issue with compass in the cockpit.