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  1. Val

    Status Quo Mission Bug

    Having just the same issue. No solution yet.
  2. Will there be a model of AI AWM in .338LM? I've seen mentioning of such an opportunity on the first page of this topic. As far as I know it should have slightly longer and thicker barrel than the .300 WinMag.
  3. Will you update already released packs with some new features/guns (maybe like SVD for AK pack, or AR-10 variants for AR-15 pack, or EBR versions for M14 pack, or something else like that)? And why RHS simply won't put your weapons straight in their mod? Your pack is superior not only in terms of animations -- sounds, textures, models, everything is better.
  4. M39 looks sexy. But cheek pad looks to be set too low (at photos it usually is set higher). Is it possible that it'll change?
  5. Are there any updates on M14 with rail and without rust?
  6. By the way, if you plan to add rail to M21/M14 for mounting scopes, it would probably better to add the lowest scope mount possible (like "arms #18" or something like that) and cheek rest of some kind. The reason to do this -- M1a platform users try to utilize the lowest scope rings they can get (otherwise ergonomics suck) which is not possible in Arma 3 (all scopes are already modeled with "medium-height" rings).
  7. Quality is best I've seen! Very good looking rifles and animations! Couple of little questions about M14/M21: 1. Are there any chances of well-maintained M14 and M21 (wihout all this rust they would look much more like real rifles, that would be mintained if intended to use)? 2. Is that possible to configure the M14 and M21 the way that, when there are no optic there are no rail showed, but when you mount some kind of scope it shows up? Thanks for all your addons, they really make A3 a better game.
  8. Val

    WR5 M14 pack

    Is that possible to create M14 with "Nordarms rail" (uesd by Estonia's Armed Forces and has a built-in bipod)? Some photos: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/M14-AFG2.jpg http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/M14-AFG.jpg Some info: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2013/10/14/nordarms-m14-picatinny-rail-integrated-bipod/
  9. Val

    WR5 M14 pack

    Is that possible to configure model in a way that when the rifle doesn't have any scope attachments, the top rail (scope mount) doesn't show up? Then it would be possible to use only "classic M14" model with and without scopes instead of using a separate model that has top rail.
  10. Val

    WR5 M14 pack

    With these rifles Arma 3 has just got become twice better. Don't you plan to add some kind of "check rest" to the rifles (while optics are mounted)? Something simmilar to this: http://cdn2.armslist.com/sites/armslist/uploads/posts/2011/01/13/85548_01_springfield_m1a_640.jpg In my opinion it will make them even better (not sure if it's physically possible though -- the HK livery is already there)
  11. Not sure if it's realistic. As far as I know, miniguns are fed with onboard electric grid, that means if engines are not functional the miniguns are not functional as well.
  12. Very nice mod! Wish to see the version1.7 with all of it's new equipment. Do you plan to use Wuer's M14 models for Arma2 (with his permission of course) or you are going to create your own?
  13. Val

    Ac-130x (wip)

    I've noticed that there are some sensors are placed differently on real AC-130. Do you plan to change them? That would be really nice. http://img600.imageshack.us/img600/5430/o6fk.jpg
  14. I understand. But still, is it possible that current retracted stocks of HKs will be changed? Don't get me wrong, but it looks a little bit strange that weapon used in combat has fully retracted stock. Except that those models are perfect.
  15. Any plans on making HK416 and HK417 with non-retracted stock as well?