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  1. Newborn

    Anzac Mod Wip

    can`t wait awesome baby
  2. Hi all, how can i set up a vehicle for example a plane to be only used by his fraction for example BLUEFOR and a A10 ?????? is theire a way to use the init ??? thx
  3. Hi 56th DJPineapple, i`ve had a similar problem. i guess you`ve got a serial given to you by the customer in a email or in your acc information on the website. normaly when you start the game you get a message from securom to fill in the serial and register the game if that doesn`t work try this one: download newest patch and install into your directory. then start the game. don`t know why but if the game is patched you can play without register. by the way this is the way to play asap. the right way is to write a email to your customer and or securom with your issue. but it will take a while to get answear from them. cya @ Takistan kr newborn
  4. Newborn

    Commanding Problem

    I am not new at all but i´ve got a question about commanding in Benny Warfare i come from the PvP sceene and have no idea how to solve the problem. When i start a mission the vote commander screen appears then i choose that i become commander ... that works fine after a while i get the message that i`m commander i start building the base but if i create the HQ nothing appears on the battlefield is theire something i have to attend ??? a little help would be realy nice :-)
  5. Newborn

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    nice work thumbs up jarhead
  6. he should have done this did he ????
  7. Newborn

    Anzac Mod Wip

    sergeant we need some F-18`s in here to blow them up hehe..... just joking really looking forward to them :-)!!! :bounce3:
  8. i use a template script for the respawn but i have got the problem that the vehicle spawn in other directions. the azimut at the start is for example 0 and after the respawn it spawns with 180. i attached the script file has anyone an idea about this ???
  9. and if i want to make sure it spawns in the start position am i wrong if i say it must look like that ??? _vehicle setdir = _startpos;
  10. Newborn

    MAF Mod - WIP

    great job looking forward to the mirage. BLUEFOR will have a unstopable AIRFORCE with 3 awesome JEt`S F-16 from Myke F-18 from NZCRASH and your Mirage
  11. ok guys this is very tough for me cause i am not a real good scripter !!!! i have a mission template and changing some things on it !!! i had the idea to set the main base on a carrier. but i can`t spawn the units theire. i am able to spawn vehicles but the units seem to spawn on the same position as on land although i set the initline to this setPosASL [getPosASL this select 0, getPosASL this select 1, 17]; is theire any idea you have about this is it probaply possible to disable that function by script ??? greetz newborn
  12. Hi all i´ve got a problem to place units on the Podagorsk Carrier. on other maps it works with this initline for self placed this setPosASL [getPosASL this select 0, getPosASL this select 1, 17]; or this one for already placed like Utes one this setPosASL [getPosASL this select 0, getPosASL this select 1, 15.5]; but how can i place the units on the Thorne Carrier at Podagorsk a little help would be great :-) thx a lot
  13. Newborn

    sound cfg

    that works great thx a lot !!!!!!!
  14. Hi all, it`s the first time i am making a mission without any templates so i have a question about the descreption file. I want to put two soundcfg`s together but it doesn`t work for me it looks like that class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {steam}; class steam { name = "steam"; sound[] = {"launch\steam.ogg", db+10, 1}; titles[] = {}; }; }; { sounds[] = {Landing}; class landing { name = "Landing"; sound[] = {"Sounds\Landing.ogg", 1, 1}; titles[] = {0, ""}; }; }; does anyone know how i have to put it together or what it has to look like ??? many thx greetz
  15. Newborn

    Anzac Mod Wip

    :-( not in the MOD yet :pet5: but i pray that it comes out in the next few weeks :pray:
  16. Newborn

    Anzac Mod Wip

    0735 in the morning just downloading and looking forward to an awesome work of you guys :-) greetings from germany and big thanks to all who spent theire time on modding :-) !!!
  17. Newborn

    Anzac Mod Wip

    best news i read coming back from vacation :-) !!!!
  18. i open this post for that persons who want to find high performance Publicservers !!! my first tip is : visit http://dao.nu to participate in the Berzerk community or visit the Servers for Berzerk or for Warfare gaming both have outstanding i7 performance with 8 gb ram Kingston 9905458-011.A00LF enjoy your stay ;-) cya at the Battlefield look this examples of the gameplay http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nx6Lm4pHoQU http://www.youtube.com/user/freemarine#p/u/4/YkIgMl85pb4
  19. Newborn

    Anzac Mod Wip

    OK i Am looking forward to it anyway hopefully not until Arma3 is released ... no I am not an a..... just joking i know about the work to relase stuff like that was just inerested .... kr newborn
  20. Newborn

    Anzac Mod Wip

    When do you plan to release this mod or better when can i fly this amazing F-18 Super Hornet ??? :-) grettz keep up the work !!!
  21. hi all, i have a problem to find out a classname and name of a addon !!! in my opinion i can read it out of the pbo but where excactly ??? greetz newborn
  22. Hi , i use opa with the beta patch 72197. I only tested the F-16 with one soldier on the island of Panthera i wanted to exclude my mission.sqm any idea ??? thx for helping !!! Moin ich schreib jetzt einfach mal deutsch also hab nochml alles getestet ich bekomme das ding nicht ohne fehler zum laufen die engine will mir erzählen das ich die mission nicht spiellen kann weil die glt missile box config fehlen würde aber dem ist nicht so !!! die ist vorhanden in der modordner methode und bei allen andren adds ghet das auch bestens nur da nicht !!! oder muss ich die woanders rein packen ? ich kriege echt noch plack so nen wirkliches schönes add und ich bekomme es nicht hin ! Ach ich habe sowohl Arma2 als auch Arrowhead installiert
  23. Hi, first of all thanks for that amazing add of the F16 SE. But i`ve got a problem with the missilebox when i start the preview of a mission i always get the message that the glt_missile_box_config is missing. I`m sure that i´ve got the right one from this thread. Is there any issue about this or a fix ???? kind regards newborn