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  1. Newborn

    Anzac Mod Wip

    can`t wait awesome baby
  2. Hi all, how can i set up a vehicle for example a plane to be only used by his fraction for example BLUEFOR and a A10 ?????? is theire a way to use the init ??? thx
  3. Hi 56th DJPineapple, i`ve had a similar problem. i guess you`ve got a serial given to you by the customer in a email or in your acc information on the website. normaly when you start the game you get a message from securom to fill in the serial and register the game if that doesn`t work try this one: download newest patch and install into your directory. then start the game. don`t know why but if the game is patched you can play without register. by the way this is the way to play asap. the right way is to write a email to your customer and or securom with your issue. but it will take a while to get answear from them. cya @ Takistan kr newborn
  4. Newborn

    Commanding Problem

    I am not new at all but i´ve got a question about commanding in Benny Warfare i come from the PvP sceene and have no idea how to solve the problem. When i start a mission the vote commander screen appears then i choose that i become commander ... that works fine after a while i get the message that i`m commander i start building the base but if i create the HQ nothing appears on the battlefield is theire something i have to attend ??? a little help would be realy nice :-)
  5. Newborn

    J.S.R.S. 1.5

    nice work thumbs up jarhead
  6. he should have done this did he ????
  7. Newborn

    Anzac Mod Wip

    sergeant we need some F-18`s in here to blow them up hehe..... just joking really looking forward to them :-)!!! :bounce3:
  8. and if i want to make sure it spawns in the start position am i wrong if i say it must look like that ??? _vehicle setdir = _startpos;
  9. i use a template script for the respawn but i have got the problem that the vehicle spawn in other directions. the azimut at the start is for example 0 and after the respawn it spawns with 180. i attached the script file has anyone an idea about this ???
  10. Newborn

    MAF Mod - WIP

    great job looking forward to the mirage. BLUEFOR will have a unstopable AIRFORCE with 3 awesome JEt`S F-16 from Myke F-18 from NZCRASH and your Mirage
  11. ok guys this is very tough for me cause i am not a real good scripter !!!! i have a mission template and changing some things on it !!! i had the idea to set the main base on a carrier. but i can`t spawn the units theire. i am able to spawn vehicles but the units seem to spawn on the same position as on land although i set the initline to this setPosASL [getPosASL this select 0, getPosASL this select 1, 17]; is theire any idea you have about this is it probaply possible to disable that function by script ??? greetz newborn
  12. Hi all i´ve got a problem to place units on the Podagorsk Carrier. on other maps it works with this initline for self placed this setPosASL [getPosASL this select 0, getPosASL this select 1, 17]; or this one for already placed like Utes one this setPosASL [getPosASL this select 0, getPosASL this select 1, 15.5]; but how can i place the units on the Thorne Carrier at Podagorsk a little help would be great :-) thx a lot
  13. Newborn

    sound cfg

    that works great thx a lot !!!!!!!