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  1. Interesting, I'll test it on my machine (i7 6700K@4,5Ghz, 32GB ram, gtx 1080), and let you know of the result.
  2. Invi

    Can't get multiplayer to work

    I have the same issue as the op I think I ran A2 OA (steam) and there was only 1 maybe 2 servers listed in multi-player. Like on the screen https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21346889/2015-05-19_00001.jpg - It was all working when I was playing like a week ago or so. - I can connect to that one server and play, no problem with that. It says it requires BattlEye and it initializes without problems. So it's not a global ban or anything like that. - I opted in for beta update and still no servers. - Both srvers are from my country (Poland). Not sure why. - I did try validating arma 2 and arma 2 oa and all dlcs - I did reset my router, forwarded ports (newer needed that but to be sure) - I did netsh winsock reset thing from BattlEye faq I can provide any info about my system and what is running on it if you want. Adational info: If i go to Steam> View > Servers > I can't see any servers as well... So, the server issue is because of updates? Steam issue? Or something else? Where to look for help? EDIT: Noticed something strange If I go to filters and Change game/mission type I see one or two different servers with that mission type... That way, i can find maybe 6 servers via in-game server browser... I Have no idea what the heck is going on here :| EDIT:2 I just checked if changing ping i filters to 0 helps. No change. It is still the same. The thing is. If I change a mission type from that menu: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/21346889/2015-05-21_00003.jpg I can see one or two different servers, but if I choose that first blank option I should see all servers. At last all servers that I can see with other mission types. But still I see only one or two random servers :/
  3. Invi

    Weird screen ???

    I had exactly the same problem on my system. If you arma is up to date. then. Try to boot your system with 2GB(2048mb) of ram, if it won work, try 1536mb menu start>run>msconfig>boot>Advanced>max amount of ram>type 2048 or something like that, it helped me.