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    A fellow fan of the ArmA series. Originally started back on the Xbox with Operation Flashpoint: Elite. Since then I have been hooked on the freedom this game has to offer. I love map editing on my free time.
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  1. FighterD1

    UAVs: Feedback and wishes

    I apologize. I was testing this within the editor and it seems when you are using the editor it does not show friendly units on the UAV terminal. Thanks for the reply back! Its great to see our feedback is noted!
  2. FighterD1

    UAVs: Feedback and wishes

    Not sure if its on my end, but the UGV that is unarmed would not follow units of any type (armor or infantry). I am going to give it another go just to be sure, I will edit with a follow up. EDIT: On stable build 1.22, the UGV unarmed does not follow units of any type, while the UGV armed will immediately respond and begin following. Would it be acceptable to provide friendly infantry/technical unit locations in the UAV terminal in a radius around a UGV (possibly UAV) when it is present? What use is the follow command if you have to right click guess where that unit is. Problem I see is revealing unit locations and a break of immersion, what do you all think? Possibly a very small radius so no issues arise?
  3. I just used stuff to hide some info I rather not share :P I have the semicolons. But BangaBob was right, I never knew that was needed. It fixed the issue. Thank you!
  4. Hello, I need some help! So recently I have moved over a friends game of his from Stratis to Altis. Copying over all the scripts and all the units/objects of the map. I am having an issue where when the players dies he is greeted by our select load-out screen, yet it is blank with no choices to choose from! :confused: I knew it was working in my friends old game on Stratis, all I have done is add to the description.ext to add a new class CfgDebriefing. Does anyone know how that may have broken it? We are using a dedicated box, but I have tested it as well as by hosting and still no success. I am curious as to how I broke it! Here is the code:
  5. FighterD1

    Help w/ Weapons and Scripting

    Thank you guys, did not know that the mission editor needs to be in advanced settings :D
  6. FighterD1

    Help w/ Weapons and Scripting

    I have found great scripts to use. I downloaded your rearm test mission, problem is I have one question. How do you type in the Initialization line? On ArmA: Cold War Assault there is no Initialization line, but your downloaded missions hint for the unit is there, so there must be a way.
  7. I am new to the whole ArmA: Cold War Assault/OFP game. I understand how scripting works but I am guessing without the Int. line and name line I can not fill ammo crates. I need to fill the crates because for some strange reason the crates have absolutely no weapons (ex M21 is not in the Ammo Weapon West). Just wondering how can I script weapons in. Another help if making ammo crates is impossible I need help finding a script that will let me and my friends re-spawn with the gear they started with. Again if this is not possible I guess I am SOL :p Thanks for any advice or just telling me if its not possible.
  8. Hey everyone, I wanted to know if there is a script to make the Chinook act as a Fatcow. What I mean by this is to make it able to rearm and refuel attack aircraft on the battlefield. It will be almost like making a moving service point. :D Also my friend is making a trench warefare map and is wondering how to make it so when you respawn you have the weapons you died with. Example: In Domination you die and respawn with the weapons you had. It would be much apreciated.
  9. I was wondering. I have the disc version of ArmA 2 but the Steam version of Operation Arrowhead. My friends are saying that they can enable ArmA 2 and there ACE. How do i get those "Things" in my expansion tab? *Nevermind i figured it out, if anyone else has trouble I can help* *But i may be playing so... you know...*
  10. I have the same problem with the pixel shader. I first downloaded the patch and it was working fine. My buddys wont download it so I got off and was going to wait for ARMA:OA. I got on to just make a mission and it gave me that error. I looked around and some said its tied to the CBA ACE2 file. So i tried without it and it gave me a CBA error. So i just gave up. Can anyone help me. PS. I tried the DirectX 9 download and nothing happened. Also my computer has a 4.0 pixel shader.