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  1. The Valhalla 0.98 beta server seems like a great server/mission. (finally bringing the gameplay arma2 should be capable of...) My main problem is opfor look like friendlies... any thoughts on how to distinguish the two sides? Doesn't seem to matter if it's takistan or chernarus.. same issue...
  2. Cant' get a server list... wondering if something is down...
  3. Request that the towns be selectable. This would allow the admin (or map/mod team) to select, say 7 towns in a line, then the battle focuses at the middle towns. Arma does NOT have the community numbers to support the current rash of LARGE towns Warfare settings --> might as well coop offline! 30 players trying to conquer 20 towns is a bit ridiculous. 200 players in a LARGE town setting would be quite good though... I played a lot of AAS on Novalogic's "Joint Operations" and the battles are intense and fun even now (like 6 years later?)....
  4. Qxs

    Unusual issue

    If you didn't install any new hardware or software... maybe somebody hit the computer case and dislodged the video card slightly.. my only other guess would be some type of virus. I would not expect any software to just explode tomorrow, unless I did something to make it explode...
  5. Post Processing: disabled Shadows: try disabled vs High or Very High. AA: Low Should be ok to max the rest I guess.. you should expect a wide range of fps, depending on the missions you are playing. If you are planning on finding the magical FPS switch, there isn't one, it's hard wired to mediocre. Just to be sure nothing funky is going on, please report your FPS from the 3 benchmark missions. (single player -> benchmark... let it run, displays fps at the end..)
  6. Permissions are all great and everything (credit where it's due), but I think you would find the only rights belong to some TV network, OR to BIS. A2 or OA seem like a great platform for some Airwolf missions, you could probably squeeze about 2 or 3 missions per map/island.. the storylines in the show were never fantastic so it just needs to be action based. I suppose you could even do it up as 1-6 player COOP missions, guessing you can only fit 2 in the chopper, and a small ground 'support' force as optional... The Wolf has come down from the north...
  7. Qxs

    FPS Increase When Menu Opened

    Just a thought, could this be related to full AI processing being done on the server & client side problem, when you bring up the menu, it disables the processing on client side, and you get the FPS boost that should have been there in the first place ? Cause that would be wild if this was the case... I'd add a link to the stuff but I'm kinda too tired to give a rats ass atm.
  8. EDIT: After reviewing the AI problems/Deadeye posts/threads, it would seem like this is the issue with this benchmark Unless this mission is specifically engineered to perform differently than a typical mission (false representation, which seems unlikely), than any problem with this mission is likely going to be a problem for various other missions, be it multiplayer or whatever... My point of view is that the problem is right here in the benchmark mission, you don't need to look anywhere else. I will proceed with testing various catalyst versions as soon as I get some time to do so. Updated/New Data: Changes: SuperPreFetch=1, boot files only, but I see it is still caching armaoa.exe, so it's probably not actually changed... Added framesahead and hdr to the profile and marked it read-only. Setup: -Task Manager open and watching CPU usage -ATI Tray Tools, GPU % running -Fraps running (may not have been running for all of them) -Alt tab after mission ends to export the graph -AMD OverDrive is run to adjust CPU Multiplier, applied, and then exited each time. -Started at 3.2ghz, then 2.6, then 3.4, and finally 3.4 again while bumping shadows up to Very High (to see the effect of switching it from CPU to GPU usage. -Video Settings located within -My Game Profile, if needed, located within -broken file atm OA Benchmark 02 (Ati Tools GPU Graph - Exported): my Tripod website with jpeg links 3.2ghz = 16, 15, 14 fps *I ran it three times in a row because there was massive HD activity the first run, and considerably less the second time* 2.6ghz = 12 fps 3.4ghz = 15 fps 3.4ghz, Shadows VH = 15 fps Conclusion: The shit is messed up. You can see some dependence on CPU clock speed, but honestly, 2 or 3 fps difference between 2.6Ghz and 3.4Ghz, on 4 cores no less, sounds ridiculous to me.... @3.2Ghz the GPU is pegged for about 25 seconds... what on earth could possibly be that much different that it needs 3x the usage it had before, and the same time frame.... I will look at the deadeye Dead3yez stuff after work.. . EDIT: After reviewing the AI problems/Dead3yez posts/threads, it would seem like this is the issue with this benchmark. I will move on to finding out what bushes kill my fps with rifle scopes instead... :/
  9. you must have file extensions hidden... or some other horrible problem... go download WinRAR... from rarsoft I think it is.. if you can't open it with that program then you have a file that needs to be deleted and redownloaded... .
  10. classic problem that's been seen in previous games like this... I noticed there was mention of it on the community tracker.. I don't know if it's an actual bug that will be optmized/fixed.... An example is just bring up a reflex scope (the simple one with a red dot) and it will drop your fps... which seems a bit silly to me. If you can, try to see if your GPU is maxed out when you have this problem... if it is, then maybe you do need a better video card.. if it isn't.. then it's more likely a CPU problem..
  11. Qxs

    hiccupy performance

    You need a Quad core at least 2.6Ghz or more if possible. I bet you would get a performance boost with 3.2ghz dual core, but I do not know if you would then be limited by your video card (I don't buy nvidia, so I dunno anything about them). If your option is a slow quad vs a fast dual core, get the slow quad (maybe one that overlocks a little)...
  12. Vix, what do you get in the 3 benchmark missions, running them from OA. Same settings as that screenshot would be fine...
  13. Qxs

    ArmA 2 Combined Operations

    Interface you probably don't need to change... 3D you want at your desktop or LCD's natural resolution... though you might find a different one works better. Define lag? Disable Shadows & Post processing.. see if that helps anything.. AA at disabled or x2/low or very low.. forget what it is.. Mouse: turn off the head bob and/or smoothing and/or aiming deadzone, might also help..
  14. I installed ATI Tray Tools, and setup a profile for OA to force V-Sync off. Doesn't seem to change anything (tried on/off). Did some testing in OA, the 7th Cav Domi West server. My fps are always ~25... I get about 35 fps with view distance 500, 30 at 1000, or I can get 25 fps with view distance 5000. I can 3D resolution to 200%, and get about 15 fps, or I can set it to 50% and get ~25 fps. Changing the rest of the video settings does nothing but modify the GPU usage a little bit.... My next step is too look at previous driver revisions, but I dunno if I have the burning desire to try to fix something that probably can't be fixed by me. -no effect: hdrprecision, framesahead... Also, -cpuCount 2 -exThreads=1 is ignored, and it runs on 4 cores...
  15. Maybe different object settings would help refine the area of interest... Instead of hitting ESC, what happens if you try to check memory usage in the task manager...