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  1. I give credit to the community; To those that have created CBA, to people like Mando, who have really given to gamers like myself, they and people like them, are the reason this game has been able to hang on for so long, and it surely has nothing to do with any effort being put out by BIS. BIS gives us the same things they've always given us... New graphics, with months and months of debugging to resolve some issues, while many others just get passed on to the sequel, and never fixed. BIS gives us the same disobedient AI's to work with; Lack of documentation on their part, when searching for Arma 3 help on a command, I get taken back to the Arma 1 or 2 wiki, because they just aren't much into documenting their scripting lanuage. That's all they've given us... Same buggy commands, and lots of them, such as move, domove, commandmove, and leaves it to us to figure out which commands work best for which situations. We have to deal with trial and errors in dealing with what needs to be broadcast across computers, and what needs to remain local; How to handle JIP issues, all of this just too complex to deal with to create a mission. BIS relies on the community to do the hard work, while the basic problems get passed on from sequel to sequel... I'm against anyone in the community giving BIS anything; Let them do their own work, because they're the ones getting paid, not the community. I've seen this trend since the days of Flashpoint; The community would create these great ideals, BIS would steal them, rewrite them to suit their own needs, then put it into the next game. The core components need to be fixed, and the community doesn't want to hear promises, they want results. We want the eventhandlers working as they should; We want the Garbage Collector doing its job, deleting bodies off the battlefield that were there at mission start as well as those spawned during gameplay... Why am I having to use Celery's delete body script? I shouldn't have to, because BIS should have done their jobs to ensure the community that the frame work is there working as it should, so people like CBA will not have to focus on workarounds to issues that should already be solved, passed on from previous games. Let BIS do their own work, let them be creative for change! We don't need more scripting commands, we need the old ones to work!
  2. Can someone view the link below, and give me your thoughts on how I would make this more efficient? The mission works sort of, for the most part, give or take the aspects that aren't working quite as planned... (This saves me from having to retype everything over and over...) http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=22864 Another problem with my mission is the markers of the in-game spawned (createunit) units, after awhile end up in the ocean not following the units they're supposed to be attached to... My markers are pre-created on the map at mission-start, and called through a trigger, condition True, only activate one time; When condition is met, it executes the following file... *Please refer to the main problem listed in the link above, and then all this will make sense. I have a feeling someone helps me solve the above problem, that this problem will fizzle out on it's own. Also: What's best to use, to get a group to move by script, to the position of another unit, e.g. EastG1 move (getpos WestSlot1), or should I use Domove? Seems that it works initially, but after awhile they just stand still regardless of receiving a move order? Can't figure that out... Anyway, thankyou, and again, this is not the MAIN problem, just sideaffects of the problems listed in the link above, if someone with experience in SQS, or even SQF can assist me here, my scripting isn't at the level I wish... initUnitMkrs.sqs ? (!(isServer)):exit; #MkrRestart ?(alive WestSlot1): "W1Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos WestSlot1); ?(alive WestSlot2): "W2Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos WestSlot2); ?(alive WestSlot3): "W3Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos WestSlot3); ?(alive WestSlot4): "W4Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos WestSlot4); ?(alive WestSlot5): "W5Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos WestSlot5); ?(alive WestSlot6): "W6Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos WestSlot6); ?(alive WestSlot7): "W7Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos WestSlot7); ?(alive WestSlot8): "W8Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos WestSlot8); ?(alive WestSlot9): "W9Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos WestSlot9); ?(alive WestSlot10): "W10Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos WestSlot10); ?(Grp1Done==1): "E101Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E101); ?(Grp1Done==1): "E102Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E102); ?(Grp1Done==1): "E103Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E103); ?(Grp1Done==1): "E104Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E104); ?(Grp1Done==1): "E105Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E105); ?(Grp1Done==1): "E106Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E106); ?(Grp1Done==1): "E107Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E107); ?(Grp1Done==1): "E108Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E108); ?(Grp1Done==1): "E109Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E109); ?(Grp1Done==1): "E110Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E110); ?(Grp1Done==1): "E111Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E111); ?(Grp1Done==1): "E112Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E112); ?(Grp1Done==1): "E113Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E113); ?(Grp1Done==1): "E114Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E114); ?(Grp1Done==1): "E115Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E115); ?(Grp1Done==1): "E116Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E116); ?(Grp2Done==1): "E201Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E201); ?(Grp2Done==1): "E202Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E202); ?(Grp2Done==1): "E203Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E203); ?(Grp2Done==1): "E204Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E204); ?(Grp2Done==1): "E205Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E205); ?(Grp2Done==1): "E206Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E206); ?(Grp2Done==1): "E207Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E207); ?(Grp2Done==1): "E208Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E208); ?(Grp2Done==1): "E209Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E209); ?(Grp2Done==1): "E210Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E210); ?(Grp3Done==1): "E301Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E301); ?(Grp3Done==1): "E302Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E302); ?(Grp3Done==1): "E303Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E303); ?(Grp3Done==1): "E304Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E304); ?(Grp3Done==1): "E305Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E305); ?(Grp3Done==1): "E306Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E306); ?(Grp4Done==1): "E401Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E401); ?(Grp4Done==1): "E402Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E402); ?(Grp4Done==1): "E403Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E403); ?(Grp4Done==1): "E404Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E404); ?(Grp4Done==1): "E405Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E405); ?(Grp4Done==1): "E406Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E406); ?(Grp5Done==1): "E501Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E501); ?(Grp5Done==1): "E502Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E502); ?(Grp5Done==1): "E503Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E503); ?(Grp5Done==1): "E504Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E504); ?(Grp5Done==1): "E505Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E505); ?(Grp5Done==1): "E506Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E506); ?(Grp6Done==1): "E601Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E601); ?(Grp6Done==1): "E602Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E602); ?(Grp6Done==1): "E603Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E603); ?(Grp6Done==1): "E604Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E604); ?(Grp6Done==1): "E605Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E605); ?(Grp6Done==1): "E606Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E606); ?(Grp7Done==1): "E701Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E701); ?(Grp7Done==1): "E702Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E702); ?(Grp7Done==1): "E703Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E703); ?(Grp7Done==1): "E704Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E704); ?(Grp7Done==1): "E705Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E705); ?(Grp7Done==1): "E706Mkr" setmarkerpos (getpos E706); ~0.5 goto "MkrRestart"; exit
  3. The layout of my mission is this: 10 Bluefor units on the map at mission start all playable units. 9 Opfor units on the map at mission start all playable units, under which during gameplay, more Opfor units are spawned under each of these Team Leaders Command... Bluefor names of units: WestSlot1 through WestSlot10 Opfor names of units E101, E201, E301, E401, E501, E601, E701, E801, E901 I'm trying to delete all bodies, whether they were in the mission at mission start, as well as those spawned in-mission. Here is what I've been using, codewise: Question: Is this the right syntax here... "O_Soldier_AR_F" createUnit [position E101, group E101,"E102R = this;UE102R = this addMPEventHandler ['MPkilled', {Null = _this execVM 'removeBody.sqf'}];", 0.2, "corporal"]; ...to replace this code... "O_Soldier_AR_F" createUnit [position E101, group E101,"E102R = this;", 0.2, "corporal"]; E102R addEventHandler ['killed', {(_this select 0) execVM 'removeBody.sqf'}]; ...which is part of the .sqs script below? Grp1Update.sqs ? (Not(isServer)):exit; ?(G1Flg==1): goto "rtnG1Nxt"; ~15 G1Flg=1; publicvariable "G1Flg"; ~2 hint "East Team 1 moving out!"; #rtnG1Nxt "O_Soldier_AR_F" createUnit [position E101, group E101,"E102R = this;", 0.2, "corporal"]; E102R addEventHandler ['killed', {(_this select 0) execVM 'removeBody.sqf'}]; ~0.5 "O_Soldier_LAT_F" createUnit [position E101, group E101,"E103R = this;", 0.2, "corporal"]; E103R addEventHandler ['killed', {(_this select 0) execVM 'removeBody.sqf'}]; ~0.5 "O_Soldier_GL_F" createUnit [position E101, group E101,"E104R = this;", 0.2, "corporal"]; E104R addEventHandler ['killed', {(_this select 0) execVM 'removeBody.sqf'}]; ~0.5 "O_Soldier_F" createUnit [position E101, group E101,"E105R = this;", 0.2, "corporal"]; E105R addEventHandler ['killed', {(_this select 0) execVM 'removeBody.sqf'}]; ~0.5 "O_medic_F" createUnit [position E101, group E101,"E106R = this;", 0.2, "corporal"]; E106R addEventHandler ['killed', {(_this select 0) execVM 'removeBody.sqf'}]; ~0.5 "O_Soldier_AR_F" createUnit [position E101, group E101,"E107R = this;", 0.2, "corporal"]; E107R addEventHandler ['killed', {(_this select 0) execVM 'removeBody.sqf'}]; ~0.5 "O_Soldier_GL_F" createUnit [position E101, group E101,"E108R = this;", 0.2, "corporal"]; E108R addEventHandler ['killed', {(_this select 0) execVM 'removeBody.sqf'}]; ~0.5 "O_medic_F" createUnit [position E101, group E101,"E109R = this;", 0.2, "corporal"]; E109R addEventHandler ['killed', {(_this select 0) execVM 'removeBody.sqf'}]; ~2 [E102R,E103R,E104R,E105R,E106R,E107R,E108R,E109R] join grpNull; [E102R,E103R,E104R,E105R,E106R,E107R,E108R,E109R] join EastG1; Group E101 setGroupId ["Opfor 1"]; ~2 Grp1Flg=1; publicvariable "Grp1Flg"; @((!alive E102R)&&(!alive E103R)&&(!alive E104R)&&(!alive E105R)&&(!alive E106R)&&(!alive E107R)&&(!alive E108R)&&(!alive E109R)) Hint "East Group 1 has been wiped out! They are requesting reinforcements!"; ~5 Grp1Flg=0; publicvariable "Grp1Flg"; exit;
  4. harold5187

    Public Apology to BIS

    It happens all the time! Anytime when money is involved as it is in the movie industry, and the video game industry, nothing surprises me except the ignorance of ignoring the possibility that it IS happening, and the gamers are the ones who suffer. While BIS may not be the culprit in the hacking incidents, I guess only God and them know the things we are not privy to know, and only their own conscience can judge them according to each their own. I am rather upset that they added the stance thing which affects your accuracy. If they want to create a milsim based on realism, then they should know that all soldiers are trained with a varying degree of accuracy on how to shoot accurate in all stances for which they have been taught, and I loved how I could get kills in Flashpoint and Arma 1 no matter what stance I choose, but it seems the game has gotten unrealistic in being that I can't hit anything while in any other stance but sitting, or laying prone. And the grass is so high most of the time you can't hit anything while prone due to visibility. That is a game killer to me. If you want a milsim for the general public, then my advice is for the general public to join the military and serve their country that way, but no major victories will be gained by making a video game as realistic as possible, unless they want another adrenaline game that makes you cuss every 5 seconds. I've put well over 300 hours into Arma 3 Alpha, and thousands of hours into Arma 1, that should tell you that I'm not having as much fun in Arma 3, because I can't hit nothing standing up, or crouched. You shoot one time, and the enemy turns and not having to aim, just nails you after 1 or 2 shots from like 200 to 300 meters away. It's almost as like by default all players are equivalent to civies who can't shoot and whine all the time, just as hollywood depicts us. But they are sadly wrong. And we are not just stupid civies. As far as this being a toolset to debug VBS, well, it may be true that Arma is a derivitive of VBS, but it's not a toolset, because it's being boxed as a game, and sold as a game and nothing more! If VBS is all the military can come up with to train our troops, then I can tell our troops right now, that their crap outta luck on the real battlefield, cause no video game is going to prepare you for real combat. One last note on competitors sabataging other company projects. Not every war is waged on a battlefield, nor out in the public for all to see. They preach a world of black and white, while inbetween lays all their shady deals that remain unquestioned, or passed off as conspiracy. Truely those that close their mind to the truths are the ones that are truely blind. They take things at face value, and can't understand why things are the way they are, becuase humans by default are not GOOD and DECENT people. We are animals, we know nothing more than violence. We train for it, we prepare for it, we make excuses for it, and should God himself come down to earth and offer world peace instantly, then I'm sure the military of the world would still find an excuse to keep troops on the ready.
  5. Moderators may delete this after they read it. I wanted to extend a personal apology to BIS for assuming they were behind the hacks; It had never occurred to me until recent that the obvious explanation behind this, could very well be BIS competitors. There are an extremely large amount of people migrating from Battlefield 3 to ArmA 3, and it's understandable how BIS competitors would be worried about this. I tend to look at things in a pessimistic view, exploring all options, but sometimes I jump the gun a little too quickly, and I want to apologize to BIS personally. Keep up the good work BIS and I know that ArmA 3 will be THE premier milsim game on the market once these issues have been addressed. And once again, BIS, I apologize! I plan to buy another copy of ArmA 3 for my friend as well.
  6. I, as many others here, have been playing this game since Operation Flashpoint, and I've never seen such widespread hacking in previous games, as I see now. I've been saying it for quite some time, that it's obvious to me that what we see happening now, appears intentional, and not just a bunch of trouble-doers bored out of their minds. Bis decides to take a risk on a new game engine, not able to for-see whether their endeavor will pay off or put them into debt. They realize they will never be able to uphold their promises to the general public, those great expectations they've had for this game, but they still want as much money back as possible, so as not to end up a total lost of their investment, so they release the game early as an Alpha, start racking in the money by offering expensive supporter editions promising names in the credits for some supposed final release. Meanwhile in the background they work on the very plan that will cause them to "cancel" the game, while being able to put the blame anywhere but themselves. They keep the money they've taken, and take a smaller loss than they would have, had they been honest with us. By making the Alpha totally vunerable, going so far as to even incorporate MP_Exec feature thus giving their secret cohorts what they need to hack through the front doors, enough people complain, till they bring in their Ace in the hole, one final incident that takes the cake, one single great hack that brings down all the servers. This has all been orchestrated from the very beginning, and the stupid people are the people like ME who actually had faith in Bis not to screw us over! Why as of this time are the servers still down; How hard is it to fix their own games after such a hack? This wasn't Anonymous, or perhaps it was, guess we'll never know, but I doubt it, but I'm certain it has the smell of corporate planning behind it. It would look awefully stupid if all the servers went down except their own Dev servers, so they had to make sure their own servers went down as well. Now they can blame these so called Hackers for the failure of their game. http://pixeljudge.com/en/news/hacker-hacking-into-arma-3-alphas-leaky-ship/
  7. harold5187

    Voice recognition for AI commands for Arma 3

    That's all fine in dandy if your greedy and want to charge people $18 bucks to use VAC, outside of the money you spend on buying Arma 3, when it should be incorporated into Arma 3 by default. Since in real life soldiers don't issue orders to other soldiers via a computer keyboard. Want to talk realistic, lets start with this feature, then you can boast about military realism in a sim, until then, Arma 3 will be a near perfect game, and nothing more; If Bohemia is satisfied with that rank, then more power to them, but if I were a gaming company, I'd be going for the gold medal in this race.
  8. harold5187

    PhysX3_x86.dll Crash

    I'm not even using Nvidia on this computer! I'm running an ATI 5800 series on an AMD Phenom 2 with 4 processors and 12 gigs of ram! I don't understand why this file is causing my game to crash so much, when, as I say, I don't even use Nvidia products? It's either this file causing frequent crash to desktops, or its a fault with DirectX, or just as worse a fault in their "alpha" stage memory managers in the .dll folder. I would recommend you implement a system that uploads the .rpt file of those whose games crash while playing Arma 3, because I've never had these problems with other games. I can get a satisfying gaming session in with X3 Terran Conflict and even Albion Prelude, which is far more demanding than this game. I hope this is not a problem that just gets talked about alot, when ending up in some file cabinet of issues not solved since Operation Flashpoint. And speaking of issues, lets talk about how worthless the new stances are, with too many more keys assigned to learn them. When I go into map mode I come out, and I'm laying in some crazy stance in the prone position. I would like to stay in the position I select when I go into map mode, and not have the computer decide to put me into another stance, which will ultimately get me killed. Less pretty flowery features, and more fixing the problems that were not addressed in previous versions. Please debug your own report files, because I know you devs play your own game as well, why ignore your own rpt files, and ask for more information when we report our problems to you! You guys are going to lose a lot of loyal fans if you don't start listening to the people who have made you what you are through our loyalty over the years. We don't want another Battlefield 3 game, and we don't want to cater to those people as well, keep Arma as its' been, but refine it, and fix the bugs, and most of all play and read the rpt files, because that's your greatest source of bug fixes when you guys get bored, or run out of coffee!
  9. That's all fine and dandy, but we are NOT spawning as seagulls! We are spawning into the slots we have selected playing the game, and idiots are using trainer type software to turn people into seagulls. We are not spawned into birds at game start! If you truely played the game, you would have seen this. The game is totally unplayable as of the moment. I have just disconnected because I can't find a server where this is not happening. I am so upset it's just beyond words! I expect CTD's, and I expect lost sessions and bugs, but I do not expect the Alpha 3 to be this unplayable! I'm so angry right now, I don't even think a prozac would help me at this point! Not that Bohemia cares in the slightest or they would have jumped on this issue the hour it started happening. If you want to improve the game, start reading the comments of people who are paying to beta test YOUR games, and don't just provide us a place to place a comment, in which case we are directed through some indirect comment through board personnel who manage the website. Your loosing gamers Bohemia, and perhaps that was the goal of this incident, perhaps it's an attack from a competitor, wouldn't suprise me, but I assure you it's not some stupid game bug, as I'm told. I'm 42 years old, and I'm not that stupid. If you want to continue losing gamers, then continue doing nothing, and I'll never buy another Bohemia game ever again, and I've been faithful since Operation Flashpoint.
  10. Your a smart one! The money is not the issue here! Just because noone is sticking a gun to my head when I buy the game, doesn't mean I deserve less, as opposed when I buy a GOOD game at full price like X3 Terran Conflict, that I've not encountered such problems with. So read the freaking post before you start telling me I'm getting a good deal on being ripped off!
  11. I disagree, I've seen this happen on servers I was playing on, and it was done intentionally by individual people! So lying about this and placing the blame somewhere it's not is not acceptible, we arn't that stupid, and were not born yesterday, these are NOT just game bugs! A game bug is me spending my money on a game that Bohemia was aware would be at risk. ---------- Post added at 07:43 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:25 AM ---------- I don't want to hear excuses by game developers who sell the work of beta testing to the general public, because they want their money before the game is even released in full. I bought the Alpha and I understand there will be hangups, and crashes which I've encountered, and lived with, because I know these problems will be addressed. I can handle that, but what I can't handle are these 15 year old punks, and hacker wanna-be's, who download free software offered on the internet, that are not even HACKS, are like the cheat trainers you see in some of the older games that you activate before running the game. But it's a security threat none the less, and it needs to be addressed. The server I was playing on was attacked in this manner, turning everyone into sea gulls. Server restart fixed it, then the hacker wanna-be got pissed, and did it again. I left the server and went to two other servers, that didn't fare much better. So I could not play the game hardly any yesterday. This is NOT a bug, it's a malicious intent, done by malicious people, and if Bohemia has done this as an attempt to flat out cancel Arma 3 due to prediction failures, the gamers won't be as forgiving. This is absurd. Obviously Battleeye is not activated, if it can even address this problem. I'm not expecting a solution, because I've read other posts here as well, and they're having the same problems, I've encountered, I'm just angry, and I have a right to be, and I don't want some Bohemian person telling me it's a game bug, because I know it's NOT. Who should know? Someone whose played the game and encountered it, or people who can't even beta test their own games. It's becoming a trend in the gaming market!
  12. It would be very nice to be able to designate or mark enemy targets to your ai teammates, and then execute for a simultaneous take down. This would make for better strategizing. Just an ideal. Also, Claymores are a snipers best friend, would be nice to have them in game, rather than searching for mods. Have a sandbox mode, with populated cities, so that it doesn't seem like we're waging wars in empty cities, not worth dying for. Points deducted from your score if you shoot civies. Vehicles should be tools of use, and you should not get points for destroying empty vehicles, because they are not friend or foe. I've gotten killed in Arma so many times for destroying empty vehicles on my own side, whereas my own men would execute me. I didn't want to leave a vehicle behind for the enemy to use, not that they would, but it's the thought that counts. Why get punished for strategic thinking?
  13. I've heard through various Arma related sites, that The Captain has been working on an MP mission called Close Assault, and I'm dying to try his mission out! Who do I have to sell my soul to, to get a copy of his mission. He has come the closest to what I've been wanting to do for years with getting team switch to work, and from what I hear he's achieved a lot more than I was ever able to. Can someone please relay any information regarding this mission, if it was ever completed for the first ArmA game, actually, I have the Arma version that includes Queens Gambit. Sincerely, Fullmetal P.S. Are there any surviving members of the clan DSF around? When I played with them, they were Hatcher, Deaddog, Joker, Thrasher, and a german dude, I can't remember his handle, but I remember his cool accent, I've been trying to get in touch with them so we can perhaps play again, if they still play ArmA?