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  1. Deadfast - or anyone else with an idea on a fix for this: I just installed this using Playwith six, it also updated the mod - but the mod name is a little different than your DL link on page 1 -when downloaded using PWSIX, the mod folder is called: "dfs_3rdperson_a3" When I press "launch", a message appears before the game actually launches that says: " Include file userconfig\dfs_3rdperson\cameraPosition.hpp not found " It will not laucnh the game and once I press "OK" on the message it returns to the PlayWithSIX launch window. I looked in my steam A3 directory, the mod is there and the subfolder in the mod with userconfig and also the hpp file IS there. I've tried removing and then reinstalling the mod using PWSIX, also tried manually deleting the mod outside of PWSIX and then letting PWSIX reinstall it. Same results. I suspect this may be an issue with PWSIX rather than the mod, but I pretty much only use PWSix to launch. It works fine when I download and install from the link on page 1 rather than PWSIX. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  2. SeaVee

    ACE for OA 1.13

    My backpack disappears when I enter the Chinook as pilot or when I get in the MHQ as driver. Upon getting out my backpack is gone. I have searched the net and this thread but the only information I can find on the matter is this thread: https://dev-heaven.net/issues/27384 There are a couple of links in the replies there that refer to some workaround but the links don't open. Sickboy mentions there : "Put radio(s) / other equipment in cargo. When pilot gets out, take radio from cargo." and also "Or use the unofficial way to disable the system, as documented in the various tickets about it." I'm sorry but I cant figure out how to put the ruck in cargo, or to stop losing my pack when piloting the chopper. I've tried interaction kety, gear, etc. to no avail. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance.
  3. SeaVee

    ASR AI Skills

    This looks very interesting and looking forward to trying it - thanks for the work doing this mod. I just installed ASR AI for the first time using Sixupdater - and when that finished I had SU run process userconfigs. I have not yet laumched the game with it but looking in my userconfigs folder there are two asr_ai subfolders: asr_ai and asr_ai_1330760738 each of these in turn have the asr_ai_settings file. What is the difference in the folders and which settings file should I edit for my preferences? I do have ACE and also Beta vers 89223 installed - if either has anything to do with why the two sets of userconfigs.
  4. In the Gear selection menu, for the launchers (i.e. Dragon, etc), when one clicks on that desired launcher I suggest that in the little description which appears down below it also names the specific missile that the launcher needs to be able to fire. This is already done when one selects the munition itself, so why not do the same for the launcher? This would be helpful especially for newer players who then quickly can ID the proper munition they will need to select rather than spend alot of immersion-robbing time scrolling through a huge list of items.
  5. SeaVee

    Proving ground

    ANy Chance you can get armaholic to host the new update? I would prefer not to use Sendspace as it forces one to have to install the iLivid download manager. I'm worried that its spyware/malware....
  6. SeaVee


    From: http://www.romexsoftware.com/en-us/fancy-cache/faq.html FancyCache FAQ Q: Does the cache still work if I close the FancyCache application? Shall I open and run FancyCache every time my computer restarts? It seems that FancyCache does not automatically start with Windows start-up. A: After you click Start Caching button, the cache is always working even you close the FancyCache application or restart your computer. It stops working only when you click Stop Caching button or uninstall FancyCache. Q: What is the difference between the Disk and Volume editions? A: The Disk Edition is to cache for individual disks, while the Volume Edition for individual volumes/partitions. Q: What shall I do when 90-day trial expires? Is there a way to buy a license now? Do you have a price list? A: FancyCache is still a beta testing version. When 90-day trial expires, you can continue using it by updating it to the latest version or downloading an extended trial license. FancyCache is not open for retail now, so the price list is also not released.
  7. SeaVee

    Why is this game not more popular?

    Check out the Shack Tac Movement mod: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?t=109628
  8. Sory this is not Arma2 related but it is SIM, PC gaming related. Anyone else following the hysteria and anger over the botched release of IL2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover? Here is some insider info on whats going on in the development house at 1C and Ubi:
  9. SeaVee

    adjusting clutter

    I can attest to how GREAT the proper vegetation tweak mod is. It works on the Chernarus vegetation (or Utes or any other map that uses that same vegetation - I believe). I have a pretty strong system (see sig) and run with terrain and almost all other settings on max with great FPS. What I can not stand however with the chernarus vegetation (grass in particular) is the terrible and very noticeable resolution LOD switching while moving around - it is distracting, looks awful and is a real immersion killer. This mod linked above very substantially improves that - and despite the name of the mod you do not have "low" quality visuals. It maintains a very high Image Quality (IQ). In fact I see NO loss in IQ but there is a very dramatic improvement especially when walking or running - as it greatly reduceds the degree of LOD changes on the vegetation and the result is a HUGE visual and immersion improvement. FPS overall may only be marginally better, if at all with it but the visual improvement is significant. At the link above you have more info on the mod and access to two variants of the mod as download choices, Very Low and Low. With Very Low (which I've not tried as I read there is a more noticeable drop in IQ) - - First three resolution LODs removed - First two and last two mipmaps removed With LOW - First two LODs removed - First and last mipmap removed Oh, and the sample videos you can see there for comparison do not do this justice - you have to see it on your rig to appreciate how good it is. Here is the link at armaholic for only the LOW version: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=7252
  10. ACE, ACEX, JSRS, JTD, Landtex, sthud, stmovement, TrueGameplay, TrueUser The last two I just started using and they are truly awesome, but they all are really.
  11. SeaVee

    SLX Mod WIP

    Exactly. I too have three separate keys programmed, one each for stand up crouch prone With SLX mod I can NOT go from prone to standing up by pressing the standup key command. With the mod off, I can. With SLX on, if I press the prone key I go prone, and if I press that same key again, I will standup.
  12. SeaVee

    SLX Mod WIP

    Solus, Thanks for this Mod, just started using it and like it alot. I did use the thread search function and could not find this so I have a question for you: With SLX running I find that while I am in the prone position I do not stand up when I press my key command for stand up. I have to first press the crouch key command and then separately press the stand up command. I am not using default key commands - if that makes a difference - but it does not happen when NOT using SLX... Is this a planned feature of the mod or a bug or might there be something wrong with my setup/controls? EDIT: I did just find that when prone if I once again hit the prone key I WILL stand up, but I won't directly stand up when I hit the my separate key command for prone. Not a biggie - just have to remember that when prone if I want to stand up to again hit the prone key.