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    Read SQF files?

    Just another question about SQF's. How can you use them with ARMA 3. In ARMA 2 you can create your SQF and place it in your saved mission in the editor and just write the Handle_ in the INIT field to activate it. How is this done via Steam? Basically when I go to SteamApps and ArMA 3 my saved missions do not appear in the missions folder.
  2. PRM Commando

    How can i use the Bipod ?

    Ok guys, so I've read most of this thread so admittedly I did not read it all. But from what I gather, TomerTheHunter created this thread as he wanted to know how he could use the bipod. Meaning that he wanted to use an attachment (removable or not) that is already in the game, BUT, it does not work. Some of you are saying that it is not yet ready. I doubt this because it would just be a matter of coding the barrel sway when the bipod is deployed and this would be a relatively simple thing to do when compared with say, ballistics and wind simulation. And remember that we had to get ACE as previously stated, to use a bipod in Arma 2. Has anyone fired the MK48 Mod 0 in crouch behind cover? Pointless. The rest are saying that it is not a necessary feature which I think is ridiculous. To say that militaries the world over will spend a small fortune on developing and purchasing good bipods so that the shooter can be more accurate and suffer less from fatigue (forearms in the prone position will tire). So the argument there is that bipods are critical to SAW gunners and snipers. Someone show me a video of a sniper hitting a target over 800m away without either a bipod or something to rest the rifle on. So basically all I'm saying is bipods are needed and that if they are already in the game, then make them functional. Oh and sorry to post on an old thread but its better than starting a new one (and I never looked at the date :D )
  3. PRM Commando

    How is Arma 3 multiplayer going to be?

    Well thanks to DayZ it is hard enough to get a physical copy. Saying that you should find a site that you can order from. I dont know where you live but you should be able to get it delivered. I bought Arma2 and OA online when i got them and I do recall it was cheaper than buying from a regular store. I recommend this game 110%. But play the free version first just to be sure you do like it.
  4. PRM Commando

    More GUI, less scripts in the editor.

    I think DMarkwick has it spot on. Have a basic GUI for beginners and yet have the option for the experienced editors to continue using scripts as normal. A tiered system would allow people like myself to actually learn how to use the editor at a basic level and then build up to more complex operations by adding one or two scripts at a time to each mission, rather than trying to learn multiple scripts at once. At least maybe BIS could create official tutorials? Thankfully there are people giving they're free time to making them for us, for which I am extremely grateful, but a structured step by step tutorial from basic, through intermediate, then up to advanced could be done in my opinion. Even if they have a PDF guide of scripting from A-Z would be a massive help.
  5. I would like to see the stances, awareness, and movement speeds improved. For example you cannot command your team to walk to a location, I know you can edit waypoints before the mission but it would be good to do this on the fly. Also with the awareness, the AI doesnt really do you any favours in "danger" mode. They constantly run across each others paths and sometimes take friendly fire.. I would like to see a mode added where your team will walk with their weapons raised. This cannot be be done on the fly in a mission. Saying that it would be a great addition if you could move at double pace while looking down the sights. The current pace is too slow for open plan urban combat, for example, moving through a courtyard or up an alleyway or street that has no cover, which are in abundance in OA. I know moving faster is less accurate but at least you can suppress and move at the same time. Walking while crouched is unrealistic in OA too. The back is too straight and the soldier is not leaning his shoulder into the stock, although this particular one is just a minor gripe really.