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  1. BasileyOne

    Arma 2 OA 64 bit version

    sadly, not. despite BIS product start hitting 2Gb barrier from OFP:R times :[ seems developers too busy spying, not much time left for development itself. sad, but true.
  2. BasileyOne

    Simulator Envoirment for ARMA 2

    predict comodisation/widespreading of such[but 3x bigger resolution]within 2 years.
  3. BasileyOne

    Do ArmA Firefights Exsist?

    you can enforce terrain grid resolution on both mission, server -levels. but thats all about resources. especially, memory consumption. even in OFP:R you can easily hit 2Gb barrier[and thats 30x-100x smaller textures and terrain]. so, with 640bit binaries in Arma3[Arma4? Arma5 ?]thats issue vanish/disappear.
  4. BasileyOne


    actually India operated some Bears in Patrol configuration[ie dubbed as "Tu-142"] for some time.
  5. BasileyOne

    ARMA2 Bugs

    there was nothing "completely" or "absolytely". in fact. there was nothing of "absolytely" © Black or White. world full of gradations, full of colors. even emotions within human brains had some amounts of physics, for example. bottom line: hardly that was geenric/fundamental issue. ie, rest objects was had bullet-stopping caps, cause proper geometry.
  6. BasileyOne

    Re-do terrain maps?

    EXACTLY !! they enabled/included PyscX in long-time selling VBS2. built on same engine as Arma2.
  7. corrupted officials. watch Russian TV/newspaper - former Defense minister in court, his subordinates detained or under arrest. and yes, LMV inferior in ALL aspect: control[on "trials" driver simply evade obstacles, with humilating laugh from watching military], cross-country performance[if had anyy], protection, reliability, cargo capacity/weight, suitability for utilitary use[ie anything else than carrying big fat civilians in peacetime] and etc and etc[and not forget price. for this piece of junk]. several other dirty money raised on others contracts for military or simply stolen. several conscripts was sick/ill/dead cause someone steal money to keep their barrack warm[enough] in winter, for example. several fundamental objects of infrastructure was sold[and money stolen], most of which build for decades[thats include vital R&D facilities, EWS-related objects or even WMD security -related stuff and etc and etc]. overall amounts of damages[only financial side without cost of lives and cost of impact on defense, ie lifes/country survival]vary from 1trln to 4trln Roubles.
  8. genrally using conventional explosives in ERA was only typical for 1 generation of ERA and went decades behind. this and amounts of explosive materials you're talking about. and no, such amounts on explosives[even conventional]didn't damage tank, unless it make from paper[not sure about Western, but soviet - doesn't]. even properly-made IFV can handle/use ERA and enjoy benefits from. note: hardly T-80BV inferior to T-72B, even same-generation and meaning T-80BV and T-72BV doesn't. those "BV" are just slightly reinforced "B" derivatives in both case. both ERA and "Chobham" improved considerably, nothing significant anymore, in this field upgrade. generally all T-72's variants - inferior to T-80 derivatives/counterparts. same was apply/true for T-90 too, sadly.
  9. BasileyOne

    ARMA2 Bugs

    its not bugs, just absent features. in particular case - absent physics. no bullet ballistic no realistic AP ratio, no realistic obstacles penetration/interaction/destruction. which is less horrible than for example, jerly animation. cycled static sequences, instead of procedural/sceletal ones. and mind resource-hogging AI, not significantly smarter than in OFP:R. FSM was cool, sure, but after creator left BIS, they "forgot" to compile that stuff to binaries, probably[or profile/fine-tune/debug it at least]. generally BIS product intended to simulate tactic, co-operation, rather than full-blown milsim[VBS2 had some feats that way, but few ones], but really good one. i wish you anjoy Arma2 anyway, as im did.
  10. BasileyOne

    Re-do terrain maps?

    dunno why BIS not integrated both Bulldozer and vistitor WITHIN game, just to be part of already present maps/missions editor[another tabs in it, for example]? maybe, just like how they did with PhysX - to sell it tripple times ? first as Arma2, then as VBS2, and then as Arma3. each time consumers get "little less crippled" remnats of developers fruits, severely lagged behind BIS development upstream. oh and not forget numerous "add-ons"/expansions, which supposed to be "better" but in fact are inferior in all respects to vanilla Arma2, sadly :[ its "just business, baby" ©. dirty one.
  11. BasileyOne

    Taser Mod

    one US company[founded by Russian emigrant)produce full-auto tasers. most interesting detail - uses non-insulated wires. would nice to see this thing in mod too.
  12. BasileyOne

    Crusades/Medieval Mod

    nice. just drop some Saracens and Asassins as OPFOR and picture complete !! :P and/or Chinese warriors and Zule and Maya...oh wait.. Dragons ? why not ? :-) ashame Skyrim !!
  13. not sure about "on the hive" or "youtuber", but in case of drastic amount of cheating on arma2.ru servers and below-zero ability to detect/identify person involved, admins tend to start kicking "unfamilar people" more and more without further variants until something changes. i know its rude, but they had some points in that.
  14. BasileyOne


    gorgeous planes -) ironically we're had too small islands to enjoy even tactical planes, sadly :[ mind that 95MS bear Cruise Missiles had about 2.5x bigger range and 30% less signature than competing ones.
  15. well actually ERA R&D in USSR sparkled aftter IDF clashes on Sinai with Egypt and Syria[after which ERA considered meaningful. only "pure-mecanical" adaptive armour cosidered before], ie about 50 yrs ago. and installed gradually on all tanks during field repair["re-built"]starting from T-55 and T-62[usually refered as T-55AM, T-55M, T-62M, T-62M1 and etc]. but T72B and T80A was first mass-produced(!!)tanks shipped with ERA initially. about B-80/Ka-50 - project started quite early and developed hardly/slowly because competing companies lobbies[supported by foreign intel].