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  1. pwnage_51

    MK18 Mod 1

    Would you consider making a variant with stock collapsed instead of extended?
  2. Is this problem still happening with the latest version (r15) released above?
  3. Thanks Shay, I really appreciate the work you put in. This is a great addon.
  4. The download link on the front page has been updated for anyone who is looking for the newest version (r14). Thanks shay_gman!
  5. @Pennywise666 There is supposed to be an update released soon. I think it was actually supposed to be out yesterday. I would wait and see if you still have the problem after this next update.
  6. What is the current version of this mod? The original post shows version r12 in the change log, Armaholic shows version r15, and Play With Six shows version 0.0.13. Thanks!
  7. You can already place the AI in buildings and have them not move. That's been around for ages.
  8. pwnage_51

    Bin Laden Is Dead

    I heard it was Charlie Sheen who got him, lol!
  9. pwnage_51

    Bin Laden Is Dead

    I hope Team America World Police was involved!
  10. pwnage_51

    Bin Laden Is Dead

    Check any major news outlet.
  11. pwnage_51

    Bin Laden Is Dead

    I couldn't be happier! Burn in hell you bastard!
  12. pwnage_51


    It's really good to hear you're still around ebanks. Your Afghanistan projects are highly anticipated.
  13. pwnage_51

    African Foliage

    Yes, it's definitely not the AI. This doesn't happen with other trees or bushes. All you have to do is place down the AI on one side of the foliage and put yourself on the other. They will see you right through it.
  14. pwnage_51

    BI Developer's Blog: An interesting new entry

    Well that's a huge disappointment. I can't imagine a large market for a helicopter sim. Why would people stop using Flight Simulator X?