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  1. Hello, looking for a clan/community/unit in the european timezone that need a dedicated helicopter pilot. I have 5 years experience in ArmA2/3. I am 29 years of age and speak German / English in a fluent way. If you need to know more, feel free to message me. Regards AzE
  2. Great addon. I know ArmA3 has the MH-9 and AH-9 already in the game. But would it be possible to get the MH-6J and the normal AH-6J from ArmA2 ported as well? Regards AzE
  3. Hello Smookie, is it possible to release or edit your work for a SMK light version? The things I am talking about are mainly the different jogging speeds and the sniper stance. Why light? Not all of the movements things seem to be working properly in the way, that sometimes you run into a wall / car and die due to glitch. Also you crush your mate at a wall or vehicle. Regards AzE
  4. Hey everybody, thank BIS for all the hard work improoving the game continously. I am encountering a problem on our server, that the synchronization of the damaged environment uses up a lot of ressources. (So far less than 10 players have been on the server) Is it my fault for using the default server config from JMan @ KH? No offense to him, but do I need to trimm down the bandwith that each player has so connecting to the server doesn't kill the players performance? I know this is not the place to ask for server settings but we only have this problem since the new beta and that was my first guess for a workarround / fix. Any help is very much appreciated! Thank you! Regards AzE
  5. AzUme

    ACE for OA 1.13

    I am having issues with vehicles. After todays ACE update all sparetires and jerry cans are outside the vehicle and have to be loaded in manually for each vehicle. Something I need to add in, some new mdoule?
  6. AzUme

    Water Colour Mod For Arma 2

    Very nice Addon! Is it possible to create serverkeys for this?
  7. Hello code34, first of all, awesome Idea for a Map and so far nice work on it. But as my previous writers have pointed out, to finish this mission the Check operation plan bug must be gone. As you requested earlier we uploaded our server log which you can download here: https://rapidshare.com/files/459067718/log.2020-WIT.txt I hope for all that this can solve tis error. Regards AzUme