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  1. Hey up chaps, When trying to launch Bulldozer from the new shiny O2 I get: "External Viewer; Unable to create viewer" As far as I know I have changed nothing and this just started happening out of the blue- are there any ways to fix this please? Thanks for your time, Marc
  2. Cheers dude but that's not working for me... Still not working here- anyone have any suggestions please?
  3. Hi mi24..! :) Aye cheers mate, I thought so but if it's going to be a "work around" then I'd best leave it out. Otherwise it'll throw up more problems than it's worth and it'll be buggy too- I'll wait for BI to implement true underground support or not at all... :(
  4. Apologies for being backwards about this, but could someone please link to how we can use the new interface for this mod? If I missed it, I'm sorry in advance guys! This mod is the single most affecting mod for ARMA 3 imo... It's brilliant. :)
  5. Hey guys, @ evil-organ; Thanks for the message man, I hope it won't disappoint you! @ Yurtex; If there's going to be ANY undergrounds at all, then I'll be adding every kind of conceivable underground structure to this map mate. BUT, there will only be undergrounds if BI really truly support it down the line and make it correctly as atm it is a work around that I'm not happy with. @ Ckrauslo; Gee shucks man, appreciated but there's a LONG way to go yet..! @ Lon3Wolf; Plan is currently just a map mate- once that's done and finalised I would probably go on to developing more modules etc that can be placed to bring life to NOVA ZONA. @ mi24; What is all that please? Is there some undergrounds in there so you mean? @ Teeha; Hi Teeha, thanks for dropping by and for the message- I'll keep going! :) @ NerdMod; Hey matey thanks for popping by again! I'm glad you like the concepts, and no problem regards the RVMAT info- I think there's a Dev called Redstone who is currently doing video tutorials for us all so we can better follow a proper instructional guide rather than having to filter details ourselves or constantly message other mod makers. It's almost impossible for me to find ANY time for this these days sadly, as RL work MUST come first- it's as simple as that. I have all the energy and motivation I need for this, but sadly not the time... and it's FRUSTRATING AS HELL..!!! Damn, in regards making this official DLC: well talk about a dream come true lol..! *wakes up and rubs eyes...* Anyway, do keep on keeping on with your amazing iBuild Mod mate- I see you've become active once again to everyones great relief..! :) @ Kyle_K_ski; Great to hear from you again Kyle, it's been a long time mate! Glad you like the updates, and aye, you can see that metal warehouse from a lonnnnnng way off and it looks pretty intimidating knowing there's some AI hanging around it too! It's pretty mean looking at dusk time, when the pointed top is silhouetted against the darkening skies- almost Church like... That mod sounds fantastic- please could you PM me or link it in here as I can't find ref to it anywhere? Right now, when testing the buildings I use TPW mods and it has literally opened the game up 1000% for me- I can't recommend it enough for the SP experience. Anyway, I hope you're doing well Kyle and stay in touch man- it's always a boost to hear from you here..! :) As a general update on the situation as you've probably gathered, the main obstacle for me right now is time, because of RL work commitments. There is nothing I can do about this as you can imagine. I need bread and water (Read; curry and beer!). I am ever so slowly picking away at this at every opportunity I can grab, but that sometimes only amounts to roughly 30 mins or an hour tops starting at 9 at night after a full days work, so hopefully that gives you an idea of why output has slowed. :( I have also JUST come back from two weeks holiday, so maybe there'll be an update in the next week or two- we'll see... but in general I just can't find the time sadly.
  6. meshcarver

    Arma3 Videos

    Beautiful videos even though I can't understand, but could you please tell me what map that is?
  7. WOW!!! :) To my shame I have only just started using this mod mate and alls I can say is I will never be able to play without it now..! It has COMPLETELY transformed the game for me. Now, firefights are absolutely intense and dynamic whilst retaining their ARMA characteristics- the AI are truly a force to be reckoned with now especially with the LOS addon and EBS. Also, the FALL- AMAZING!!! :) For me it has really increased the ferocity of firefights and added more little dramatic moments like when you get knocked back on your arse, you try to get up and they keep pinging away at you to take you out! The thing that has pleased me most though is that AI are now using my structures both inside and out a LOT more than if I test in vanilla- do you know why that would be? In vanilla, they will mostly use the external part of my structures as cover and go around it, but with this they enter it constantly (lol, sounds saucy...) and are shooting through all the little peek holes I've modelled into it too which is brilliant to finally see!!! Also, as I'm testing for NOVA ZONA I am choosing dreary rainy weather so you can imagine how pleased I was to see rain drops running down my googles and increasing immersion even more..! Damn man, this has really breathed new life into it for me and I appreciate your work on this- keep going man!
  8. Fantastic stuff, I really like mods like this when they're done well. I am planning such sounds for my island too, and am also planning a siren for when Emissions (Or variations of) hit... Keep up the good work LtShadow, I'll be keeping an eye on this! :)
  9. Great to see you back mate- you had us all worried for a while there lol... ;)
  10. :p Aye man, I would really love to be able to expand on the whole idea of underground in ARMA3 given half the chance... and I should add, I have a lot of plans for a potential f&*^%d up Underground system of NOVA ZONA. :)
  11. Hi all, goddamn there's a lot of talk about Undergrounds going down here! (See that I did there..?! Did you see..?!) ;) Well, as I've said before IF they do somehow get implemented into ARMA3 then expect the sodden underbelly of NOVA ZONA to be like Swiss cheese. It will have so many levels of tunnels, corridors, ventilation ducts, piping, shaftage (Couldn't resist) and labyrinthine like lost complexes that you WILL get yourself lost and probably killed down there. As far as the conversation goes about why to have "underground" options for ARMA3 as it's not really applicable, well, fair enough I suppose. But I do think it'd be helpful in a realistic combat sense too for some map makers by giving them more options. Take proper trenches for example- sometimes, you need a trench that is only a couple of meters wide, but if your Terrain size is 5x5 meters say, then that's not gonna work properly I think, especially if you wanted vertical sidings to it. Best bet, is create your trench sectioned model at the size you desire (Not to placate the Terrain size), then place it into the ground like in that fantastic VBS video that was posted before- job done. Also, it doesn't all have to be about tunnels and trenches (There's a rude joke in there somewhere...). Even things like drainage runoffs next to road sides and normal everyday ground objects could all benefit from having this extra option. I REALLY do hope BI at some point get this into ARMA3- I would immediately start creating a section of underground corridor JUST so I could get the feel for how foreboding and claustrophobic I could make an area feel and start experimenting with flickering lights etc... damn...
  12. meshcarver

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Indeed SavageCDN, Rydygier should be commended for breathing fresh life into the SP side of ARMA3, he's done a great job so far.
  13. meshcarver

    S.t.a.l.k.e.r. mod

    Very nice video there man, gets a good atmosphere.
  14. Holy SHEET..! 0_o Why oh why don't we have this for ARMA 3..!?!?!? Goddamn, I would put in so much variation and levels underground using this- you would seriously need to throw down bread crumbs or you'd get lost- that's how labyrinthine I'd make it underneath NOVA ZONA. Imagine picking your way through miles and miles of pitch black irradiated sodden concrete tunnels and service ducts with nothing but a flickering torch... Thanks for the heads up on this Kleutscher, and also for your kind mention on the awesome looking 2017 thread. :)
  15. Hi guys, sorry I didn't reply to your input sooner, but have been bogged down with RL work. :( @AngelWingGamingJacob- cheers dude, but what's "Pulling a Smokedog"? Sounds like something you'd have to pay for lol... ;) @Pepe Hal- Nice one, cheers for the good wishes mate. I hope it won't let you down. @BiggerDave- Thank you for your suggestions, but I've not got much hope for implementing the underground into NOVA ZONA if it isn't implemented into the actual RV 4 Engine itself I'm afraid. If it isn't included in the Engine, then by definition it'd HAVE to be a "bodge job". @gonza- aye, hopefully there's some good stuff in there- it's all welcome..! :) Also, I'd just like to give a shout out to Atsche- the guy has been IMMENSE in helping me recently with the technical/scripty/programmerytasical sides of getting in working structures etc. He has sunk a lot of time and effort into patiently explaining how and what Cfgs are to me etc, and unbeknownst to him, I've been sitting here listening in my undies sweating away as the aircon broke, sipping a glass of fine wine and taking it all in lol..! So cheers Atsche..! ;) Anyway, I am still away from working on NOVA ZONA as RL work is calling at the moment, so it'll be a fair while before you see any updates... the pain of being separated from my baby is akin to being "power wedgied" by a wrestler. Take it easy guys.
  16. meshcarver

    2017 - Official Announcement!

    Hey guys..! Heads up- you've been featured in PC Gamer again, congratulations!!! :) http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/03/20/arma-3-mod-2017-shows-a-world-of-creepers-and-sadists-in-new-video/ Lookin' good..!
  17. Hi guys, Yes, I know Namalsk has underground structures of a sort (And full credit to Sumarak for implementing them), but it not a 100% fault free method. As mentioned above, things like fog, sunlight and shadows all have issues. Add to that the HUGE problem of AI path finding underneath the terrain and it just doesn't add up to make a AAA map in my opinion. I want NOVA ZONA to be as good as it should be, and by adding in structures that "sort of work" doesn't cut it for me... It'd bring the whole standard down a notch. If BI eventually produce a method for 100% working underground structures, expect the ones in NOVA ZONA to be so many and varied you'd probably get lost down there... ;) Sorry it's not what you want to hear mate.
  18. Hi guys, I've already trawled throughout these forums and interweb but cannot find one good single source of information about what Named Properties really ARE, what they do and which ones to use where and why etc? Is there anywhere I can go, or could someone briefly outline here what/why are Named Properties for a basic house/building please? How do I know what to use, and what it will/won't do kind of thing. I have looked at the SAMPLE_F_HOUSE with ARMA3 tools (VERY helpful btw...) but I don't want to just copy/paste those Properties from its GEOLOD without knowing what they are actually doing. ANY help here is muchly appreciated guys, so thanks very much in advance..! :) Marc
  19. Hi Prof..! Thank you, I'll take a damn good look at those links mate- appreciated..! Also, if you could link me to the Wiki "Contents" page that'd be great, as otherwise it's not much use, I don't know what subjects there are to look for in the first place lol?! There IS a contents page somewhere isn't there?
  20. Hi chaps, @ mi24- As of yet, there's no plans of mine to add in mutants or any other complex life. The focus is ENTIRELY on creating an island mate.. MAYBE at some point in the future, who knows? @MrMiSfit- Cheers dude. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do HUGE underground complexes/structures of ALL kinds, but as of yet, underground structures aren't properly implemented for ARMA 3 sadly. If they at some point do implement support for underground places then NOVA ZONA will be riddled with them- but until then, I'd rather not put them in if they won't work correctly. @Grimwald- Hey man, how's it going..? :) Thanks for that link, I wondered where the Cryzone 23 dev had gone so will give that a look asap mate- thanks again and I'll catch up with your channel soon too- been stupidly busy! I've got a LOT of RL work on atm too, so it's going to be a long wait until the next dev update guys it pains me to say... :( Simply put, I need to put bread, well- noodles, on the table first and foremost... NOAV ZONA must come second to that.
  21. meshcarver

    2017 - Official Announcement!

    Once more, really impressive progress with this mod guys! This is gonna be freaky..!!! :)
  22. Hi, I just done a View/Hide Selection in O2... but now cannot get the object to show again. I have tried View/Unhide but it does nothing lol... does anyone know how to unhide objects again please..? Cheers, Marc
  23. ...all in good time man, I plan creating the entire terrain and flora from scratch and have large plans and ideas for it. :) One of the best things I thought Namalsk did well was those tall reedy patches- they looked great and served a purpose aswell as they sometimes obscured the players line of sight. @ James2464, aye mate, I might very well go down that route but in placing them I'd have to be careful not to block any AI Pathlods.
  24. Hey, Thanks for the comments man and yes, I've also been bearing this in mind... I'll get around to adding fallen masonary and metal roofing etc at some point. I have just been in two minds as to include it with the building or have it as a separate placable object? I'll see...
  25. Hi all..! Damn, it's been awhile but I finally found some time to get back on with my beloved NOVA ZONA project again..!!! :D I've just finished this large warehouse type building, and based it off the many grim looking warehouses that are to be found all over Thailands industrial areas here (Which are fantastic for inspiration by the way..!). As always, I'm trying to keep these in line with the STALKER aesthetic, but take them from a completely different approach design wise so they look new and unique- I don't want to simply reproduce the same structures we've all seen before. It's a good challenge to build in large details like the overlapping sections on the sides and the large overhanging pipe that splits in two over your head when you enter- it looks pretty freaky when you're in game and you run inside in a rainstorm, look up with your torch on and it illuminates this almost organic looking structure. In adding these large details, I also try to make the basic layout of these places easily navigable and readable so as not to confuse the player or stop the flow of AI patrolling through them. With this one, there's basically the main front entrance (A large open end with a single concrete pillar dividing it) and two smaller holes knocked out of the bricks on the side. To get through the smaller one you have to duck. Inside there's a couple of concrete bulkheads that hold up the large pipe overhead to crouch behind, and also four little stairways up to a raised platform for a better vantage of the entrance. Anyway, here's a couple of basic shots of the structure from the front and behind: http://www.flickr.com/photos/86890612@N02/12946788143/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/86890612@N02/12947083984/in/photostream/ And, as a special treat as it's been so bloody long, here's a shot of the Cinder Warehouse in game providing cover for three poor souls who are about to be lost to the Zone from God knows what... muhhhhahahahaha..! The Last Stand Finally, I thought I'd show this building in game in day time too so you can get a better idea of what the sun shafts and overall look is like, so here you go guys- I hope it whets your appetites until the next update: FRONT REAR INTERIOR As always chaps, please feel free to ask questions, leave feedback/suggestions etc- it really does help to keep me going seeing people opinions and gives me a right old boost..! Take it easy, Marc