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  1. Indoors combat was a forgotten aspect in Arma 2. If the game could improve in how the game handles object physics and if it could randomly decorate buildings to not make everything look like empty shells it would feel even more realistic. A buildling could be a snipers nest or a solid bunker if fortified with sandbags or traps, a really valuable asset to any fighting force trying to defend a position or simply hide from a superior force for as long as possible. Arma seems to do open generic territories very well and it is very cool to walk around in a big world and not feel limited in how you approach a location. Indoors, you do feel cramped and awkward because the controls and movement of the soldiers don't seem to fit well with the narrow spacing of a door or in between furniture. A click-to-cover or click-to-peek-around corner sounds like a good idea. Also a peek through window button would help a lot if you're using the building as a defensive structure. How can Arma improve and become almost an FPS shooter in the way it handles firefights in-doors, I mean I want to feel the intensity and competitiveness of two parties fighting - and not have the outcome decided by a glitch or who could win by using the camera to get the right angle to spot someone sneaking around inside.
  2. How awesome would this be? In multi-player we could team up and work different roles on the same carrier; fighting AI carrier(s) or other player teams.
  3. That is going to disappoint me deeply if true.
  4. Good animations adds to the entire experience I feel. If you love troops running around, well, now you can see them running around looking better than ever. That's just love.
  5. People using up each others resources? A co-op mode is based on communication and trust. If you're playing with complete idiots you should find a team capable of cooperating. I know sharing a common goal and a pool of resources must be insanely daunting to some of you Call of Duty fans.
  6. You know what - I think we should be allowed to join the beta now, the more the merrier. You know what - I think they shouldn't cut multiplayer from the launch version of the game.
  7. *clapping with regular intervals* Beta - beta - beta ! *clapping with regular intervals*
  8. Nice. All we need now is a way to opt in for beta.
  9. Delay the game and include multiplayer. This game needs to come out with as much "Ooomph" and momentum as possible!
  10. Is it fun to play coop missions with just one friend or does it become impossible? Are there servers or guilds that would welcome us and let us tag along? I'm not sure how the clan scene and recruitment stuff works in this community.
  11. I'm so confused. I bought ArmA 2: Combined Operations, expecting that to give me one download where I could access both two games from one .exe file. I bought this from Amazon. I've downloaded both games, (ArmA 2, and ArmA 2: OA) - how can we regular mortals combine these two to get the socalled and advertised "ArmA 2: Combined Operations" ? The advertisement on Amazon didn't say anything about me having to edit files or something like that. Edit: I'm guessing I won't be able to join multiplayer games without Combined Operations because some servers use content from both games?
  12. Intezar

    I remember.

    We want Carrier Command! Will there be a beta test of some sort maybe? :) It is too quiet. I don't care if it is just a screenshot, I just want to hear more from the game.
  13. Intezar

    AI Pathfinding in Vehicles on Takistan

    It would be nice if for the next ArmA 3 game, that they put -very- much more effort into the AI in general. It means so much to the game to have a strong and intelligent AI. This is for the reasons M.O.R mentions, and also for battle intelligence in combat. The AI needs to be able to know what vehicle or soldier it is controlling and it really needs to know its surroundings and have awareness of what is a road and what can be used as cover. If ArmA 3 could really bring improvements it will become very popular!
  14. I keep seeing the Mid 2010 release date mentioned everywhere. Judging the situation of details/screen-shots we've got, that target window doesn't look likely at all! What is the deal, is this a 2011 or possibly 2012 release - or - will we experience a sudden surge of information soon?
  15. I don't know. The developers "should" be able to confirm whether 2010 is an absolute impossibility. Will they do it? Probably not.
  16. Intezar

    Question about Gaea Mission

    I have high expectations, this is an excellent chance for the IDEA Games studios to shine. They best take it.
  17. Hopefully the planet will have more differences, or else it'll be Earth II, except for the moon floating five km away.
  18. Yes, It does seem like that would be a better guess. There doesn't seem to be others with more insight around now.
  19. A thread devoted to the eventual cooperative mode in Gaea Mission. Players vs. enemy AI. (Poll will follow shortly) Would you like to work together with friends on the same carrier, or would you rather prefer that each of you had your own carrier? It'll be a bit on the side of what the single-player story portrays, but both ways do sound very appealing. Could it be handled in a different way than above? A reason for selecting one option over the other would naturally be because it is time consuming to develop these modes, and rather than spreading too thin, focusing on one option could mean that the mode would receive more attention and better testing in the time before release.
  20. I've heard that "most" infantry is mechanized simply because they can be recycled and therefore they are more expendable. I wouldn't leave out the possibility of a mixture, having human 'heroes' or officer units. Perhaps you're right though.
  21. Shouldn't the cooperative mode be about human players vs the AI carrier(s)? I'm not sure how I feel about involving more aspects to the mode. Warfare is interesting though. At least that's how I like my cooperative games. I'm guessing that they will also include something that resembles team adversarial/PvP type modes. By all means those are great modes to have also, as long as they are kept separate. It depends on how the game is set up with regards to making use of the carrier and its features. If multiple players can operate out of the same bridge, I think the feel of togetherness, as well as cohesion with the single-player plot will be better. At the core, it's about one lesser carrier (player) vs the more technically advanced one. If they let players command a carrier each, they'd have to bolster the enemy AI side as well, either with more carriers or a much tougher one, which I'm sure they'll balance according to the amount of players in the game. Both ways definitely has a huge appeal to me personally. As long as the game requires players to work together in order to succeed! Not just joining the game, manning their own carrier and driving to their own corner of the map and that's the end of the team experience. It would have to be a fleet organization thing, at least to the extent of players having the means to delegate responsibilities and tasks of building and capturing - as logistics and holding strategic islands will be important. We know there'll be many ways to upgrade our carriers, perhaps that's a way of almost "choosing a class" in terms of specialization. "Aircraft Carrier"/"Droid Control Carrier" etc. For a co-op game, it'll be important not to have too many players involved, I can see the 4 players being appropriate. The world has to feel vast, filled with opportunities and possibilities to use different strategies, and not crowded by high-tech carriers everywhere. :)
  22. Worth noting: Some game developers create individual versions for each supported platform - not - ports. Ports of games from one platform to another is what causes grievance among fans. We've yet to learn how CC:GM will be handled.