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  1. So, I get the normal steam launch box when it says "starting arma 3", mouse has the loading symbol next to it for about a second then it stops. And the game never pops up. Didn't have this problem with the same computer and installation just a few months ago. Things I've tried: *Checked A3 launcher .rpt file, no errors. *Checked integrity of game cache *Reinstall *Reinstalled C++ *Reinstall .net *Reinstall graphics drivers *Offline mode Any ideas?
  2. Yeah, sent it to you via PM. I've checked the task manager when I've clicked it, what happens is it VERY briefly pops up and then immediately closes. Like, a fraction of a second. If you blink you miss it.
  3. No, unfortunately I've never downloaded that app. The registry path you mentioned doesn't even exist on my computer.
  4. It most likely used unitcapture and playcapture. Search the BI wiki for it.
  5. ryguy

    SOPA - Internet as we know it about to be gone?

    Is this true? He got 50 fucking years?
  6. spawn 'em when the damage is registered?
  7. ryguy

    SOPA - Internet as we know it about to be gone?

    WTF? Under what law was it taken down from?!
  8. Hit F12 to use the arrow to the right, then F1 will control unit 12 etc. Hit F11 to cycle left.
  9. ryguy

    SOPA - Internet as we know it about to be gone?

    This is why the internet can't have nice things
  10. ryguy

    SOPA - Internet as we know it about to be gone?

    H-o-l-y s-h-i-t... this is one of the few moments where I find the term "1984" to be actually useful.
  11. ryguy

    After Kim Jong-il: The Future of North Korea

    Que the onslaught of facebook statuses! What's gonna happen? My cynical side says "absolutely nothing" (Cuba), while the optimist says "Korean spring"
  12. ryguy

    Forum post gets a movie deal

    So I'm assuming you didn't read it at all, or you would have seen that the plot doesn't even mention carnage at all (although a future battle is suggested). Also, I like the passive aggressive suggestion that I'm 14. Well placed. I don't think you understood my alternate reality argument. You could say "if you kill 80 soldiers, 8400 people won't be alive today!" or something along those lines, and while it would certainly be true, there would still be another 2011 in which those 8400 people still exist. So ultimately they're only changing reality within their own world. It may very well not have any effect on us.
  13. More loading screens would be nice. The one gets very old and boring to look at. What about ones with tactics and tips??
  14. ryguy

    Forum post gets a movie deal

    Did you read the outline, or are you just making assumptions? Also, that paradox may just be being ignored as they are in some sort of alternate dimension of some sort. After all, both realities would still exist (ones where no romans are killed and one where many are killed).
  15. ryguy

    Forum post gets a movie deal

    This has the potential to be incredibly awesome. I approve.
  16. ryguy

    Russian Flying Fortress

    Even huge cannons don't have the power to tear an airframe apart. Just sayin'
  17. Hey this stuff looks great, sent you a PM about texturing.
  18. ryguy

    You are being spied on by Carrier IQ

    I like walker's posts, with the amount of debating on this forum I gave up posting on these types of threads somewhat but I lurk them. At least it's (somewhat) intelligent debate going on. BTW, U mad bro?
  19. ryguy

    AC-130 Script for ARMA2 (0.3)

    Hey guys, what are the best missions involving this that are based around it somehow? E.g. anything except the demo mission and evolution?
  20. The simple arma 2 terrain tutorial is a bit ambiguous about a couple things. 1) Under creating my project folder, the CMD line I'm supposed to enter is: xcopy *.cpp P:\<YourNamespace>\ca\ /S /Y One problem: there's no "ca" in my namespace folder- there's no subfolders at all, so why does it say \<namespace>\ca? Anywho, when I type it in I get: File not found - *.cpp 0 File(s) copied Could this be because my CA "config" file is labeled "config.bin" rather than CPP? 2) While setting this up, the tutorial says "You need all BI addons correctly extracted to P:\ca to get this working." Does this mean everything from CA? Because the tutorial said for now only extract Roads and Plants files. I figured this might be why it's not working. Thanks for reading.
  21. Cool, that sounds much easier thanks. Will this do all the animations and config extraction automatically?
  22. Fucking idiots! They set up a medical vodnik with doctors, something not even possible in the game unless you explicitly set it up. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-060xh9DaFA Skip to 0:46 Also, that was a scripted fire in the end. Jesus christ, these people are idiots. I'm just glad it's the red cross rather than the government debating this sh**. What's next, our books and movie plots are going to have to follow the geneva convention?
  23. Is it still possible to play on a server using the standard version if I have the beta installed?
  24. We're coming closer and closer to being Britain... assuming this passes, which I highly doubt. Any idiot knows that it's illegal to deploy the military within the United States-- how does this bill get around it?