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  1. Just a quick question regarding ACE and recently released FDF mod. Combination seems to work fine, however when I fire a disposable weapon like APILAS, weapon changes into M136 (used). Any chance to add support for APILAS and other disposable weapons as well, maybe even make the script a more general so that it accepts all one-shot AT weapons? (or I could just remove "ace_sys_disposal.pbo", that would revert disposable weapon behaviour to default ARMA 2 I guess?)
  2. pAuthority

    FDFmod 1.0

    At least 66 KES 88 worked right away with ACE configuration, sight adjustment and backblast.. altough empty weapon on the ground changed into M136 :P There may be other bugs as well but so far it seems to work nicely. Tank damage model propably doesn't work on FDF vehicles. edit: all disposable weapons seem to revert to M136 after firing, ACE's fault. I guess I'll just have to get used to those arcade bazookas then.
  3. pAuthority

    FDFmod 1.0

    I tried really hard to shoot things with Apilas but I always missed, but then I realised rockets have no ballistics. They just fly straight, just like in Arma 2. Not really happy with that. Also no backblasts. Jaeger platoon attack single mission bugged, I managed to secure the railroad but mission never ended. I do love new units and familiar weapons, but I guess I hoped more than just units and missions especially when there's the ACE mod. Gonna try to run FDF+ACE, hope it works :) edit: and it works. This is awesome!
  4. Someone said in that closed "ACE kills com"-thread, that ACE doesn't fit Warfare. I disagree. Well, maybe not in vanilla Warfare. But if you make your own Warfare mission where you can set different parameters at the beginning, for example disable stamina, then it will rock. Just like Benny's Warfare which I mainly play. I do complain about helicopters and difficulties in giving targets to gunner, but many other things still rock. To me tank FCS, armor model, rocket launchers and backblasts are propably the most important thing about ACE. Oh, adjustable scopes too. And different ammunition fixes for weapons. And... list goes on. :)
  5. pAuthority

    Broadcast the horn in MP!

    Maybe BIS have changed it in the latest beta patch?
  6. General_Kalle: Check your shortcuts. ---------- Post added at 10:50 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:44 PM ---------- I'm having trouble joining some Warfare servers after latest update. I get this error message about ace files not signed with key accepted by the server. Gonna test other servers too. ... Same problem. edit: here's a section from my RPT file:
  7. pAuthority

    Do you like the ArmA2 OA box art?

    Like BIS has anything to do with box art. Blame the marketing :) And yes, the cover sucks. But it could be worse (and I believe US version IS just that with american flag behind that screaming soldier with his rifle on safe!) Operation Flashpoint had great cover art even though M16 with aimpoint scope did not exist in vanilla game.
  8. 1. Open editor and insert PLA troops and vehicles 2. ??? 3. Profit! On the other hand, PLA seems unfinished, especially the sounds.
  9. Definitely 5870. After all it is more modern card. edit: and by that I mean it runs cooler and eats less power. And single-GPU solution is always better than Crossfire/SLI.
  10. Many static weapons need their own button for optics, this was in vanilla too. I don't know why. Default key is numpad 0, I have it bound to thumb button on my mouse. It's the same action that is bound to mouse2, but you need another button for it to work. I guess it's the zooming that is also bound to mouse2, which then breaks the optics.
  11. Start with simple things in the editor and make some basic missions for yourself. Example: put yourself and a small group in a village, make sure they're under your command (or better yet, AI as the leader.) Add a couple of ammo/weapon boxes nearby too. Then add an enemy infantry squad somewhere, a nearby forest for example. Add waypoints for the enemy, so that they come towards your village. Your job is to kill them when they come. This is VERY simple mission, but because of the cool AI this game has, there is quite a lot of things that can happen, each playtime is different. I won't go into details on how to use editor and the more advanced settings, there are a lot of tutorials here. Experiment with the editor, you can't break anything! When you get the hang of it, try experimenting with triggers (essential to any mission) and maybe more advanced waypointing, their parameters etc. Don't expect to make a campaign or Benny's Warfare mission just like that, those things need practice and good knowledge on scripting. Stick to basic stuff and you should be fine. Add units and stuff there on the map and have fun!
  12. pAuthority

    Is ARMA 2 better than OFP?

    ARMA 2 = OFP + eyecandy.
  13. You can do it like this: missile = "Bo_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle [getMarkerPos "M" select 0, getMarkerPos "M" select 1, (getMarkerPos "M" select 2)+250]; It will directly spawn the bomb 250m over the marker. As far as I know markers are always at zero height.
  14. Thanks, that worked. It was weird because I've used similar script before and it worked then. I am planning to use spawning marker further away from target and spawning laser guided missiles from there, instead of just dropping them over target. Something like in main campaign where you got to destroy a building and a couple of tanks with laser designator and missile call.
  15. I'm currently toying with spawning artillery rounds or missiles near target, but for some reason i'm not getting it to work. I have: - A trigger activated by radio command - A marker where I want missiles to be spawned from, simulating a ship or helicopter This code in trigger activation field: missile = "Bo_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle (getMarkerPos M); Where M is marker name. Currently LGB classname is used for testing purposes, will be changed to hellfire or some other. However nothing happens when I click radio command. I've also assigned a text message which is sent when this trigger is activated, and that part works, but the bomb is not spawned for some reason. This code is basically same as in BIKI, but what am I missing here?