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  1. is it possible to add zombies and demons to the skirmish?
  2. johnny-o-rama

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    small bug with the ACR https://picload.org/view/rcplcdrr/20170422110459_1.jpg.html
  3. somehow there is an issue with savegames in SP. when I have CBA and ACE loaded and I start a SP mission, I save the game and then load that savegame; it makes the savegame go missing and ends/crashes the mission. happens with every mission
  4. johnny-o-rama

    NIArms Release Thread

    and a bipod to the supressed AWM
  5. "RKSL compat" needs an update. the relatively new S+B 5-25x56 PM II Scopes are not supported by ACE3
  6. johnny-o-rama

    NIArms Release Thread

    yeah that one! that would be beautiful http://www.imfdb.org/images/4/44/MB-SIG-P226-1.jpg
  7. johnny-o-rama

    NIArms Release Thread

    WOW! I'm excited. love the 226 will there be one of those square shaped supressors?
  8. hey! sorry I know you guys have bugtracker but I don't want to create another account and I just have one thing that I noticed. so to reposition the "MicoDAGR GPS" I learned that I have to go to the options / game / layout to do so. but when I open that menu I can't find the GPS layout. it's just gone. everything else is there tho. Is that a ACE3 bug?
  9. wow! seldom and sincere words in a forum like that. thank you. I texted the guys from ASR AI but no response so far. pretty sure the NVG thing is a feature of that mod tho
  10. really?! alright gotta do more research then. sorry bout that
  11. AI takes out their sidearms way too soon. also I'd like to turn off the automatic "NV-goggle-put-in-backpack-mode" is that possible?
  12. johnny-o-rama

    Enhanced Movement

    hey there. I was actually using the daylight laser quite a bit. is it possible to have that back? maybe in an optional folder or so...
  13. johnny-o-rama

    (SMA) Specialist Military Arms

    what do you mean with "a while" ? are you saying that Santa isn't real? no christmas this year?
  14. thanks for the update! was expecting dslexy's night vision mod tho? still working on that?