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  1. I wish I could have enough money to buy arma2 + OA + reinforcement for everyone who has a steam version.. I hate steam for creating such a delivery system as they have. they should change it and just sell games the normal way!! thats my opinion!
  2. ScareCroweb

    Getting 100 percent usage on my cpus?

    your focusing on the wrong end of things, the fact that your cpu is only utilizing 70 80 % is actually good, and the lower it is the better... to get better frames you need to look at what kind of GPU you have (video card) Post your specs and hardware also post your settings in game
  3. ScareCroweb

    Apache weapons wont lock

    I don't get it why someone hasn't already posted how to manually fire on infantry.. so I will tell you how: start as pilot and set manual fire, now the thing with manual fire is that the Gunner still has to see and discover enemy for you, so basically you cannot target anything unless the AI Gunner knows that the target is there. so.. fly close to enemy infantry and when the ai gunner starts saying targets left right and so on, just hit the number 2 on top row and select a target from the list, then the gunner will lock onto that target and now when you press fire you are firing at this target. but the gunner will not engage automatically so that's how you are in control. to manually "discover" a target at far range just point on the target and right click. this takes some getting used to however since the right click also brings up secondary sights.. Good luck and if you need more advices or tutorial please send a pm to me. ScareCrow Scandinavian Task Force (we're still recruiting) My first tutorial video on land navigation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKCjFGaMA7Y
  4. you say barely noticable fps changes... well your clearly not thinking about the guys with minimum required hardware, cause most of the guys I know with minimum specs are now very happy so I say this patch is a goodwill towards people with low-end computers.. and I respect that. Myself I have a medium computer and I can still see that the improvement in fps is barely noticable but if this is making a big deal of improvement to others why should I complain? the game looks awesome and the grass is a useless thing anyway. only for eyecandy and I dont care much for eyecandy over realism anyway
  5. Since OFP? OFP did not have grass and btw I agree with this german guy, the grass sucks bigtime, against AI and against People "pvp" you can end up being spotted in the grass even when you are totally covered in grass yourself, lol this is super unrealistic, so dont come here and state things like lower your settings or your not good enough or bull like that. the grass is a seriuos issue and its more eyecandy than actually realistic so I turn the grass off period. to play a fair fight the grass must be off.
  6. short answer: not without changing some internal scripting and I think that is hardcoded within the game. If someone could separate connect/disconnect from the chat it would be possible I guess. another option is to make the hud really small its the setting in the options for hud size it changes the chat text too I think to make it less dominant but thats all i know maybe more experienced guys can help you further, I would love to remove the clutter myself.
  7. Its been like that since Arma came out man, just turn the grass off like me and be happy :)
  8. ScareCroweb

    How much RAM does the typical ArmA player got?

    It is allready able to use use more than 2 Gigs it was fixed in a patch long time ago "[71721] Game is now Large Address Aware, should improve stability and allow using more RAM with 64b OS"
  9. ScareCroweb

    How much RAM does the typical ArmA player got?

    Allright I guess I was wrong in thinking that then. taking that statement back. I forgot that we have said goodbye to agp.. time has changed with PCI-express Thank God :)
  10. ScareCroweb

    How much RAM does the typical ArmA player got?

    point remains valid though the address area in 32 bit is still limiting the use of all your ram, I'm using pci-express too btw but this is not about what kind of hardware we are using its about 32 bits versus 64. Bro
  11. ScareCroweb

    How much RAM does the typical ArmA player got?

    Its true everything I said the amount of space the video card can take from the system address is set with your agp aperture setting in your bios. but dont take my word for it read here: http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1035670 So my advise is get a 64 bit system and your memory problems is gone atleast with 64 bits you get to use ALL your memory :)
  12. ScareCroweb

    How much RAM does the typical ArmA player got?

    who told you that? 32 bit system can only read and use 3.25 gigabyte period. your video memory must be mapped the same way as your RAM, just because you have a video card wont make the 32 bit system more aware of more ram :) its simply not enough adress room for all the ram. With a 64 bit sytem that problem goes away poof. imagine you have a 4 gigbyte ram + 1 Gigabyte vram your system can only map 3.25 gigabyte total and not your 5 gigabyte of ram you totally have.
  13. ScareCroweb

    Realistic Armor Fights and Penetration.

    who told you that such a system does not exist in real life? :) in the f16 there is a fourway hat switch called TMS (Target management switch) by pressing it to the right you automaticly target and cycle through targets :p so ofcourse there is a cycle target switch in real life. in attack choppers you also have a similar option.