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    Military Codes & Callsigns

    The question is a bit vague, but as far as troop communications that you'll hear on a modern battlefield goes: "FOB" - Forward Operating Base, a smaller camp connected to a larger camp via supply routes "Contact [direction]!" - called when an unidentified individual is noticed by a member of the squad. "Mount up" - board the given vehicle "Victor/Vic" - term for any ground vehicle, based on NATO phonetic for V (i.e. "let's mount up on these vic's") "Helo" - helicopter "Klick" - one grid square on the map, approx. 1 kilometer And then you have the NATO alphabet which is used to describe a variety of things (ie. 40MM rounds are known as "40 Mike Mike") so learning the NATO alphabet will also help a bit. But again, it really depends on what kind of dialogue you're going for and what the situation is. There are also set guidelines for the way that airstrikes and artillery are called in such as 9-lines and ADDRACs so there's a lot of military codes out there.
  2. I'm looking for an english-speaking fun clan that uses tactics and strategic gameplay in ArmA 3. I can't really join a dedicated clan at the moment, since I'm located in Japan and the time zones are a bit too different, but I am looking for a group that maybe has late night events and servers.
  3. I honestly hated playing TvT in ArmA 2. I don't know why, I just did. They did a really good job with Arma 3's adversarial, what with the ease of grenade use and the ability to use various stances. This is one aspect I hope doesn't change too much.
  4. I was wondering if there was any way to change your units for use during the singleplayer campaign. For example, instead of playing as razor team playing as a MARSOC team from downloaded skins.
  5. Could someone make or direct me to some rainbow six-esque counter-terrorist/ swat units? http://www.imfdb.org/w/images/thumb/4/40/Rainbow_Six_3_-_Raven_Shield.jpg/300px-Rainbow_Six_3_-_Raven_Shield.jpg and http://pics.mobygames.com/images/covers/large/1021665254-00.jpg I love old-school swat style equipment like balaclavas, pasgt helmets, goggles, etc. I haven't been able to find too many units like that on armaholic since their all mainly military-oriented. I would really like to make some urban, hostage rescue scenarios with units like that

    The trouble with getting people into Arma

    Well we all saw what happened when a game tries to cater to CoD fans and sim fans at the same time: a red river of failure. BIS needs to just keep doing their thing. I've had the same problem with getting people to play arma. Out of the 4 friends I've introduced to it, 1 actually enjoys it as much as, if not more than, I do . It boils down to the amount of patience and the lack of instant gratification in ARMa. When you get a kill in call of duty, you hear a little noise, an x pops up on your screen along with +50 points. In arma, you're lucky to be able to see the people shooting at you, and you need to be close or recognize the preset death anims to even know if you killed the guy. But at the same time, arms replaces that short burst of instant gratification with a lot more rewarding sense of accomplishment when a plan comes together on an open, unscripted mission

    Stealth Kills?

    BI should work with Hideo Kojima for this one. Metal Gear Solid meets ARMA would be amazing

    Sandbags with machine gun?

    I think he's saying he wants a static unit that is a sandbag and an MG in one.

    New vehicles for the next patch

    I agree. I want more than the F-35B for a fighter aircraft. I'm surprised they never added and f-16s, F-18s, or even F-22s with OA.
  10. LANCERZz

    AI react to dead bodies

    God i hate all the people who go into suggestion threads just to say "God no, it would be too hard to put into the game" Metal Gear Solid had enemies that reacted in multiple ways to dead bodies way back in 1998. Are you making arma 3? Are you on the development team? If not then shut up and let people have their suggestions without listing ways that it couldn't be done. Bohemia is a professional game studio, not a bunch of programming interns who need to be told what they are or are not capable of. I actually think this is a great idea, and bohemia should really look into this to increase the immersiveness of A3
  11. I just have a simple skin request. Is there any way to get a marine unit that looks exactly like the one in the center of this screenshot: I know there's units that look similiar, but none that look just like these. Basically I'm just asking for a Force Recon demolitions unit that has a OD green watchcap instead of the black one, a green backpack (I guess you could just use the medic one) and some ear protection like the one in the picture. Can anyone do this for me?
  12. LANCERZz

    Is ArmA 3 Futuristic? Yes. Realistic? Maybe.

    He was obviously talking about the weapons, vehicles, and gameplay. To argue that the laws of physics could possibly change in the next 20 years, and use that argument to challenge the OP's arguments, you would have to either be extremely stupid, or a troll. Neither of which belongs in this thread.---------- Post added at 14:32 ---------- Previous post was at 14:31 ---------- I'd like to know the same thing
  13. LANCERZz

    Is ArmA 3 Futuristic? Yes. Realistic? Maybe.

    Arma III takes place 10 years from now, and there is no realistic way that the laws of physics could change in that time span.The OP of this thread is pointing out the difference between futuristic and realistic. The stubborn and ever pugnacious BIS community just chose to somehow make an argument out of plain facts.
  14. So I bought ArmA 2 from steam, and Operation Arrowhead and PMC from Sprocket. OA and PMC both recognized and installed to my ArmA 2 directory in my steam folder and created Combined Operations. If I were to buy BAF from steam as well, would it recognize my OA since it installed to my ArmA 2 folder and became CO?