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  1. Someone made an ArmA 2 mod for that. I think it was called "Window of Opportunity", or something similar. I don't know what happened to it, but look into it and contact the creator, he might be able to help you! Here's the thread: http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?120151-MBG-Window-of-opportunity
  2. I'd like to see more variations in faces for Arma 3, as well as better support for custom facial and body animations. I'm not sure if this is supported right now, but I'd LOVE for there to be a way to make custom animations be per-level - in other words, instead of having to make a whole mod of animations just to use in one mission, you just place the animations you want to use in an "animation" folder and call them up with scripts. This would do wonders for those of us who want to make story-based missions, because right now while we have plenty of animations, there's always some sort of action that doesn't have one. (Especially when it comes to showing emotion) Example where this could be used: A fireteam is about to storm a building and stacks up. The pointman shakes a little, and looks back at the fireteam leader nervously. The fireteam leader returns his look with a nod, and the pointman turns around, kicks in the door, and storms in. You wouldn't have to make a custom animation and make a whole addon for it, you can just place it in the mission folder and call it up with a script. Varied faces: Right now, main characters in the campaigns have custom models for them. This is all fine and good, but I'd like to see the generic faces have a little more variety. Right now it is mainly a head with a different face texture, maybe different models for different races. It'd be nice to see variations of the face itself. Example: You can select "face_01". "Face_01" is slightly pudgy and has small eyes. "Face_02" is a lot less pudgy, his nose is a bit more pointed, and his ears point outward.
  3. Finally! I don't we've ever really had a map based in America. It's mostly the Middle-East/Eastern Europe. Weren't there some guys doing a US building map pack? Perhaps you could ask them to borrow some of their models?
  4. Well, I'm no AI expert, but I think you could do "Fire by rank" with creative use of triggers and eventhandlers, perhaps? Just throwing out some suggestions.
  5. Have you guys figured out how you'll make units do battles? I know you can just have them stand in a line, but things such as fire by rank and square formations etc. are not supported by default AI. I'd just recommend starting work on this now with default units, as it's going to be a very important part of making this work.
  6. paplate

    AI team unit stacking.... or something...

    I wish I could've seen the video...do any of you remember where you saw it?
  7. paplate

    AI team unit stacking.... or something...

    Well, according to the search, it was someone named "bn880". Then again, the demo itself is never shown and the thread just mentions unit-stacking briefly. http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?p=252002&highlight=Unit+stack#post252002
  8. I think that's fireteam-specific. The Fireteam leader is the senior-most man in the fireteam, and uses the Grenade-launcher. The second senior-most man is the Automatic Rifleman, who uses a SAW or soon the IAR. The third senior-most is the assistant, and the newest member is a basic rifleman.
  9. I originally wanted to enlist in the Marines as an infantryman, but now have reconsidered and plan on going to a college with a Naval ROTC (with Marine option) and become an Infantry Officer. My parents are excited for the college I'm looking at, but aren't as eager of my decision to go in the Marines, and going in as an Infantry Officer. I guess that's to be expected though.
  10. paplate

    Medics from "Out-of-Team" Healing

    The Army is the same, I think. In both you have what's called a "Platoon HQ", which has the platoon leader (usually a 2nd Lt.), a senior NCO (usually a Gunnery or Staff Sergeant), a Corpsman/Medic, and a radioman. I'm not in the military yet though, so I could be wrong.
  11. paplate

    Medics from "Out-of-Team" Healing

    I think the devs mentioned in one of the interviews that they're trying to "teach" the AI how to use these things.
  12. paplate

    Medics from "Out-of-Team" Healing

    One thing that should also change, I think, is the way the medics heal. Right now, if you're in an AI-led squad, in the middle of a heavy firefight you could scream out for a medic 15 times, the medic won't do anything until the squad leader orders him to heal you. (And, usually, this doesn't happen...or at least, not as often as it should). The medic shouldn't have to wait for a squad leader to tell him to heal...when there's a wounded man on the ground, the medic should be getting towards him ASAP. This of course can be changed for human squad leaders.
  13. paplate

    What do fortifications mean to our soldiers?

    It's setunitPos stand/prone. I've been doing something like that too. Basically I give them all a DisableAI and use triggers to set their stances. Really, we shouldn't have to be doing something like this, AI should just naturally use fortifications and cover!
  14. I've noticed I've had a problem with CBA and ACE. It seems that whenever I start up a mission I get a message in the corner that says CBA cannot find the version info for Extended Event Handlers (@XEH), and that I need to update to 3.0.6. I've downloaded the most recent version of @CBA, and I've still been getting this. I've checked the .pbos, and the eventhandlers are there. There also isn't an addon for standalone @XEH...well, there is for ArmA, but not ArmA II. It's affected ACE - launchers have unlimited ammo, I can't rest weapons on anything, and I've noticed that even the pvp animation pack doesn't work. I've searched this thread, as well as the forum, and have found nothing. So, I ask...what do I do to fix this?
  15. paplate

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Those letters, when put together, form this: OYuiMR3GUcVEETkdYJaVEMAC6qvynb4Io001690759 It looks like the end of a URL.